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After introducing the two witnesses from Facebook on Thursday, the chair of the privacy committee lamented the fact that neither of them was Mark Zuckerberg.  “I think we were, and myself as chair, disappointed that Mr. Zuckerberg declined our request,” Conservative MP Bob Zimmer said with a sigh. “And I’d say we don’t take that lightly.”  “Our CEO does apologize that he could not be here today in person with the committee,” replied Kevin Chan, director of public policy for Facebook’s Canadian division.

Source: CBC News

Date: April 20th, 2018



1) “”The power of Facebook to do good is incredible,” Angus said, pointing to how the platform has helped connect people in his vast northern riding.”  Could the Canadian government develop and deploy a social networking platform to replace Facebook for this purpose?

2) “But we are here because the power for Facebook to be misused, to do terrible things, is also at issue. And the question before us is the failure of Facebook to respect the absolute power it has.”  Is it the responsibility of a company to properly use the power that its users/customers have given it through their own choice to use the company’s services?

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