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A new report suggest that internet-filtering equipment sold by a Canadian-founded technology company played a part in surveillance and covert redirecting of users in Turkey and Egypt.

Since last fall, Turkish internet users attempting to download one of a handful of popular apps may have been the unwitting targets of a wide-reaching computer surveillance campaign.

And in Egypt, users across the country have, seemingly at random, had their browsing activity mysteriously redirected to online money-making schemes.

Internet filtering equipment sold by technology company Sandvine — founded in Waterloo, Ont. — is believed to have played a significant part in both.

Source: CBC News

Date: March 15th, 2018



1) What are some ways you can personally avoid this sort of scam?

2) What are some ways you could, in your role as an Information Systems professional at a company, help your company employees avoid this scam?

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