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A company called Cryptoglobal has launched a massive cryptocurrency mining lab in a building in Hamilton's east end.

From the outside, the company’s building looks unassuming. But as soon as you step inside, a wall of heat slams into you. Then comes the noise — the sound of hundreds of fans, trying to control the extreme temperature being thrown off by rows and rows of powerful computers sitting on utilitarian warehouse shelving, all working overtime.  There are 5,000 machines running at their facility, which began setting up back in December. By April, they expect to have 10,000 machines fully operational. Right now, they’re sitting in a building the size of a typical retail big box store, whirring away.

Source: CBC News

Date: February 9th, 2018



1) What makes Canada a good place for cryptomining?

2) What social value does cryptomining provide, if any?

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