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Google’s DeepMind says it has made another big advance in artificial intelligence by getting a machine, AlphaGo Zero, to master the Chinese game of Go without help from human players.  The combinations available in the game Go number more than there are atoms in the universe making it one of the most complex games out there.

Source: BBC Technology News

Date: October 26th, 2017



1) “AlphaGo Zero began with a blank Go board and no data apart from the rules, and then played itself.  Within 72 hours it was good enough to beat the original program (which had already beaten the world’s best humans) by 100 games to zero.”   Within 72 hours an Artificial Intelligence with no more than the rules of the game was able to completely destroy the most sophisticated AI-Go-playing machine on earth.  Is this cause for concern about AI?

2) How might you put to good use (rather than game playing) this sort of AI?

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