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Facebook has taken action to try to curb the spread of misinformation across its platform, employing a team of fact-checkers to flag false news reports in order to reduce the visibility of fake news in the main news feed. In a report on the recent French election, for example, Facebook’s internal security researchers admitted to taking action against approximately 30,000 pages that spread misinformation.

Yet Facebook still can’t manage to get things straight: Is it responsible for the fake news posted on its platform, or not? Is the onus on them, or on users?

Source: CBC News

Date: May 11th, 2017



1) Should Facebook be responsible for fake news that it’s users post?

2) Facebook is a platform – it provides a way for users of the platform to do things.  That makes it a PaaS (Platform as a Service) company.  What other PaaS companies are out there?

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