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When Ali Kashani heard rumours that that U.S. President Donald Trump was preparing to sign an executive order Friday afternoon banning Iranian citizens — amongst others — from entering the country, his only thought was: drive.  Kashani, a Vancouver-based entrepreneur who has dual Iranian-Canadian citizenship, had accepted a job with the venture capital firm Pear in Palo Alto, Calif., three months earlier. His visa application had only just been approved Thursday night.

Source: CBC News

Date: February 9th, 2017



1) “More than 10 Canadian technology CEOs so far who expressed interest in hiring those who had been turned away in the U.S.”   An adviser to U.S. president Obama once famously said “never let a tragedy go to waste.”  Is this U.S. Immigration Ban a good thing for Canada’s tech industry?

2) Is there anything you, as a Canadian student in MIS or IT can do to be part of this discussion?

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