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While U.S. immigration restrictions introduced late last week are bringing the stateside technology industry together in outrage, some Canadians see a positive ripple effect on tech recruitment and investment north of the border.  “Canada has an opportunity to be a country where the best talent from around the world can move here and do their life’s work as never before,” said Alexandra Clark, director of policy and government affairs at Ottawa-based e-commerce platform Shopify.  She said the country must focus on incentives to lure foreign skilled workers, adding in an email that “talent is not defined by borders and if they choose to come to Canada, the entire ecosystem will be better for it.”

Source: Toronto Star

Date: February 2nd, 2017



1) It is said that Microsoft’s inability to bring enough talent into Redmond, Washington in the USA led to the rapid growth of  Vancouver.  Is this sort of growth a good thing?

2) How could Canada’s tech firms attract this “not wanted in the USA” talent?

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