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The company you are using and the way you power your home are all factors in the way your technology affects the environment, researchers say.

Source: Washington Post

Date: February 1, 2017



1) “How do our tech habits affect how much power we use and the environment? Finding an answer is harder than you may think. After all, the energy you use at your desk writing a typical email isn’t all the energy that an email uses”.  What are all the things that use energy between you writing your email and someone reading your email?

2) Why is it that consumers who would consider themselves environmentally and socially conscious are also keen to ignore that the Apple iPhone they so cherish is made in China by incredibly low-paid factory workers, with rare earth metals mined often in places where indigenous people have been evicted, and marketed and profited on by companies that off-shore their taxation domiciles so that they don’t even pay taxes in their home countries?

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