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“Alexa, why can’t I buy you in Canada?”  That’s the question many early technology adopters here would like to ask one of the hottest gadgets in the U.S.

Source: Toronto Star

Date: January 26th, 2017



1) “One potential sticking point is language. Alexa used to be English-only, but in September 2016, the company launched the devices in Germany. French-language support and bilingual packaging are two oft-rumoured reasons for the hold-up.”  Given the availability of Google Translate, does this “reason” actually make sense?

2)  “One interesting foible of using it in Toronto — when you ask about the weather, you have to specifically ask what it’s like in Toronto, as opposed to saying the less formal “What’s the weather like?” a sign that it hasn’t been localized for the Canadian market.”  What other “localization issues” might there be for the Canadian market?

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