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What if your room on a cruise ship were to unlock automatically as you approach, or if the wait staff could bring your favourite cocktail before you even ask?  Carnival Corp., the operator of such cruise lines as Princess, Holland America and Carnival, wants to make that happen so it can get cozier with its guests and make cruises even more personalized.

Carnival is using the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday to unveil new concierge technology designed to help crew members anticipate and respond to passengers’ needs. It will rely on sensors and wearable trackers, 7and is scheduled to debut on the Regal Princess cruise ship in November.

Source: Toronto Star

Date: January 4th, 2017



1) “Different passengers might react quite differently to the service. “With your 83-year-old aunt in Saskatchewan, it might be too much.  But for a passenger in his 50s it could make life on the ship “just easier.”   What considerations might you make for differences in ages between users of technology?

2) What other sorts of applications might this tech have other than on a cruise ship?

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