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A new report urges southern-Ontario cities to partner with Uber and other “shared mobility” services to improve transit

Source: The Toronto Star

Date: August 30th, 2016



1) ““Shared mobility” is the term used to describe the current shift away from personal ownership of things like bikes and cars toward shared use of those resources though apps such as Uber and Lyft”.  The key to sharing is, of course, an app that connects the resource owner with the resource user and allows for payment for this.  What other things might become shared via app?

2) One issue of public transportation is the “first mile/last mile” dilemma. The theory holds that public transit excels at moving people most of the way from to their destinations, but ignores how people enter and leave the system.”  How does, or does not, Uber and Lyft solve this problem, and how does it affect your ideas above?

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