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Description: Nintendo’s first smartphone app — Miitomo — launched Thursday in Japan, and will soon debut in other markets. It’s distinctly social, and at first glance, may seem like a bizarre turn for a company known for games.

Source: CNN Money

Date: March 17, 2016


The app asks questions of users, such as their favorite TV show, or what they hope to be doing in 10 years. They’re the sort of general queries that Nintendo says rarely come up in normal conversation.

The answers are then shared with friends in messages delivered by Miis — the cartoonish avatars featured in Wii Sports, one of Nintendo’s biggest hits of the last decade.

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Questions for discussion:

1. Would you use Miitomo?

2. Do you think that Nintendo has what it takes to secure a spot in the social media scene? If so, why? If not, then what are they lacking?

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