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Description: Police in Brazil want messages from Facebook-owned mobile service WhatsApp. But WhatsApp says it can’t provide the information that’s requested because of its encryption technology.

Source: CNN Money

Date: March 10, 2016


Authorities in Brazil think information transmitted through WhatsApp could help in a criminal investigation into drug trafficking.

In Apple’s case, law enforcement wants to get into a suspect’s iPhone but can’t because it’s encrypted. In WhatsApp’s case, law enforcement wants to get into messages but can’t get past the app’s encryption.

But there’s a crucial difference: Apple admits that it could help the FBI open the door if it built a new version of the iPhone’s operating system. WhatsApp says it can’t get in at all.

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Questions for discussion:

1. Should WhatsApp also update or build new software to accommodate the requests and demands of authorities?

2. Do you think that if WhatsApp does accommodate the requests of the authorities, that their user base will diminish?

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