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Description: Shakeup comes as new CEO Jack Dorsey tries to make Twitter exciting again.

Source: Ars Technica

Date: January 27, 2016


Late on Sunday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that four of the company’s top executives will be departing. Additionally, the head of Vine—Twitter’s short-form video sharing service—is also leaving the company, to rejoin Google. The exodus, it would seem, has begun.

The four executives departing Twitter are: Kevin Weil (head of product); Katie Jacobs Stanton (head of media); Alex Roetter (head of engineering); and Skip Schipper (head of HR). According to Dorsey, the four will be taking some “well-deserved time off.” According to Recode, some of the departures were by choice, while some were asked to resign.

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Questions for discussion:

1. Why do you think a Twitter Exodus is occurring?

2. Are you an avid Twitter user? Do you use it more than any other social media platform? If so, why?

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