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Description: Although Silicon Valley’s focus may be mobile-driven. Start-up “Endless” is taking a different approach with hopes to appeal to the underdeveloped countries of the world.

Source: BBC News

Date: April 16, 2015


San Francisco start-up Endless is on course to reach its $100,000 crowdfunding target for its budget desktop PC. The $169 “Endless PC” uses mains power, plugs into a regular TV or monitor, and requires a keyboard and mouse to run. The system uses its own operating system together with Linux-based apps, all highly optimised for its mobile 1.7Ghz Intel processor. Read More

Questions for discussion:

1. Do you think the intended users of this PC will latch on to this idea or do you think something more mobile-friendly will prevail?

2. How do you think Endless will market their product to their desired audience?

One Response to “Budget PC Targets Developing World With Own OS”


    It uses the UNIX operating system and is very fast and provides excellent results.
    The cost of the two systems also amplifies the differences
    between the two; while gaming PCs can be extended over a
    wide range from low, mid and high range segments, enthusiast PCs are always high-end in definition and are quite expensive.
    com to redress customer issues.

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