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Description: In order for online reviews to work in the long-term, we need to make efforts to move beyond the stars and set a system that is both verified and standardized, as well as free from social pressure.

Source: Tech Crunch

Date: April 11, 2015


Reviews impact everything: what brands we trust, what we purchase, what we eat, and even how we travel. Online reviews have factored into my purchasing decisions as a millennial. I was barely a teenager when Yelp was founded, and today, over a decade later, reviews have transformed the online consumer landscape. Yet what does the future hold as we enter an age when even the customer – the restaurant diner, cab rider, and home guest – is up for review? Read More
Questions for discussion:

1. Do you usually check online reviews before making any major purchase?

2. Have you ever written an online review? Was it positive or negative? Describe.

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