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Description: A Vancouver start-up which allows Instagram users to schedule posts is looking to be the hottest start-up in the province.

Source: Tech Crunch

Date: January 22, 2015

I ask Ian MacKinnon a question I’ve asked many times before. It’s a good question: how do you want the community to think of your business? I’m prepared for a stock answer. This startup could easily provide me with such an answer—I could cobble one together myself from what he’s shown me on his laptop on this rainy Wednesday night. But he stitches one together before pausing a beat and revising his answer for—honesty? Bravado? Read More

Questions for discussion:

1. Have you ever wished Instagram had a functionality where you could schedule posts to upload at a future date or time?

2. Do you feel like the purpose of this app is contrary to the point of Instagram (to posts photos instantly when they are happening)?

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