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Description:  Once we move to truly autonomous systems, software will play a much bigger part. We will no longer need a human to decide when to change the route of an aircraft or when to turn off the motorway onto a side road.

Source: Mashable 

Date: March 12, 2014

autonomous robot

Robots, and autonomous systems in general, can cause anxiety and uncertainty, particularly as their use in everyday tasks becomes a more immediate possibility. In order to lessen at least some of that anxiety, we should shift our focus from the decisions robots could make on our behalf to how they actually make them in the first place. In some ways, they may be more trustworthy than a human. Read More.

Questions for discussion:

1. Does the concept of formal verification make robots more trustworthy for you?

2. Would you feel comfortable with robots being prominent in the police force and healthcare? Why or why not?

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