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Description: Bacon is being served up every morning courtesy of Oscar Mayer in this new iOS app and headphone jack plug. Unfortunately they aren’t for sale- you’ll have to win one.

Source: Mashable

Date: March 6, 2014


Oscar Mayer is giving meat fans the chance to wake up to the sound — and smell — of bacon every morning. The company’s Wake Up and Smell the Bacon app and iPhone dongle, which unfortunately contains no actual bacon, is a complete bacon-themed overhaul of your iPhone’s alarm. The dongle plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack and, when paired with the accompanying iOS app, releases the smell of bacon as the alarm soundsWatch Video

Questions for discussion:

1. Would an alarm system like this actually wake you up, or do you require more extreme measures in order to be roused from sleep?

2. Does such an alarm sound tempting to you or simply disappointing?

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