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Description: With the absence of an annual iPod update this past fall, it is fairly evident that the iPod is a dying breed. Can Apple save the device that started it all? Or is there even a point?

Source: Mashable

Date: January 29, 2014



Apple iPod of Cupertino, Calif., died quietly this week after a lengthy bout of dance-infused music playing. iPod, 12, was surrounded by family members Apple iPhone and Apple iPad, when its sales quietly slipped away …OK, OK, the iPod is not, in fact dead (at least not yet), but make no mistake, the world’s classiest and best MP3 player — the one that built an entire industry — is rapidly fading into oblivion. Even iPod’s parent (company), Apple can’t deny the obvious. Read Rest of Story

Questions for discussion:

1. Were you an early adapter of the iPod?

2. What advantages, if any, would there be in having an iPod today versus simply having an iPhone?

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