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Description: A new app, SuiteQ allows you to set up a room with furniture to your liking – and then buy the products.

Source: Techvibes

Date: January 24, 2014



Every so often, I see start-up companies rehashing an idea that’s been done to death many, many times before, either because they haven’t done their market research, or because it just has that “good idea smell”. It just seems like such a good idea—the reason it’s never really succeeded is down to execution, they figure. They are the start-up who will stick the landing, when so many companies before them hobbled off the mats with shattered ankles. Read Rest of Story

Questions for discussion:

1. Is this app an original enough idea to gain any interest?

2. Would using this app give you enough insight into how your furniture would look that you would make the purchase without seeing the items “in the flesh”?

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