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Description: Your days of wondering what your pets are up to while your not there are over. Introducing Petcube – a small aluminum and glass cube that is equipped with a camera, a speaker, wi-fi capability and a laser pointer that can be controlled remotely through the use of a smartphone.

Source: Forbes

Date: October 24, 2013


 People love their pets. Unfortunately it’s impossible to be with them all the time and many pets spend hours alone in a home or apartment, pining over their missing owner, bored out of their minds and possibly destroying everything in sight. This is the problem that recent crowdfunding champion Petcube Inc. intends to solve. The company sought $100,000 on Kickstarter this fall and attracted a whopping $251,000 over the course of its 42-day campaign. Watch Video.

Questions for discussion:

1. Would you consider purchasing a Petcube – depending on the price point?

2. Do you think a device such as this will really keep an animal entertained for very long? Why or why not?

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