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Description: Whenever you take a flight, TSA requirements insist a safety video to be played before every take off. These videos have been notoriously dull and boring. Virgin American has done the impossible – created a video you’ll really want to watch.

Source: Fast Company

Date: October 30, 2013


Airline safety announcements just got a lot cooler, thanks to Virgin America’s new music video. Using a combination of catchy music, sassy dancers, adorable kids, humor, social media savvy, and even a singing nun, Virgin America has accomplished the impossible: convinced us to listen to airline safety announcements.  Watch Video.

Questions for discussion:

1. Would this video make you want to pick Virgin America for your flight over another airline carrier?

2. Does having a safety video like this give you the impression that Virgin America is a trendy company and that the flight itself will echo the same vibe?

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