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Description: Customer fitting for online buyers has always been one of the main issues for online retailers. Vintage and retro-style women’s clothing company ModCloth believe they have found the answer by crowdsourcing  information on different types of sizes to find a perfect fit for their customers.

Source: CNET

Date: November 1, 2013


Online apparel store ModCloth is turning to its user data to solve one of the biggest problems with buying clothes online — ordering clothes that fit the first time. The popular vintage-inspired retailer launched a new feature for its iPhone app Friday that surfaces products for you based on the reviews of other users who have similar measurements. Called “fit for me,” the feature uses an algorithm to pull the matching data, which includes height, bra size, waist, and hips. It seems like a simple idea, but ModCloth is in the unique position of having the data to power it effectively.  Read Rest of Story.

Questions for discussion:

1. With a system like this put in place, would it encourage you to do more of your shopping online?

2. Do you think this type of crowdsourcing technique will eventually become the norm for all online retailers?

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