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Description: Advancements in Technology will now allow Americans suffering from retinitis pigmentosa the opportunity to improve their quality of life.  This eye wear will allow them to see light, shadows and sometimes even the outlines of objects or humans.

Source: CNET

Date: October 7, 2013


  After more than 20 years in the making, the world’s first FDA-approved bionic eye will soon be launching commercially in the United States. The device could help the tens of thousands of people who suffer from a rare, degenerative eye disease. CNET’s Sumi Das explains how the Argus II device works to bring light into the darkness. Watch Video.

Questions for discussion:

1. If you suffered from this condition, would you spend the undoubted exorbitant amount of money for a pair ?

2. Do you feel like this is a fair and just use of technological research money? Why or why not?

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