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Description: A new online education program is being piloted in California and some people believe it could be the end of College as we know it.

Source: TechCrunch

Date: January 15th, 2013

College Books

Today, the largest university system in the world, the California State University system, announced a pilot for $150 lower-division online courses at one of its campuses — a move that spells the end of higher education as we know it. Lower-division courses are the financial backbone of many part-time faculty and departments (especially the humanities). As someone who has taught large courses at a University of California, I can assure readers that my job could have easily been automated. Most of college–the expansive campuses and large lecture halls–will crumble into ghost towns as budget-strapped schools herd students online. Read Rest of Story

Questions for discussion:

1. What was the result of the pilot held by MIT and Harvard?

2. What will happen to the college system as a result of this pilot (in the opinion of the author)?


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