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Description: Just when the smartphone saturation in the developing world seems to be near, a new device has found its niche. The Phablet (part phone, part tablet) apparently offers solutions to the problems here and in the developing world.

Source: Fast Company

Date: January 10th, 2013


Big screens equal big bucks. That’s what Samsung realized with its first–and still quite popular–Galaxy Note mobile device, which was a whopping 5.3-inch screen pseudo-tablet that only folks like Andre The Giant (and perhaps certain members of his posse) could hold like a traditional cell phone. It fit between the 3.5-inch size of early iPhones, and the smaller 7-inch size of the typical Android tablet.  Read Rest of Story

Questions for discussion:

1. Explain the Phablet’s success in both the developed and developing worlds.

2. Why does the author allude to the Phablet being a fad? What technology does the author anticipate will replace it?


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