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Description: What do you do when you realize you don’t want to be a doctor at 27 years old? Pivot your career and chase your dream, even if it means risking it all and launching a start-up. That’s the story of Austin Hackett, founder of Crowd Hall.


Date: September 17th, 2012


To succeed as an entrepreneur, you occasionally have to be willing to give up something good for something great. Austin Hackett was halfway through a medical degree at Columbia University in New York when he decided to devote himself fulltime to his startup discussion platform, CrowdHall.

His mother was supportive, but his father had doubts. Wouldn’t it be better, his father asked, to complete the medical degree before risking his future? Although Hackett was interested in helping people, he knew then that the physician’s life wasn’t for him.  Read Rest of Story


Questions for discussion:

1. How has Hackett’s past experience helped his startup?

2. Who would use CrowdHall and why?

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