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Description: The rise of Apple and Google in the smartphone market has pushed Nokia and Research In Motion to the brink of irrelevance. Now, television makers are scrambling to make sure the same does not happen to them.


Date: Sept 5, 2012

TV makers are wagering that mobile phone users hooked on consuming content will want the same access — and on bigger screens — when they return home. For manufacturers to hold back Apple and Google, which are both trying to take a slice of the TV market, they have to develop a joint operating system because consumers will not accept more than a few competing platforms, said Klaus Böhm, the head of the media practice at Deloitte in Düsseldorf.

“All market participants have to consider this as part of their strategy, and if they make the wrong call, they may be out of the market in a few years’ time,” he said. Apple and Google “can set de facto standards against the consensus of the market and assert themselves because of their market power and unique selling points.”

Questions for discussion:

  1. What is the threat to TV makers from the mobile device industry? Why
  2. What strategy can the TV makers pursue that will give them a competitive advantage over Google or Apple?


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