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Description: The idea that your social media profile is being observed and analyzed by future employers has existed as long as social media itself. However, a recent survey by Eurocom Worldwide has confirmed that nearly 20% of tech industry companies admit to turning down prospective employees because of their social media profiles.


Date: April 23 2012

My husband and I have trained our three daughters on the importance of posting only appropriate information on any type of social media. This includes not posting certain pictures of Saturday night’s party on Facebook and not posting or Tweeting anything when they’re angry or in a bad mood. Now, managing your social media profile has become even more important – a 2012 survey demonstrates that your social media profile could make or break your chances of being hired.

According to the 2012 annual technology market survey conducted by Eurocom Worldwide, “Almost one in five technology industry executives say that a candidate’s social media profile has caused them not to hire that person.” Previous Eurocom Worldwide surveys had found almost 40% of the survey respondents from technology companies review job candidate’s profiles on social media sites. Read Rest of Story

Questions for discussion:

1. Why will managing your social media profile be so important moving forward?

21 Responses to “How Your Social Media Profile Could Make Or Break Your Next Job Opportunity”

  1. Salma Hassan

    Managing my profile will be important moving forward because nowadays it’s becoming more serious. Nothing is 100% private anymore, and some content can seriously affect future endeavours. One must keep in mind that what they are posting will be viewed by more people then assumed. Although, something crossed my mind while reading this article, how do these companies actually see one’s profile? FaceBook for example, there are certain privacy settings that make sure strangers cannot see certain content. So unless the settings were not selected properly, I don’t see how these companies can determine who to hire or fire based solely on a FaceBook site. However, not all social media sites have these same privacy settings, which makes it even crucial to pay attention to what you post. This article brings up the issue of privacy. This is an extreme case of invasion of privacy, when companies lurk and do background checks on personal profiles such as the ones noted in the article. I recognize that once someone posts up pictures or updates their status, it is not 100% private any more as they consent to making it public…But did they consent to these companies to view and evaluate based upon what they see?

  2. Amby Okorafo

    This is a very interesting article. I definitely agree with the fact that we need to be careful about what information we post about ourselves online because once your information is online, it is on there forever. Training your daughter now to be aware of privacy on social media websites is very important and she will learn how to seed out private family business from non private family business matters. This can definitely go a long way for anyone really especially when employer’s search on these social media websites and find nothing to implicate you. Individuals have to know that sharing information is fine but it depends on what kind of information you share. You can share information between your close friends and family but I beleive that facebook now has some strict privacy settings that allows you to individually select froms from aquintances and I think that is a brilliant idea. You can have 430 friends but from those 430 friends, you can individually make certain individuals aquintances and leave the rest as friends or even make some people “close friends” or “family member.” Once you do that, you can then make your photo’s on there viewable to friends/close friends/family members except aquintances or vice versa. I think what facebook is doing is brilliant because it makes your privacy very hard to breach. Very interesting read indeed!

  3. Faisal Alhelaibah

    It’s kind of widely known that If you are going to apply for job, do not use your email which you are using in the social media. For example, Facebook. Any company who are going to hire you they may stop that because of your privacy on the social network, so to keep your self protected is even by one of two ways; by giving another email that you don’t use on the social media or by setting the privacy on your profile so others cannot see it at all.

  4. Chance Engel

    With our world moving more and more towards technology in our everyday lives it is crucial that we manage our social media profiles as we move forward. We are all gaining more and more access to whatever we want, wherever we want, and privacy is not as private as one may think. If an average person can learn how to steal a persons identity, including their credit and debit card info, bank info, SIN, drivers license, and birth certificate info, in less that a day, simply by using google searches, Then i am sure that if someone really wanted to they could gain access to what you have posted all over the world on a social media website.

    That is why a person has to first ask them self what they want their social media profile to depict, who is going to see it (who has access), and what effects will it have on them and their future such as a job opportunity.

  5. Yue Pan

    Nowadays,most people like to post their own information and media profits to some society webs such as Facebook, Tweeting. They are showing their society media profits for fun and to record their lives. However, they did not realize that there will be an issue about invasion of privacy that some companies may through their email address to watch their media profits to make decisions about their applications for the work. This article talks about that social media profit could make or break the job opportunity of candidates. “Almost 40% of the survey respondents from technology companies review job candidate’s profiles on social media sites.” The problem is the job candidates did not provide their social media sites while they are applying the job. So, we can conduct that those technology companies through illegal ways to review candidates’ social media sites. The most serious problem is that companies did not think that they were wrong to look those social media sites form candidates. Some candidates may not be hired because their social media sites have been spied and they probably would never know the truth as well. If the companies make decisions and evaluate by only candidates’ social media profits, it was not impersonal to analysis someone’s working abilities.

  6. Keith Grier

    The world of technology is moving faster then ever before and the ability to store more information and access material of any kind is pretty awesome; although, people need to be careful as computers are logical and human being are not and when posting an “arguments from scripture” (Spider-man fallacy) – claiming that because there is some truth in a piece of text, everything mentioned in the text must, by default, be an “historical fact” can be misunderstood by anyone as we are all reading text and look at images and draw conclusions very easily, shich could be damaging and misunderstood or taken out of context. Due to the fact that more people are using this easy avenue to make decisions on who a person is and what there integrity is about is scary, as it would seem we are now a judge by the “book cover society” instead of the content. With that in mind, this should be a wake up call to society to post material in a protective matter. The artical says do as much as you can not to embarrass oneself on the front page the the newpaper, and use good judgement as any person has the ability to review the material and inturrupt it the way they want resulting in perhaps a fast and incompete conclusion about the person posting their thoughts.

  7. Debbie Kennedy

    I never thought my facebook page could be used to make or break my next job opportunity when I first signed up for it. I heard about the social media facebook, but only signed up three years ago. To my surprize there were so many people whom I knew that were already on facebook. Because I am a full time student and it’s free, I use it to keep in touch with people back home and YES sometimes to vent. The news about potential employers using social media’s to check on potential employees has really made me more aware of what I post. I have never been one to trust the internet because of what I hear in the news. I don’t think it’s ethical that employers use social media to base their decisions on whether they want to hire a potential employee, but then it is a public domain. People conduct themselves very differently from a personal standpoint as opposed to a work environment, at least I do. How I would act and talk are totally different from a work environment and my personal life, especially around those whom I have known for years or have grown up with. Information Technology is growing at such a fast pace and if you don’t get involved in any form, a person really gets left behind in the knowledge of how things work. In my grade twelve year we didn’t have computers and the idea of a social media on an internet is beyond where I thought I would be getting involved in. The social media is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends or even meet new people, but I am more aware of what I include in it and in addition I have changed my privacy settings.

  8. Le Liu

    “With more and more companies jumping on the social media bandwagon, it only makes sense that searching social media for background information on potential job candidates will continue to grow.” Even though many argues that it is not fair to decide whether to hire by checking candidates’ social media,the fact is that there is increasing number of employers are trying to get a better understanding of the potential employees through their personal life and by checking their Facebook and Twitters. The problem arises that everybody has blue days and we sometimes post things that bad for our “reputations”. People may have some opinion which seems negative or does not fit for the job position. It is better for job seekers to start managing their social media profile ahead by avoid posting inappropriate content and oversharing in the first place. They could also manage our privacy setting and organize our friends and set private files.

  9. Le Liu

    “With more and more companies jumping on the social media bandwagon, it only makes sense that searching social media for background information on potential job candidates will continue to grow.” Even though many argues that it is not fair to decide whether to hire by checking candidates’ social media, the fact is that there is increasing number of employers are trying to get a better understanding of the potential employees through their personal life and by checking their Facebook and Twitters. On one hand there is an ethical issues for the employer, on the other hand, job seekers need to be aware of privacy before their job hunting. It is understandable that everybody has blue days and we sometimes post things that bad for our “reputations”. People may have some opinion which seems negative or does not fit for a specific job position. It is better for job seekers to start managing their social media profile by avoid posting inappropriate content and oversharing in the first place. Managing the privacy setting is necessary as well. For example, set up a private and public friends list to organize our friends and set private files for the content that we do not want to share publicly.

  10. Maria Rana

    I agree with the author’s perspective on this source. When stepping out into the “real world” we must be aware of the repercussions of our actions. The world has entered this new digital phase, where almost everything can be accessed online, even your personal life. If one doesn’t be careful of what they post on social networking sites, it can cause great harm to both your professional and personal life. As I was reading this article I started to gain the perspective of an employer; as an employer I would certainly not be willing to hire someone who had a “wild Friday night.” It is true when they say don’t judge a book by its cover, however if an employer takes a look at your profile, and all the inappropriate things you have posted, it’s really their first glance at you. Employers aren’t going to go out of their way to get to know you, to them you’re a name on a resume and possibly an illegible candidate for their position. All in all, first impressions can be very crucial and when it comes to job hunting, you may want to be a bit more careful as to what you post on social networking sites.

  11. Rod white quills

    this subject can be very touchy, because how far are people willing to go when in the hiring process of potential employees. how far is to far we all knowing when you go on twitter or facebook you are subjected to no boundaries, but now with the evolution of social media people need to be sure what they are putting in their profiles, and be very careful of what you put on your pofile or what you tweet. there are some like me who believe that this goes to far when scouting out future employees, because that is what interviews are for, to find out by just talking to poeple you can find out alot about what type of person they are. of course there are some benefits to being able to look at profiles of potential employees than that of just looking at resumes and doing interviews. but there needs to be certain regulations as to how far we can look into peoples lives. there is a very fine line when it comes to this subject, but with the way people are so willing to express the way they feel and with the advancement of the internet you need to use all the tools at your disposal when it comes to hiring people, but there needs to be an ethical line employers should not be able to cross.

  12. Ali Almasoud

    I would call this CREDIT BUILDING. Social media provides, in a basic level, a general idea about the person who is using it. LinkedIn for example, helps employers to find more about the person’s interests and accomplishments. Facebook is more likely to be about photos and the “timeline” of the person as well as friends. Twitter gives “by the tweets” how the person is thinking, talking, and believing about different areas and therefore, we are so exposed to the public. I think even if there is a privacy policy and stetting, employers may ask you for your social media account as it is nowadays an essential part of any resume. I think it is a good idea to teach Youngers and adults about managing their social media profiles as it is a source for public to use it. I think people might be judged based on their profiles in social media whether by employers or friends. What’s so weird about Facebook is that the profile cannot be deleted easily and even if deleted, it can be opened which means basically it is not deleted!

  13. Megan H.

    I have always been one of those people concerned about what is posted on Facebook about me. Once something is uploaded onto the internet, it is forever on the internet. I can completely understand from a management stand point why they would use Facebook as a tool to eliminate candidates for potential jobs, while I firmly stand by the saying what you do in your private life is private, I also understand that it can’t really be private when you’re posting it to social media and sharing with your “500 closest friends.” I have witnessed many of people voicing their distaste for their job, friends, and family. A heated moment leads to a heated comment that can never be taken back; once it has been put out there it will always be there. Potential employers may wonder if you are willing to do this to previous jobs, family and friends what will deter you from speaking poorly about your new job in the heat of the moment. They say 10 people will repeat a negative comment or complaint about a company, while only one person will repeat a positive comment. If I was screening potential employees, inappropriate social media comments would send up a red flag, companies want only the best employees representing their companies.

  14. Veronica

    I really went into this on my other response on California banning prospective employers from having access to our social networking sites because it’s something I feel very stongly about. I can only say protection and protect yourself and infinite number of times. It’s now public knowledge that potential employers have accessed Facebook to view possible candidates and often without the candidates knowledge. I’m not saying it’s right and just. But it’s happening, so now what? Protect yourself!

    “Don’t put something on the internet that you wouldn’t want your Mother to hear.” Plain and simple. If your mother wouldn’t be proud of it there is a good chance you shouldn’t be either.

    People can be angry at the invasion of privacy or they can do something about it. But I think we need to remember prospective employers out there are trying to see if you are proper representation for their company because they are about to invest in you; whereas there are people that are actually trying to do harm and use whatever information you offer against you – those are the people we should be fighting against and protecting ourselves from.

    Properlly managing your social networking sites will become more and more important with the importance of technology in our world. We’re very reliant on the information that is offered via the web and I think it will be more vastly used as time goes on. Even business are now on Facebook and Twitter; we’re really in everybodies backyard once we log in. Lastly, I think companies feel that they only get a certain level of honesty or knowledge of a potential candidate in an interview and they know that there is more information about that person only a click away.

  15. Reply

    It is crazy how people can see and know who I am without actually “seeing” and “meeting” me in person. I think it is important to manage individual’s social media profile to move forward. Not because “a Saturday night drunk picture” is bad, but social media profile does not show who you are ENTIRELY. When people read who you are through a social media profile, it is based on only what they can see, not fully who you are. If I was a CEO, of course I would not want to hire someone who seems to party and get wasted every day, or seems that person hates his or her life based on what he or she wrote down on their social media profile. I would want someone who is positive, and a hard worker. Even though I think that managing personal social media profile is important to prevent people judging others only by what they see on social media profile, I still disagree if people pretend to be something that is not actually who they are. I think “managing well” of your social media profile means that you distinguish who you can or cannot reveal your information to.

  16. Xuan Wang

    It is very important to manage the social media profile for getting a job. Because the Previous Eurocom Worldwide surveys had found almost 40% of the survey respondents from technology companies review job candidate’s profiles on social media sites. And also, according to the 2012 annual technology market survey conducted by Eurocom Worldwide, “Almost one in five technology industry executives say that a candidate’s social media profile has caused them not to hire that person.” All of the above show us that the social media profile has a big influence to find a job which in a technology company.
    Why mangers who want to hire you want to see your social media profile? The social media profile can give much information to the managers and is very convenient. The managers only need to put your name on the internet, and then they can know your information in a direct way. All the processing is easy and quick. However, some people put the wrong thing on their social media profile. Such as something can make you embarrassed if the people who are not familiar with you see that. Or something that you complain about your last job can give a bad impress to the people who want to hire you.

  17. Mattie E

    Managing my social media profile is going to be extremely important going forward because I never know exactly who is looking at it. I am going to be graduating next year and will be looking for a professional job. I know that many employers search applicants on Facebook and Twitter to find information that they would not otherwise have during an interview.

    I am very careful with my social media profile as it is, and I think going forward I will only be more cautious. When I embark on my job search, I may delete my Twitter and change my Facebook name. I know many people who have already done this to ensure their privacy. Many education students change their name when they do their placements in schools, so teachers and students can’t look for them online. I also take care to monitor what I say and post on my social media profile. I have my Dad and Grandpa on my Facebook and Twitter, so I always keep the mindset of “Will Grandpa disapprove if I post this status?” I also keep my friend list small on Facebook. I only keep those who I regularly talk to or those that I graduated with on my page. My boss has tried to add me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter a few times, but I refuse to let him see my social media profile. I think it is very important to separate work from my personal life. That way, a picture of you at a party or a status about work won’t affect your job or jeopardize your career.

  18. Brani

    In today’s society the majority of people are one some sort of social media. Basically you are a outsider if you are not connected in some way or other. It is important to manage your connection for many different reasons for example: you are a teen battling the effects of high school, if it vital that you keep a clean facebook page or your peers can turn your life around and make a new facebook page and influence others to “hate” you. Or if you are a adult looking for a career and if you like to go partying every weekend posting those pictures may affect your chances of getting that job. Common sense is a characteristic that seems to lack certain people. Also a picture can give the impression that you have a wonderful happy life, but in realty your life has many issues. Another example is being on Twitter, you can google someone’s name and a link can come up for that person and a quote they have said, but if that quote is something less desirable you were having a bad day and that could determine a signigicant event for your life. Be smart think twice before posting something that you might regret later.

  19. Dallas

    Social media has allowed us to connect with one another like never before. That being said, there is so much about our personal selves that have become more available to so many people. Everyone has had their immature, party days. Its just that now, with the ability to share these moments in our lives with our close friends (and not so close friends) and family on a more public display, that this behaviour can seem “irresponsible” and “inappropriate”, especially to companies looking to scout out potential new employees. Lets face it, everybody behaves a little foolish and immature at times. Its a way of getting away from the daily stresses of life. As we know with the internet, once something is put on it, it can never be recovered or completely removed. Our choices are to not be involved on any social media sites or to have the privacy setting set to the maximum they can be.

  20. Misbah Dar

    Managing your social media profile is so important moving forward because when you post it online it is there for people to see in the public. But having a professional and personal social media profile is a better way to manage they way use social media. Facebook is there to socialize with friends and family and LinkedIn is there to socialize with professionals regarding work related topics. Employers shouldn’t be snooping around like that in people’s personal lives unless they have been given permission to do so. Employers should let the person know if they are going to be checked based on their criminal records, their social media profile, their extra-curricular activities, and so on. This will set a new way of hiring employees and having a different of doing security checks. This will take hiring and firing to the next level such as posting resumes online and employers can go to the person’s profile and find the qualified candidates themselves, instead of the employee handing in or e-mailing resumes to every qualified job posting. If things will turn out that way in the future as they are going to be then I will have to close my personal profile and leave just my professional profile online.

  21. jf.andrus

    I already have high security settings on my facebook account and only my followers (whom I must approve ) have access to my tweets. Not that I consider my private life too highly, I just feel like you need to earn to get to know me, so certain information is not available to whomever snoops my profile.

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