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Description: This innovative new website tracks and translates the most worn colour in some of the most fashionable cities around the world. Now the fashion conscious can see what colours the fashion elite are wearing in real-time.


Date: April 19 2012

Even if you’ve confidently assessed the nowness of your hemline, heel height, and pant leg circumference there’s still the matter of color. Specifically, which colors are most current right this second among the global fashion elites. Now there’s an easy answer to that question and it’s right there on your laptop and your phone.

Women’s fashion brand Pimkie is launching a digital tool this week that shows users exactly what colors are being worn, in real time, in Europe’s most fashionable cities. Agency Happiness Brussels and developer Pedro Miguel Cruz masterminded the Color Forecast, a website and soon-to-be app that shows which colors are trending live from Paris, Antwerp, and Milan, leveling the playing field for aspiring fashionistas who don’t work atVogue. Read Rest of Story

Questions for discussion:

1. How could a brand leverage this fashion data to gain competitive advantage?

2 Responses to ““Color Forecast” Spies On The Hip To Help Guide Your Fashion Choices”

  1. Megan H.

    Every day it seems new and innovative ways of staying ahead of the fashion trends are being introduced, before the rise of the internet and social media it was hard for budding fashion designers to break into the world of high end fashion design. It took many painstaking years of working your way up from the bottom, working long hours and performing back breaking and arduous tasks. Now with all the new technology especially this new app called the Color Forecast, it is as easy as clicking a button to get the most current and up-to-the-minute information on color trends. Anyone with a computer or phone and the know how to access the information can stay ahead of the game giving them a slight advantage to those not willing to use this new technology. Thus allowing any fashion forward designers or bloggers to break into the market with little to no experience, they just have to be willing to use the new technology and tools at their disposal. With implementation of this new technology it catapults them to the forefront of color trends, keeping them in the know and giving them the upper hand against high end, expensive and exclusive companies. It is this emerging technology that gives the little guy a chance to break into the market without having to follow the path of those before starting as unpaid interns and putting in hour after hour of the worst tasks in fashion industry.

  2. Brani

    Social media has definately helped fashion take the next leap into our society. Technology is not just for the geeky no more, blogging has become huge in the internet world, where not only women but men take part. Being materilistic society, anyone can share the current up todate fashion. fashion is only for the high society, and once it has found its way to the middle class it is no longer found popular. Then new trends imerge and high society will drool over it. I believe with the help of new technology it gives every income level a chance to express themselves in a way that has never been before. It is interesting to see where we have been and where we are going with the help of technology, with a simply tool of a button anyone with a computer has a advantage to stay in the “game”.

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