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Description: In the fourth quarter of 2011, Apple sold 15.4 million iPads—more than the number of PCs sold by Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), the world’s No. 1 maker of Wintel PCs.

Source: businessweek .com

Date: March 21, 2012

Apple’s dominance of the tablet space certainly represents a blow to the collective egos of PC manufacturers. But the iPad, by combining technical ingenuity with mass-market appeal, is doing more than simply eroding the profits of some of the world’s most successful computer companies.

The idea of tablet computing has been around for decades. Microsoft (MSFT) made a big push in 2000. Pre-iPad, the things didn’t work terribly well, and no one was really sure whether a mass audience would use them. The iPad has shown that there is in fact a gigantic, succulent market for these devices. Yet the finest computing minds outside Cupertino have failed to come up with a true rival. What’s so hard about tablets?     Read Rest of Story

Questions for discussion:

1. Do you fell the ipad will dominate the PC market into the future?  Why? or Why Not?

2.  Why does apple not have any real completion in the tablet market as far as market share goes?

29 Responses to “IPad: The PC Killer”

  1. CAP

    I think the Apple Company just has smarter ways to promote their products. I’m sure there are other tablets that would work better for customers, but since Apple knows how to target their customers then they ofcourse would be dominating the market. In the article it mentions that the iPad has shown that there is in fact a gigantic, succulent market for these devices. There is definitely a market, and companies just need to know how to dominate. Other companies need to change some of their ways of promoting or even making their products better if they want to have more sales. Brunner, the design consultant says, “No one ever seems to learn from Apple’s example, I keep having the same meetings with executives that just don’t get it. They keep doing the same old crap.” Just like Brunner says, the competitors of Apple just need to change their ways because it is obvious that whatever they are doing is not working. They just need a new way to improve their products and service. Maybe having better advertisements or promoting a different way would help them. I am pretty sure Apple is making sure that they keep expanding and making their customers happy.

  2. LW

    The PC markets has been a shriveling apple in today’s market, with the new invention of pcs and their fast computing speeds large PC’s are becoming absolute. Although I am a born and raised Pc user I believe with the new invention of wireless keyboards and mousse that tablets will take over that market eventually. Cornering the only great thing about PC’s with a few simple additions to their products the mouse and keyboard(trade marks to the pc). With apples ability to add millions of apps to pretty much do anything a user requires assists in creating the growth of market share. I believe apple to have no real competition due to its brand marketing abilities. Targeting young adults and technically savvy individuals to purchase their unique slim products is ever growing. The ability to string a continuous line of new products branching from the I phone to the Ipad has guaranteed their market share and domination in the market. This has not allowed for the easy access for competitors to launch their new line of tablets. Judging by the disappointing launch by blackberry of their own version of the Ipad and its minimal impact on market value and share of the business.

  3. IDR

    The ipad may be the solution to a lot of the everyday challenges, especially in the business world. I have seen a few of the things it does, and I am definitely interested in purchasing one in the near future for school purposes. I think that although the ipad’s market share is rising, there is still a long way to go before it replaces the use of a laptop. For example, I recently had the opportunity to use a program that is very similar to Microsoft Office for the ipad, it had a spreadsheet, word and power point application that were easy to use but did not have near the amount of tools available for the full size program. Another example is photoshop, and many others I’m sure. In regard to apple’s competition, I think that the main ingredient that is separating every other company from apple, is the inability for them to change. The author of the article nails it when he says that most executives are not willing to open to new practices. That, and the simple-ness of apple’s products, their physical look and quality. Jobs was very particular in the way he did things, he was meticulous, calculating and a perfectionist, he oversaw every detail of apple’s products.

  4. Sarah Lawson

    Apple’s products are closely similar to other competitor’s products. The difference between Apple and other companies is that Apple is very good at marketing their products to consumers. Apple doesn’t just offer products, they offer experiences to go along with those products. Their reputation has been shaped by the consumers that purchase Apple products. The tablet industry is making it very difficult for computers to continue being on the market. Tablets are smaller and more portable than a desktop computer or even a laptop computer. Tablets’ multitasking abilities outweigh the features of a laptop and therefore, could easily replace the PC. I don’t believe the iPad specifically will dominate the PC market, but I do believe the tablet industry as a whole could.
    Apple Inc. continues to isolate themselves from their competitors. Apple says their goal isn’t to eliminate their competitors, but to just be better than them. Steve Jobs is a risk taker, and so far, the risks he took to expand the company have worked immensely. Most other companies lack the confidence to task risks in the industry, giving Apple the edge.

  5. JC

    The greatest advantage the iPad has that other tablets do not is that it is an Apple product. Having that Apple name means that it is easily connected with a host of other products that consumers already have. My mother in law doesn’t have an iPhone but she does have an iPad and because of this she is able to iMessage her husband, her four daughters, two son-in-laws and a number of other friends and family who have iPhones. This is just one example of the many Apple specific features that sets this tablet on an entirely different level then the rest.
    Looking around in the classroom I am increasingly seeing students who use tablets instead of PC’s to take notes or even run PowerPoint presentations off of. However, most of these people do own a PC and occasionally will bring it instead. Not owning a tablet myself I do not yet see the benefit of having it instead of a laptop, because from what I see people are using them interchangeably. But with their growing popularity there is the possibility that these strange little devices could in fact overtake and replace PC’s. Only time will tell. Or in the words of Steve Jobs “We’ll see.”

  6. Jillian

    I feel as though I am biased in determining if the ipad will dominate the PC market in the future, because I do not own an ipad nor have I worked with one. Today’s society requires speed and portability. Ipads are lightweight, small, portable, and equipped with high-speed – this makes for an extremely marketable product. I could see ipads having the potential to dominate PCs. One disadvantage ipads have to PCs is that their screens are smaller. For individuals who use their computers to edit pictures and to work with many numbers, this would not be beneficial. I also think the stability of PCs are more beneficial; they provide a better working space and the keyboard is always attached and is easier and ready to use. As for ipads, you can take them with you anywhere; therefore, the information you require is always with you and there is not necessarily a need to keep you information on you with a USB or some other type of storage device. Another disadvantage ipads may have is that their software may run different from what most people are used to. People don’t always like change and extra costs, so they may not be willing to part with their PC. Overall however, from what I have heard the benefits of owning an ipad outweight that of a PC after you get past the initial cost.

  7. knwe

    While the IPad is very functional and offers users a mobile experience with extended battery life, I don’t think it will dominate the PC market in the near future because it will take time for people to learn everything the IPad is capable of, and convert their existing computer systems to their device. People will still require computers to run multiple programs simultaneously. The majority of households have a tablet device, because they are a great way to surf the web, play games, music and videos, but I still feel like they are a luxury item compared to a computer in terms of functionality. I prefer to complete assignments and multitask when I’m surfing on my laptop or desktop computers with a larger screen. Tablets/IPads are great for the casual or leisure device user.
    I think IPad has its predecessors to thank for its successful market penetration. Since people have already owned other Apple products such as the IPod Touch, and IPhone, wouldn’t it make sense to purchase another product in the Apple ecosystem such as an IPad? Additionally, Apple differentiated their products through efficient marketing strategies to popularize their products. Competitors such as Android, Amazon and Blackberry lack integration across devices and this is another key area where Apple has succeeded.

  8. Mike S

    I think that Apple has done a fantastic job at advertising and creating the iPad. They have an attractive looking product that does its job without problems and people recognize that in paying the extra $$ to buy it. Apple, through its previous products, has shown that the flaws are few and far between. This is compared to PCs being made by a vast number of companies who don’t all keep the same levels of quality, choosing cost as the number 1 consumer buying point. They have neglected the people who don’t mind extra costs in order to get a quality and durable product. If computer manufacturers continue doing what they are doing they will not be defeated but will be downsized to provide their decreasing diehard supporters with their product. The iPad is new and is straight from a science fiction show. The idea of a tablet isn’t new but this is the first that has been publicized to be the real deal. Others have made tablets but they fell short of expectations and felt the impact of that failure. I think the iPad will be successful but as for replacing the PC/computer market I don’t think it can do that simply because of limitations due to size.

  9. cl

    Apple has done a great job in marketing their products, consumers believe that when they buy an apple they are3 buying a quality piece of technology and for the most part they are correct. Apple has got a sort of cult following with the majority of apple users not only buying one apple product but a bunch of them. The I pad is can do a variety of different tasks, and one thing that appeals to many consumers is the size it is extremely thin, yet big enough to watch movies, play games, or choose between a variety of books. One of the things that made me interested in the I pad is the fact that you can write notes on the screen beside whatever you are writing. I do see the I pad taking over the PC market far down the road because of the sheer size of it, it is very easy to move around and can do basically anything that a laptop can do. Due to apples great job of marketing they have managed to keep their margins quite a bit higher than that of a Microsoft product and still have more demand, this shows how much apple consumers believe in the product.

  10. B

    People always say the biggest downfall to owning an Apple product is the price – they’re too expensive. However, if you consider the new iPad to be part of the computer industry, the close-to $800 price of a new iPad is relatively cheap for a computer. If consumers start viewing the iPad as a replacement for a laptop computer, or any computer device for that matter, I do think that it will eventually overtake the market. The issue with the rest of the competitors is that they are always racing to try and take a share of a new market that Apple has created instead of looking to create a new market. With Apple constantly being the creator of these new markets, it is easy to see how they could and probably will take over the PC market in the near future. I think it is logical to say that tablets will eventually take over the market. This is why Apple will have that dominance because they simply have the best product, and no one is doing anything to compete with it. Instead of figuring out ways to make a new innovative product, most companies end up making a worse version of the iPad.

  11. Scotty

    Most people wake up, look at their phone, check out Facebook and then broceed to sit in the kitchen and slowly go through e mails once their computers start up, i don’t know about you guys but there is nothing that i hate more than waiting for that computer to start up. Tablets on the other hand, have a much longer lasting battery and turn on much faster thus making them easier to use for 80 percent on the population. I have an i pad so i am bias for it and do believe that they will result in the end of computers as we know them. I am a bit of an apple phene and love all the product that they produce. But out of all the products that i own, ( macbook pro, i pad, i phone , i pod times 3) i still prefer my i pad by a long way. it does have some limitations but the ease of using it in class and the fact that it is so light weight is why it has the advantage. Will they take over the PC market, highly doubt it but i do believe that they will become much more apart of daily life than they are at the moment.

  12. Jon

    The Ipad will dominate the PC market, when it actually enters the PC market. First of all, I think it is important to note that even though this article compares the Ipad to the PC market with references to HP and Dell, Apple itself does not put the Ipad in the PC market. It claims to have created a new category, a mix between a computer and a phone. For the Ipad to compete in the PC market would mean that they would be competing on the same battle grounds as some of its existing products, namely its Macbook , Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, and MacPro. From a business standpoint, this is not a great idea. If Apple consolidates the features of these Mac products, then it loses sales on all of these products. That is why I feel that Apple is holding back on introducing features that would definitively swing them into the PC market. It can do this because of the lack of solid competition to force them to give the consumer more. As long as this stays the same, they don’t have to enter the PC market.
    I feel that it is inevitable that a rival will emerge (although not in the foreseeable future). When that rival does emerge, I believe that Apple will to be victorious. They have a solid platform, and are building a solid, loyal customer base.

  13. Michael

    Apple, the largest company by market cap. I am amazed that a consumer electronic company is bigger than every other company out there. If anyone can do it Apple can. Whether they can continue to be successful without Steve Jobs innovation is yet to be seen. I think I pads are nice but not sure whether they will continue to be successful. I think we are moving to a more compact market where instead of desktops making up the majority of computers it will shift to laptops and smart phones. I do not think that the ipad will be as successful as projections are making it look as apple is a fad. 15 years ago apple was close to receivership and Rimm and Microsoft looked to be the new giants. This has changed greatly over time as RIMM is in decline and Microsoft has been flat for 10 years now. With tech companies it is hard to say what will catch on and apple without Steve jobs is not something I am bullish on. I am looking forward to see which company will dominate the tech industry in 15 years. Looking back to the history of largest companies of the world they have never stayed top for long.

  14. Sarah Fletcher

    I don’t think the iPad will dominate the PC market in the future. Even though the iPad is very cool with ease of use and can do almost everything a laptop can do, there are still things that a iPad just doesn’t do. Even for something simple like taking notes in class, I wouldn’t want to use a iPad. The touch keyboard would just slow my speed of typing down. I know that I can hook up an actual keyboard and mouse and just use it as a screen but if I’m doing all of that all the time why wouldn’t I just get a laptop? There are certainly things an iPad can do that are useful that are less functional with a laptop. Facetime is an example of something that works best on an iPad in my opinion. However, I don’t have an iPad and don’t really have an interest in getting one but I’m sure if I had one I would have a different opinion and I would see the practicality in it. I definitely agree that it would decrease the use of computer usage. Apple definitely has a competitive advantage that’s unbeatable at this point in time. I’m not exactly sure as to what the cause of this is directly. As soon as you buy one Apple product you tend to end up having more than one in the near future. I’ve also had better experiences dealing with the company which makes a big difference in my future purchases with them.

  15. neltum

    What actually spell out the difference between IPads and PCs are its specifications. Ipads customized features relate well to people who travel a lot and requires mobile services on same gadget. PCs nowadays are regarded as outdated and not so multifunctional as opposed to how Ipads seem today. If PC companies don’t revolutionize their product, Ipad companies will eventually dominate market and put a halt to these PC companies.

  16. neltum

    What actually spell out the difference between IPads and PCs are its specifications. Ipads customized features relate well to people who travel a lot and requires mobile services on same gadget. PCs nowadays are regarded as outdated and not so multifunctional as opposed to how Ipads seem today. If PC companies don’t revolutionize their product, Ipad companies will eventually dominate market and put a halt to these PC companies.however, The iPad won’t kill off the laptop but it will change the face of mobile computing.The mobile computer market is large enough for both the iPad and the notebook PC.

  17. John McAllister

    It is hard to say whether or not the Ipad will dominate the PC world in the future and that is because of the ever changing nature of the technological world we live in. I do think the use of Ipads will continue to grow and be incorporated into everyday life. I personally have mixed opinions on the tablet. My roommate has one but does not use it very often if at all. As a result I have in a sense “adopted” it. I use the Ipad almost every day and find it incredibly handy, however I often only use it for entertainment. I find myself playing one of the many apps downloaded or cruising facebook with ease. That being said I do not enjoy having to do actual work on it. I find it awkward to hold and type while working on papers or other assignments. It is this reason that leads me to believe that the PC will always have a purpose and a large number of users.
    Apple did an incredible job of promoting the Ipad without the effort of extensive advertisements. When looking at the development of their products it seems clear that everything was plotted with expertise. The development of the iPod allowed apple to take a strangle hold on the portable music industry. The introduction of the iPhone then created a large demand and an easy market hold. Smartphone competitors were able to eventually compete with the iPhone because they were experts in the field. The next integration of the iPad felt comfortable and right for apple users and instantly had a massive audience. Its competitors have tried to compete but are experts in the phone industry and not the computer industry.

  18. aaron

    Being on a farm for most my life, a fast computer was not important, as long as it kept up with the dial-up internet. But now that we have high speed on the farm, it is more evident that we need to start keeping up with new personal computers. My mother, who is not computer savvy at all, recently purchased an I-pad. This is not so surprising, however the surprise was, the computer that we previously used seemed to do nothing but collect dust. Instead, every morning when doing chores in the barns, I would watch my mother handling applications that I did not even know existed. She found out how to use this apple i-pad in a matter of days. This was not the case with the Microsoft pc that we have sitting in our living room, that I still seemed to be teaching to my mother. So yes, I do think there is a chance that tablets will become the next personal computers, especially apples. I have yet to use any other tablets other than apple, but obviously they are not comparable to the I-pad on some level, as seen in sales. Not to mention the reputation and image that apple has.

  19. Ellie

    In nowadays, we have more and more new smart technology. We can use Ipad to instead heavy and traditional PC, we can use the smart Phone to surf on line. We have different chart software to contact with our family and friends, like MSN and Facebook. Everyone in the world was so surprised when the first iPad came out in 2010 because it is so distinctive. From that time, table devices have come into the world. In recently years, the table devices are on fire; not just for iPad, also other table devices from Samsung or Blackberry. So, we began to wonder if the table devices would instead of the traditional PC in one day. In my opinion, it will not be. First, although the table devices are popular now, they still have problems to fix. Second, people use the tradition PC for long time, not all of us prefer to use the iPad because the screen is still a little small for some person, like the old. Third, some research has found, using table devices of long time is bad for our healthy. But, table devices bring surprise for us, and they will bring us more surprise in the future.

  20. sk

    I agree with most of the above posts. I think that Apple has done an amazing job at promoting the iPad. They have a sleek looking product that does its job without problems and people recognize that. As Jillian said above, today’s society requires speed and portability. iPads are a lightweight and portable device. This is why they are so attractive to the marketplace. And that is why so many people are willing to pay a premium for it. Essentially, Apple has been able to maintain a huge group of loyal customers – that is why they have been so successful. They’ve found the perfect niche in the marketplace. So yes, I could definitely see iPads having the potential to dominate PCs sometime in the future. The only downside of an iPad that I can think of is the price and software differentiation. Also, I’m sure that many people prefer the traditional keyboard and mouse set up. With all this being said, I personally own a PC. This is because I am just too cheap (aka: I am a poor student) to pay for the premium price of an apple product. However, maybe once the price of apple products is able to drop – if they ever do – I’ll buy an iPad.

  21. Tyler

    I think that while the ipad will have a strong market in the PC market in the future that they will not dominate it without some major changes. There are still some big advantages to using a computer that the ipad hasn’t overcome yet. Computers still have more raw processing power, they have more ability to get software and attach hardware that the ipad simply does not offer a way to do with the current system. It is much easier to type with a keyboard than it is with a ipad and while it is possible to buy a keyboard for the ipad it has to be a product that is specially designed to fit with the ipad and go into the one slot that’s available for it. As well functions such as word processing are much easier to do on the pc than on the ipad. With such programs as Microsoft Word or Open Office available on PC only the ipad has no way to really compete yet and capture that market share. With some innovation it is possible to overcome these obstacles but at the moment the lack of such features as well as the high price point compared to cheap laptops or netbooks prevent apple from dominating the PC market like it is possible for them to do.

  22. Josh

    When the first generation of iPads were announced and released I was personally sceptical about how useful and popular they would be. I couldn’t see much a difference other than a larger screen and not having phone call capabilities, between the iPhone and the iPad and because of that I felt that after the initial hype the demand for iPads would taper off. Clearly I was wrong and after having the chance to use and iPad it blows my mind how more people don’t make use of these devices, especially in a work setting. The competitors in the tablet market appear to have virtually no chance in catching Apple in the tablet market. Having a 66% market share is absolutely dominating and to be honest I feel as if the iPad deserves this. If you line up a Blackberry tablet next to an iPad it rivals having a moped beside a Ferrari. Ya both of those things will transport you, but you’re definitely going to enjoy and have a strong preference to the other. This is no different than the iPad and the other tablets. Even with the merger between Google and Motorola I do not think they will be able to put up a legitimate fight against the iPad. Apple has done far to good a job or solidifying itself as the King of the Castle in the tablet game.

  23. Claudia

    I feel that the ipad has the potential to dominate the future market of personal computing. I think that they will be successful because of the user friendly nature of the ipad. furthermore, since its conception, the ipad has been established itself as a functional tool in almost every industry. Also, its advances in medicine and progressive use in the operating room is something that will continue to be around for generations.
    I believe that apple has such a secure grasp on their market because of their operating system, the ease of transfer to apple, and the constant innovation and updates of all products and software.

  24. Morgan

    I don’t know if the iPad will be the one to dominate the PC market, but I do think the future lies in tablets, whether it be from Apple or another company. Tablets are easy to use, light and transportable. In comparison, laptops are generally bulky and heavy and require time to boot up. Tablets are incredibly simple to use because of their touch capabilities and all data can be stored on the cloud – making storage space a nonissue. Having said that, there are various applications that are easier to use with a traditional computer, such as spreadsheets, word documents, and design software. Users will likely prefer to use an external keyboard for such applications, which makes the tablet less transportable. I think the time will come where casual PC users will shift to tablets, but business men and PC gamers will keep the computer industry afloat.
    Before the iPad came out, Microsoft attempted to release their own tablet. The device didn’t sell very well and the company didn’t invest any time to improve its marketing or operating system and decided to scrap the project. Apple was able to use the iPhone’s IOS in the iPad, which gave them a leg up over Microsoft. The iPad rode on the success of the iPhone in another way as well: it was both familiar to the iPhone, and yet completely different. This attracted consumers because it wasn’t a foreign concept but it was a brand new device.

  25. JX

    I do not think that ipad will dominate the PC market in the future. I have to admit that ipad is a very successful electronic product. However, there are still some problems with it. For example, ipad does not have USB slot. It limits many accessories running on ipad. No physical buttons is not a good design for gamers. Even many games are performed better on touch screen; physical buttons is still a main way for gamers to play addition, many software cannot be run on ipad OS such as adobe flash. moreover, iOS is no open enough, so it is hard for many people “play” it by their ideas. Ipad is an electronic that heavily relies on wireless Internet, but technology of wireless in many place are not common. I think ipad is focus on portable; it is in a different market with PC in. competitors as Android tablet companies such as Sony and HTC, and Blackberry did not make real risk for Apple. iphone has taken many loyal customers for iOS. People do not spend lots of time to learn how to use ipad. In hardware, such as ipad’s cpu and screen are better than many other tablet computers.

  26. JX

    I don’t think that ipad will dominate the PC market in the future. I have to admit that ipad is a very successful electronic product. However, there are still some problems with it. For example, ipad does not have USB slot. It limits many accessories running on ipad. No physical buttons is not a good design for gamers. Even many games are performed better on touch screen; physical buttons is still a main way for gamers to play addition, many software cannot be run on ipad OS such as adobe flash. moreover, iOS is no open enough, so it is hard for many people “play” it by their ideas. Ipad is an electronic that heavily relies on wireless Internet, but technology of wireless in many place are not common. I think ipad is focus on portable; it is in a different market with PC in. competitors as Android tablet companies such as Sony and HTC, and Blackberry did not make real risk for Apple. iphone has taken many loyal customers for iOS. People do not spend lots of time to learn how to use ipad. In hardware, such as ipad’s cpu and screen are better than many other tablet computers.

  27. Jarrett

    I think for sure that the IPad will dominate the PC market in the future. As an owner an iphone, an Ipad and a macbook computer, i am no stranger to apple and how good its products are. However, I notice every day that i use my Ipad more and more and that it is evolving into a device that i wish i had a couple years ago. I also know that my next computer will be an apple Imac (desktop) and that i will probably give up using a laptop. I prefer using a desktop computer, and the only reason i bought a laptop was because i wanted the portability of being able to take notes in class. Now with my ipad, i have little need for a laptop and will undoubtably get rid of it when the time comes. The ipad will definitely hurt pc sales in the future because it is something that is becoming mainstream. People are getting ipads designed into their houses that control the temperature, sounds, television, internet, everything and anything. With this technology at our fingertips, there will be little need for laptops, and this will undoubtably hurt computer sales.

  28. Carly

    I feel strongly that the ipad will continue to have affects on the PC market for years to come. As seen in the recent release of the new ipad, the only main feature that was different from the previous model was the resolution of the screen. Apple has barely scratched the surface of capabilities that their tablets have to offer, they havent introduced usb capabilities, HDMI inputs and the app world continues to grow astronomically specifically oriented towards the ipad. They provide a consistent product that continues to grow with individuals needs, not to mention their introduction of icloud which allows users to update their itunes accounts, pictures and files to their pc, phone and ipad automatically.

    These are a few simple examples of why apple has not yet been bombarded with competitiors, no competitor has found a solution to the tablet market outside of apple. They keep re-inventing the wheel providing efficient hardware, new key features and realistic uses for their product. They stay ahead of the market, competitors maybe just dont have the resources to market their product efficiently to their consumer markets, apple has a firm grasp on the consumers and doesnt seem to be letting go anytime soon.

  29. Mike P

    The increased capabilities and uses of technology have opened so many doors for the world while shutting others. in this case the PC is being redefined to a much smaller and equally useful tool to access the internet. It was just a matter of time until PC were being replaced by laptops and now laptops to a degree are being replaced by smart tablets such as the iPad. By having so many different technologies bundled into one small hand held tablet users are able to enjoy the internet in many different places then before which is creating an emerging market for business to target. Technologies such as the iPad have allowed companies to more closely communicate with it customers while also allowing the customer to communicate with many other people. The possibilities are endless with something like this and in ten years there will probably be something to replace it aswell. I’m a huge Apple believer i dont think they will completely dominate other companies but i do feel that they are the clear front runner and in my prediction continue to grow and create new technologies such as the iPad.

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