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Description: The chief executive of Apple, Timothy D. Cook, has a prediction: the day will come when tablet devices like the Apple iPad outsell traditional personal computers.

Source: nytimes .com

Date: March 5, 2012

His forecast has backing from a growing number of analysts and veteran technology industry executives, who contend that the torrid growth rates of the iPad, combined with tablet competition from the likes of and Microsoft, make a changing of the guard a question of when, not if.

Tablet sales are likely to get another jolt this week when Apple introduces its newest version of the iPad, which is expected to have a higher-resolution screen. With past iterations of the iPad and iPhone, Apple has made an art of refining the devices with better screens, faster processors and speedier network connections, as well as other bells and whistles — steadily broadening their audiences.   Read Rest of Story

Questions for discussion:

  1. Do you feel that tablet computing will overtake PC computing?  Why? Or Why Not?
  2. How long do you feel it will be until apple has a strong competitor in the tablet category?

17 Responses to “As New iPad Debut Nears, Some See Decline of PCs”

  1. Jarrett Weinrauch

    I definitely agree with Tim Cook that tablets will overtake PC computing. Apple last year sold twice the amount of Ipads than Macs which is a huge deal. As Apple is leading the charge into the post-pc era, they will definitely be able to capitalize on the growing marketplace. However, Apple only had about 11% of the total computer sales. I seriously doubt they will see a drop in their sales, maybe their growth %, but not sales. These sales will continue to grow because of the customer satisfaction that comes along with their I-devices. Once consumers buy an Ipod, or Ipad, or Iphone, they generally become hooked on Apple products and want to get more. I currently own an Iphone, Ipad, Macbook, as well as 2 Ipods. I do not see myself buying any more Ipods in the future unless one of mine stops working. However, i will continue to buy the new Iphones as they come out, as well as a new Mac every 4 years or so. I feel like I am the typical consumer nowadays, and in turn, realize that PC sales will definitely slow down, but they will never go away. I also feel like Apples marketshare will take a large hit this fall when Windows 8 comes out, however, Apple is a huge innovator and has a very large lead in the tablet category, therefore, they will still have a commanding lead even with Windows 8 devices.

  2. Ellie

    Everyone in the world was so surprised when the first iPad came out in 2010 because it is so distinctive. Table devices have come into the world since 2010. In recently years, the Table devices are on fire. As the article said, “In last two years, PC sales were flat While iPad sales were booming”. As these cases, some people are wondering the Table computers will overtake PC computers in one day. In my opinion, I don’t think the Table computer will instead of the PC. There are two reasons: First, although the table device are popular right now. They still have some problems need to solve. Second, people are used to the traditional PC computer in these years. And the table computer in now days are still a little small for some people, especially for the old. So, I think the table devices still needs time to overtake the traditional PC. iPads are in the lead now in the industry compare with the other brand. However, there is intense completion in IT industry. Samsung, Microsoft and some other brands push forward their table devices now. In the completive environment, table computer will bring us more surprise.

  3. Ashley O'Donnell

    I think to some degree, tablet computing will overtake PC computing. However, I still think computers will still be needed in the future but to a lower degree. For example, businesses may issue tablets to their employees if the travel a lot or but there still will be a need to have a PC that can do a lot of complex tasks. While tablets are convenient for some things such as their size and user friendliness, PC’s are still dominant for easiness of typing large documents and to my knowledge (I could be behind the times) tables are not capable of storing or creating documents such as word or powerpoint documents. Until tablets can be used to type easily and create documents PCs will still be needed.
    I honestly don’t know if there will ever be a true competitor for Apple’s iPad. Apple was deemed the creator of tablets even though they existed before the introduction of the iPad and Apple has an excellent marketing plan and which have made them powerhouses in the computing industry. It will a table that will truly revolutionize the field again and a marketing plan comparable to Apple to be able to compete with Apple’s iPad.

  4. Lesley

    I believe that the tablet may overtake PC’s because they just keep getting better and better as time goes on. They tend to be more convienient, as easier to use for all generations. Most people bought the tablet enjoy its features and won’t go back to the regular PCs. PCs will always be around, but if anything, people will buy the tablet as well as the owning a PC. I personally do not own a tablet, but i really want the Ipad when the new one comes out. The expense seems to be the only dividing factor. If i can afford to buy one i probably wouldn’t use any other device. Apple will always be on top because they are constantly leading the pack towards new and exciting features. If any of their competitors want a piece of the action, they better move much faster.

  5. Nichelle

    To say that tablets will eventually overtake PC computing is quite a bold statement. Yes, their sales are at leading rate and the ratio of PC’s to tablets has dropped since the tablet release; but it is not to say that PC computing will become extinct. There are various advantages to the sleek, light weight electronic device, but there are also disadvantages to them as well. Tablets must compatible for all users. Severe gaming individuals and people creating websites and programming are not able to utilize tablets to as much potential as they are PC’s. Apple’s leading role in the market I am sure will remain for a while to come – their constant releases of new iphones, ipads and macbooks cause consumers to go crazy to get the next new product. Price is one of the only factors for certain individuals as Apple products are quite pricey. Competitors such as Blackberry, Windows, etc all have good products ( many of which at reasonable prices), but unless the consumer is not “Apple Crazy,” chances are they will opt for an Apple device. I am already an Apple user as I own an iphone, but I am not a fan of their products. Personally, I would opt for any other tablet than an ipad!

  6. P

    I believe that tablet sales will exceed PC sales. Maybe not this year, but somewhere in the near future for sure. The capabilities of tablets and iPads has been rapidly growing and making our lives a lot easier. Tablets are a small size, very portable and convenient for people who access the internet regularly. I bring my laptop to school almost everyday and it tends to get heavy and annoying to carry around, tablets are very light and with the power behind them it almost doesn’t make sense to carry around a laptop. The only disadvantage I would say about the tablet is the touch screen keyboard and maybe the size of the screen for certain activities. I find the touch screen hard to get used to but I know it will get easier as time goes on. I was watching an iPhone 5 concept video and it had a holographic keyboard that displays a computer keyboard on the desk below the iPhone, I’m guessing if there is a keyboard for the phone the one for the tablet is not far away either. I think if that is available on tablets I may have to ditch my laptop.

  7. Tim Anderson

    The laptop has been the king of computing for the past few years because of the mobility and the advanced technology that improved computing power to a point that sitting at a desktop is just not necessary any more. There is still a purpose for desktops because of the price benefits of having one. Many colleges and universities will have them because they are cheaper than laptops and they will last longer due to the ability to change out parts. However, the laptop for most people is the way to go.
    Will tablets over take the laptop? I think they will because of how we use computers these days. Laptops will still serve a purpose in the years to come because people will want the choice. However, the tablet can be wirelessly connected to a tablet rendering the laptop obsolete. We are far more concerned with gaming and social media these days and the tablet is far more suited to those tasks than a laptop. Much of this benefit comes from the fact that it is far more mobile than a laptop. The other dimension that increases the tablets desire is the user interface. The touch technology has allowed for a far more intimate experience than we could ever have with a laptop or desktop. For these reasons I believe that the tablet will take over our day to day computing while the laptop and desktop will remain to play a minority role.

  8. PJ

    I believe that it is only a matter of time before tablets overtake the sale of PCs. Just like people once though it would be hard for laptops to over take desktop PCs the same thing will happen tablets and PCs. Anything that can account for 20% of a huge companies revenues such as apple is more than just a trend that will pass by. People want small compact devices that will get the job done, which is what the Ipad does. In terms of Apple having a real competitor in the tablet market, I believe they already do. Most large technology based companies already have a version of the tablet boosting there own strengths and weaknesses. Apple must continue to develop and release new versions of the Ipad if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

  9. Brittney Rainforth

    In the next ten years or so, I feel that tablets will completely take over the PC computing. Why? Because the tablets are new innovations that make our lives faster, easier, and accessible from almost anywhere. Tablets are not only smaller than computers, they are faster, and mobile. In our growing technological world, being able to access the internet from anywhere is a very important thing to our society. Just as the lap top over took the PC, the tablet will overtake the lap top and PC. Granted, it will probably take a few years, yet it still will occur.

    Apple’s Ipad is a product that cannot be touched. Although there are many companies that make similar or even better products than Apple, Apple still cannot be touched. Because it is not about the product that Apple is selling, it is about the brand. Apple has created a brand for themselves that owns and dominates the market. When people are buying an Apple product, they are not just buying the merchandise, they are buying the Apple brand. Therefore, I believe that as long as Apple continues to be an innovator in the industry, and sell their brand, they will never have a strong competitor.

  10. Lacey Dodds

    I do not think that tablets will completely wipe out PCs just for the simple fact that PCs or notebooks are still essential for businesses. Even just thinking ergonomically, yes it is fun to be able to hold your computer (iPad) in one hand and do everything by touching the screen, but could you imagine doing that five days a week, eight hours a day? It just does not seem practical from a business standpoint. In regards to leisure time at home and even e-mails and on the go connectivity, it is a great option because you can do so much with it so fast. I think that eventually the iPad will outsell the PC, but the PC will not die just for the simple fact it is still necessary in order for small and large businesses to function.
    I think apple will maintain its spot in the tablet industry indefinitely. Yes windows will have a cheaper model but it is similar to the smartphone industry where the iPhone dominates. Everyone wants to buy Apple because of their high quality, prestige, and trendiness. They are innovators and always are one step ahead of the other players. Everyone follow their suit and that is what gives them their competitive advantage.

  11. Linli He

    I agree with Timothy D. Cook that tablet computing will overtake PC computing in the future. Since Apple iPad was sold more than twice the amount of Macs in 2010, this somehow indicates that the tablets computing release will more or less influence the sales rate of PC computing. As the article said “for the last two years, PC sales were flat, while iPad sales were booming.” I personally think the tablet computer will be getting better and better, and tablet computers may have PC functions as well in the future. Tablet computer tend to be more convenient, and easier to use and carry. It is much smaller and lighter then PCs; it’s easy for student to take into the class, for business to take with them during travelling or working. However, I definitely do not agree that tablet computer will replace the traditional PCs, even though its sales is getting much better. The tablet computer is still limited in its capacity and doing officer documents, such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word. In addition, touch screen is not as accurate as PC computer is, key board is still necessary for business and technical operations. Anyway, the tablet computing has a great potential marketing in the future, and I are still expecting future a tablet computer can figure out all the problems.

  12. Jay Retzlaff

    Do you feel that tablet computing will overtake PC computing? Why? Or Why Not?
    How long do you feel it will be until apple has a strong competitor in the tablet category?

    I totally do not feel that the tablet computing will ever overtake PC computing. I strongly believe that the iPad is just a new fad, so its like the cool new thing to own. Sooner or later its going to be collecting dust on your self. Also with PC’s today and how many gamers there are out there who are always looking to spruce up their PC’s and even buy new ones. You cannot game on an iPad like you can on a PC. I feel like gamers take up most the market for PC’s and other devices so with that being said i don’t beleive the iPad will ever overtake the PC market. I do believe though that it will take a long time for Apple to get a strong competitor or if they even get one at all. Ipad has owned this market since day 1 and with the new iPads coming out and how much people love them, i doubt a strong competitor will be in the market with them anytime soon.

  13. Michael Holland

    Although tablet computing will rival pc computing I do not believe it will ever overtake PC computing unless several very big factors change. The big thing that tablets have over traditional PC’s is their versatility and mobility. There are a vast number of places you can take a tablet where you cannot take a laptop or PC. The big hurdles that a tablet has to clear though are memory and processing speed. These are the same hurdles that laptops and netbooks had to clear in order to overtake desktop pc and I do not believe that this is any different with tablets. While technology, and specifically networking, is such a big piece of the majority of industries, there will always be a significant need for PC computing due to costs, processing speeds, storage, and ease of operation.

    I believe that you will be seeing a strong competitor in the tablet category in the next year or two. I believe there are some up and coming tablets that will give Apple cause for concern, but they are not large or stable enough yet for competition. I believe this competition will come from Google, either as an in-house product, or as a joint effort with a company like Samsung.

  14. Trevor

    Personally, I think the last line of this article sums up the ‘eventual overtaking’ in sales of tables vs. traditional PCs: “The tablet and PC markets are all going to blur,” said Tim Coulling, an analyst at Canalys. “We’re going to see a lot of form-factor innovation. We’ll be asking, What is a tablet and what is a traditional PC?”

    This will make it very difficult to count total tablet sales against their PC counterparts. PC’s have been a mainstay in the home and businesses for many years, with minimal evolution (from a perspective of personal usage). Many people already have a good PC in their home, so it does not make sense to purchase another while their current one works perfectly. Tablets are still relatively new in the market place – and savvy consumers see the benefit of a small tablet while on travel (light and connected). Thus I think we will see innovation in the form of PCs to match the demand directed at tablet consumers. I know that I will not replace my PC with a tablet anytime soon…

  15. M

    I agree that PC’s are dying out to a degree and although they may never fully die out their use will continue to decline. I really liked how Steve job referred to today as the “Post-PC era” and tend to agree with him. First it was the laptop that started taking away from having a literal home computer, and now it is going to be the iPad. I know personally I will never actually own a home computer with its own tower and monitor, if anything it will be a laptop with my phone and tablet integrated. I do not own a tablet currently but I have no question in my mind that I will own one within the next 5 years as I am sure majority of people in this technological age will. Not only will people need them for work but for personal life as well. I think it could be a decent amount of time before Apple has a serious competitor chasing them down. It is not that other tablets aren’t readily available but the Apple iPad is so much more well known and marketed so much more. I do not personally know anyone with a blackberry playbook or this Amazon Kindle Fire but I know at least 40+ with an iPad.

  16. Lealand McCallum

    I think it is a STRONG possibility that tablet users will eventually overtake the laptop /desktop computers I don’t think it will be for a few years at least. But I do believe that they will eventually be the new primary computing devices. One easy reason to argue is that the size of tablets are much smaller and easier to transport than a laptop. sure it’s a touch screen and not very ergonomically friendly for typing out full emails, but that is nothing an attachment keyboard wont fix. So overall I do believe that tablets will eventually overtake laptops or desktops. Though not for a little while at least.

    It’s really tough to say about how long it will take for a STRONG competitor for the iPad to emerge. I mean there are already tablets that possess the same technology and can do the same things as an iPad. Apple has just perfected the package. The iPad just feels like quality, where as if you hold say a samsung tablet it just feels like a hunk of plastic. As soon as either Apple starts slipping in the look/feel of their iPad, or other companies improve theirs it will be close. But then again when that day comes I believe that there will be enough company loyalty to not be that badly effected.

  17. Amber Dashney

    1.Do you feel that tablet computing will overtake PC computing? Why? Or Why Not?
    I dont think that PC computing will ever be completely extinct. Not all people enjoy touch screen technologies, also with the constant upgrading no one can financially keep up with the constant evalution of the tablet. Also to run everything you want on your tablet you have to purchase apps, this is not feasible for all users. There are hidden fees with constantly updating your tablet. Then with the evalution of the tablets not all apps will work for your version. When you buy the newest version of any technology, when a newer “better” version comes out 6 months later it is frusterating and today people are constantly trying to keep up with the newest technologies. This isnt feasible. When you buy a pc you buy it for its specific use, and get what you need on it when you buy it. Anything extra is not necessary.

    2.How long do you feel it will be until apple has a strong competitor in the tablet category?

    I think there are already strong competitors out there in the tablet category, companies are making them cheaper and smaller with all the same features. Once people stop caring about the Apple brand and more about getting their money’s worth, apple might see a decline.

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