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Description: Martin Timusk uses his iPad for everything. From sending e-mails to reading the news, communicating with work and doing work, to following digital threads and playing on Google Earth, his iPad is something of an appendage.

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Date: Feb 2, 2012

Though the format hit the market only in 2010, its market penetration is remarkable. Last October an Ipsos Reid study found the growth rate of tablets to be outpacing that of smartphones by about three to one, and there are no signs of a slowdown. Tablet sales are expected to rise this year, and projections show that roughly 5 per cent of those sold in Canada in 2012 will go to households that already own at least one device.

Unlike the car, the television, the radio and other big ticket items that took decades before a single household considered owning more than one, tablets achieved this over months. Read Rest of Story

Questions for discussion:

  1. Why has the Ipad been such a success as compared to the competition?
  2. Is the Ipad a Disruptive technology?  Why? or Why not?

22 Responses to “The ultimate tool for the ‘me’ generation”

  1. Paige Magnussen

    The title the “Me Generation” is exactly true. My generation has grown up in a day and age where it is all about us. People used to have 5 or 6 children in a family and now people are having 1 maybe 2 in hopes of giving their children the attention they never got. This amount of attention has led to “my way or the high way” we want things done our way, and we want it done now. Technology has only enhanced this and the I-pad which is ultra-personalized has tapped into this marketing technique. The article talks about other inventions that affected other generations like cars or phones but this device is all about the owner. It is programmed to do what the owner likes to do and it is completely customized to make the owners life much easier. You need to know where the closest Tim Horton’s is, your I – pad can tell you, if you want to watch the latest movie in bed your I – pad allows you to do this. Are you sick and tired of being bored on a plane, the new I – pad can solve that too. In today’s generation where technology is valued so much, and it helps make our lives so much easier, Apple has perfected the perfect product.

  2. Ashley O'Donnell

    I believe the iPad has become such a success compared to the competition because of Apple’s marketing strategy. With the introduction of the iPhone and iPod Touch people had a couple of years of exposure to the workings and innovation of these pieces of technologies. Therefore, when the iPad was introduced to the market, people already had an idea of what it was and what it could do. People already had a working knowledge of how to use it so there was little hesitance about purchasing with the fear of learning a brand new piece of technology. In this way, people were more inclined to buy an iPad rather than another brand of tablet since they already knew how to use it.
    In my opinion, I don’t think an iPad is a disruptive technology. It is really no different from a laptop just lighter and more portable. I find cell phones far more disruptive than iPad’s since we have to listen to people yammer on about nonsense on their cells, and people quietly play or work on their iPads. I personally would like to have one since it is far more convenient and lighter to carry around than a laptop.

  3. Nichelle

    Well it is definitely true that Ipad’s will continue to have that “one” feature that all other tablets will lack and this is why I think the Ipad is still such a success compared to its competitors. For a lot of individuals, that one specific feature is what sells them on a specific product. But I can’t agree that netbooks and notebooks will become obsolete though. Out of all the individuals I witness using their Ipads within a classroom or workplace setting, majority of the users have their device attached to a keyboard. “Personally I have a hard time typing on the iPad. Sometimes I see people who add a keyboard to it. But then it’s not portable. And that’s the whole point.”
    I think if people are going to go to the extent of getting a device because it is portable and then attaching a keyboard to it, this defeats the original “portable” purpose. They simply should have just purchased a notebook or netbook. Both of which are portable and come with keyboards attached! But Of course this generation is all about “us” and “me” – whatever we want we get it, and doesn’t even matter if we really need it.

  4. Lesley

    I think the Ipad will always claim the top spot in the market because it has been a reliable source and evolutionary leader in todays constantly advancing technology. We are the “I and Me” generation for sure. Everything can be made simpler and to our taste and thats the way we want it, and Apple makes this possible. As long as they continue to be the leader and top marketers for their products, the “I” generation will upgrade to keep up. I don’t think its disruptive to everyone, but maybe a select few. Its making work and homelife achieve a balance for many people in the business world. People can do work when they’re commuting to work and across contries. Its allowing more free time at home. I suppose its also causing people to overwork in that its always at their fingertips. I still want one.

  5. Paige

    many things make the iPad a popular and yet to be matched technology. first of all, apple presents it as a singlular technology, there are no variations of the product. it was also the first of its kind which allowed it to capture first movers in the technology market. similarly, the iPad comes with the sex appeal (in terms of its aesthetic) and the user friendly interface known to apple products. part of this user friendliness includes the extensive and effective marketing campaigns that have enlightened (potential) customers on the multitude of uses the product has.
    it is a disruptive technology because it has changed the way computers are used, what computer technology looks like and what computers are used for. something that struck me when reading the article was the concept that it is a “my content” technology. that is a very interesting concept that leads me to think on how this technology will change over time and how it will change people over time too.

  6. Paige

    that last sentence wasn’t really a sentence. what i meant to say was:
    this “my content” idea is interesting from both technological and social perspectives. the general trajectory of technology and technology consumption appears to be changing, and the iPad is kind of a focusing event in this regard. it is undoubtedly disruptive, whether you believe for the better or worse is another matter all together.

  7. Brittney Rainforth

    The Ipad has been such a success compared to its’ competition due to a factor of things. One factor for instance is the timing. The Ipad came out at the perfect time for consumers to flaunt over it. A second factor is that the Ipad is oriented around the customer, and the customer’s wants and needs. Apple created a product that gave consumers what they are looking for, compared to other companies that made their products based on what they think the customer wants. A third factor is the atmosphere Apple has created around its’ brand name and products. Apple now has a brand that is almost untouchable. People want to buy Apple products, it is as simple as that.
    The Ipad is both disruptive and undisruptive. Because people can now use their Ipads anywhere to access information, they have the opportunity to be distracted from school, work, parenting, etc. However, if the Ipad is used correctly, it can be very productive and help to propel people further in whatever they are doing. Basically, it all comes down to who is using the Ipad, and how they are using the Ipad that determines if the product is disruptive or not.

  8. Kelsey Roberts

    The IPads success compared to its competitors is likely due to the success of Apple to lead the technology market in almost all aspects, whether it be smartphones, computers, music players and now a handheld tablet. Apple’s success comes not only from its brand name but also its reputation for product leadership and innovation. They are always on top of the next new big hit in the technological field, and that sets them apart from their competitors. The Ipad may have similar features to the Blackberry Playbook or the Sony Tablet, but it also has a reputation for its quality, image and further the thousands upon thousands of apps you can download to use on it. A second area where Apple’s products, in this case the Ipad, brings competitive advantage is the capability to sink multiple Apple products together, without even having to plug them in. This allows users to share info between their various devices, and makes the accessibility that much easier.

  9. Tim Anderson

    The Ipad was the first tablet on the market for almost a year. That’s a long time when it comes to tech products. They also began with a product that worked really well for what it was designed to do. They didn’t try to make it into a laptop replacement device. They simply marketed it as a new way to interact with the internet and all the apps that one can download from Itunes. It was the next natural step in the Iphone’s existence, to create a larger version. The success of the Iphone has helped the Ipad immensely. Also, people are intrigued by a device that they can carry around and that imitates our senses to some extent. I think people were in awe of the device because it was so foreign but was still very intuitive and felt like an extension of the body. The Ipad is disruptive in the same sort of way that a computer can be. However, it is portable and this makes it possible to be on the internet for more of the time. There are ways to use the Ipad to increase productivity however it is mainly a leisure device. We are spending more time on the internet than ever before. I think this will ultimately lead to distractions in work and relationships, however, we will adjust and develop a new normal.

  10. P

    The iPad has been a success because it was designed for people of the “me generation” and incorporated details they knew would be attractive to the selfish market at hand. Not only did they tailor the design of the tablet to the “me generation” but it is also advantageous that when they were released this generation definitely would have enough resources to purchase the tablet. The amount of money spent on technology right now is outrageous and I don’t think Apple could have found a better time to release this product. This tablet was designed and tailored exactly to the consumer and their needs. Apple has a huge advantage over competition because they listen to the market complaints and act on them. By responding to these consumer complaints, apple builds loyalty and in turn gains them a competitive advantage in the rapidly growing technological market.

    Disruptive technology is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and goes on to disrupt a older market. I would say 100% that a iPad is a disruptive technology, it is an innovation that created a new market for technologically competent consumers who are on the go. It is portable and responds to needs of this fast pace generation. The ipad may also in the future disrupt the Desktop market, as stated in the article.

  11. M

    The iPad has been such a success because it was able to somewhat hold a monopoly over the rest of the market in regards to tablets, they were the first to release a tablet. While there are tons of other android tablets out there along with tablets like the blackberry playbook people just aren’t using them. I also think Apples history and phenomenal marketing play a role in the success of the iPad. The iPad is everywhere you look from being used in classes to the advertisements on TV. How often do you actually see another tablet? Also with the blackberry playbook it came out so long after the iPad all the criticisms were already there from the original iPad and these criticisms were just transferred to the playbook; the playbook got horrible reviews when it first came out. The iPad is definitely a disruptive technology because it really did create this new marketplace for tablets. After the iPad was released other companies developed and sent out their own products in order to compete with the iPad. I believe it will also possibly take over the personal labtop marketplace, maybe not actual heavy data driven computers but iPads could easily replace personal labtops such as the ones people bring to class.

  12. Laura

    The ipad has been such a great success compared to the competition because, like the ‘ipod’ Apple focuses on delivery what the consumer wants from a product. They made the ipad attractive physically, the branded it to no end, and essentially cornered the market. When people refer to an Mp3 player, how often do they say my ‘ipod’. It’s the same with the ipad. The word is synonymous with a tablet pc because Apple does such a great job of penetrating the market and making themselves the caviar of computing. The ipad could be considered disruptive, just like any technology, but it is definitely less disruptive than say a smart phone, mostly because it’s not practical to carry them around turned on so that you can check your email or messages at any time of any day. Yes, they are portable, and yes you can use them anywhere, but how often do you see someone walking down the road with an ipod in front of their face, typing away? However, the disruptiveness is still there because the device allows you to be constantly connected. It probably doesn’t increasingly disrupt an individuals life however, because I’d imagine that most ipad users already have a cell-phone, and probably a smart phone.

  13. Lacey Dodds

    The reason that ipad has been so much more successful than its competitors is one reason only: it is Apple. The brand says it al. It seems anything apple is viewed as better quality, more cutting edge, more expensive, more prestigious, and superior to all other technology. They are innovators and were the first ones to create something like the ipad. Almost everyone prefers mac over windows because of the high quality. This is why apple’s share value is sitting at five hundred dollars right now. They are the leaders in technology and I think it will stay this way for quite a while. I do not think the ipad is a disruptive technology because it much similar to a laptop or computer. Because it is too big to be a phone, you do not have to worry about people carrying it everything with them in public, playing on it while walking and running into things. It is something that people use alternative to laptop in order to surf the web, play games, read, research, etc. It is also nice because it is more smaller and lighter than a laptop, it can use carried around campus easier and more discretely.

  14. Linli He

    Apple certainly could be seen as a leader among the similar industries in the current advanced technology. Either Iphone 4 or Ipad are raising a snapping up boom because of its reputation of product leadership and innovation. The Ipad has been such a success compared to its competitors due to three points. First, it’s about Apple’s target strategy. Currently, the youngs in my generation is becoming the primary buying power in the marketing. They pursue the unique and personalization; Apple’s constant a bite of the apple design strongly attract the youngs’ attentions. Apple will be seen as a symbol of individualization. Second, it’s about timing. The Ipad is coming out at a perfect time , because people have already bear to carry the heavy PC everywhere, bear to only listening to the music using MP3 player, or playing on the PSP. They hope to see a device that can combine all the function at one time, music, playing ,web-browsing. The portable Ipad collect all the function at once, so people can easy to carry and using in the office or airplane. Third, it’s about brand effect or customer loyaty. Apple is seen by a lot of youny people as trendy, cool and awesome in many countries. People who love Apple products is like someone who is addict to smoking. They can frankly speak I’m a Apple product addicts, I can not stop buying Apple product. I love Apple product, and only Apple product.

  15. Sagrika

    IPad has been such a success compared to its competitors because of its efficiency and portability. Other devices who tried to copy IPad do not possess all the functions that IPad does. Other things such as cars, desktops did not progress at such a high rate because they all these products contain the feature of “sharing” with others. When considering the IPad, it is designed for an individual’s personal needs and life and is used by them just the way they like. Therefore, named as the ‘Me Generation’. This is also a good way of separating the traditional needs and the individuals needs. IPad lets people give their attention to themselves and for themselves. You can carry it anywhere, at any time, watch tv shows and movies whenever and wherever you like too. It has made life easier and more accessible and also fits the fast paced life of people these days and therefore, I do not think it is a disruptive technology.

  16. Jay Retzlaff

    The reason the ipad has been such a success as compared to the competition is because people are already familiar with the ipad technology. Its called an ipod touch. To be honest i don’t like the Ipad, don’t want one and never will. When they first came out i thought they just looked like my ipod touch but blown up but for some reason people love them. Another reason to their success is because they were one of the first competitors in the market. People bought them, liked them, then word of mouth spread and now tons of people have them. As much as i hate the Ipad and would much great use my dell laptop over it, i do not believe it is a disruptive technology. The reason for this is because of the way people use it. They use it to do slide shows or read books. It is disruptive to the people who use it just to kill time or because they are bored. But most people I have seen use an Ipad use it for the basic reasons of reading a book, doing home work on it or generically using it like a laptop.

  17. Tuan

    I think the reasons why the Ipad has been so successful compared to the competition for example the Playbook by Blackberry is because Apple already has a huge market share in the mobile phone industry with their successful launch of the Iphone. In addition, user of Apple’s Iphone has a huge amount of apps and better one compare to their competition. First of all I think the Ipad is just another oversize Iphone and with all that size, why not make it like a mobile computer. Old ideas only put forward in motion with only the success of an old idea of the Iphone. I think the Ipad is could be disruptive because I could see people driving and using the Ipad. However, it all depends on the user and how it is being use. In term of the technology that the Ipad have to offered, I think it is a awesome device compare to a laptop. However, I am old school and I preferred the keyboard therefore I do not have one and can’t afford one also. It is cheaper to go with laptop and blackberry mobile device. However, the new school generation of user will think different and only gets cheaper.

  18. Trevor Armstrong

    The main reason for the success of the Ipad, as discussed in the article, is because of the way it is produced and marketed. The article mentions that Android has XX number of different tables on the market, while the Ipad has a yearly iteration. This helps an (for lack of a better term) ignorant consumer base by a new technology coming to market. People want a table – Apple offers just one – so when you hear others saying that their apple table can do this task or has this function, you can confidently buy a new Ipad knowing it will be able to do the same things. This cannot be said for Android products on the market – this is certainly not a dig at Android products – but more product research is required and as apple has shown, many consumers just look for the Apple logo.

  19. Darren Fletcher

    The Ipads are leading the market because of the transition from there iPod and smart phones are an easy one. The movies, music and other things can easily be transferred to the new product very easy. The massive amount of free apps become a huge draw to the product when you comparing the software applications. The Apple logo is a highly recognized and respected brand and when making most of us make purchases that require allot of thought and consideration, when and if there is doubt people will generally error on the side of caution and go with the more popular brand because of a sense a security.

  20. Jannelle

    I think that the ipad has been such a success compared to its competition because well for one, it’s an Apple product and people just seem to love there Apple products and Apple has a better reputation than other companies do for their gadgets, plus they advertise it better than other companies advertise their tablets. People believe, as in the article, that tablets are not created equal and that no one really knows what an ipads purpose really is. Tablets are not created equally probably because no one really knows what they should be used for so each company adds what they think should be on one rather than what would be on one if the tablet had a true purpose. Personally I have no desire to own an ipad because I own a laptop and they do pretty much the same thing except my laptop has a keyboard and sits up on its own, which in my mind makes it way more useful to use than an ipad. I don’t know if an ipad would be considered a disruptive technology because what would it be disrupting? People will use them as they please and however they please, just like how some people will use a cell phone only for texting rather than its original purpose for talking on.

  21. Rachael Brown

    The iPad was a success compared to its competition because Apple was the first to market. Currently, there are other tablets available but people still favour the iPad over other tablet devices. When the iPad was first released many people, including myself, were skeptical of the practicality of the device. In fact, to this day I still view the iPad as a big iPhone without the functionality of a phone. Yes, it is very portable and easy to use… but my laptop offers all the same functions and is easier to type on. In my opinion, the new MacBook Air is just as portable as the iPad and is more useful. When the iPad came out I thought the whole idea was ridiculous and I thought people would stop buying them… I was wrong. My mom and older brother both have iPads, and seem to enjoy them on a daily basis. I know that my brother easily spent $200 on apps from the Apple store for his enjoyment. He is convinced that these apps help him coordinate daily activities and increase productivity… I know that they do not increase productivity in his case. I will conclude by saying that I never plan to buy an iPad because my laptop is more useful. Why pay to have the same device in a different shape/form?

  22. Dave B.

    As an innovator of the tablet market on a whole it is easy to see why the competition is having a hard time keeping up with the iPad. It isn’t that some of the other tablets aren’t equal to the ipad. It is the fact that they aren’t better and as long as they aren’t better people won’t buy them. They have to look better, which might be hard, and they have to process better. It is kind of like the android and iphone market right now. Iphone dominated so hard but now android is one of the top phones. Android phones don’t have the iphone look but they are now surpassing in terms of speed, screen size, and customization. The key word was surpassing. You can’t simply have a similar product with a different coloring anymore. People won’t budge when they know they can get what has worked for everyone else for the past years since its inception.

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