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Description: A New York group is offering free online classes on computer programming. CNN’s Maggie Lake reports.


Date: Jan 6, 2012

Questions for discussion:

  1. Why is codeacademy so popular?
  2. Is this service something that appeals to you? Why or why not?

17 Responses to “Cracking the code toward a new job”

  1. Patrick

    1. There are a few reasons why the code academy is becoming popular. First, it’s free, and who doesn’t want to take advantage of something that doesn’t cost monetary funds and gives you an intangible new skill. Secondly, people are realizing that code is a new form of literacy and is very desirable by employers in the 21st century. People may also believe that coding may help the design “the next big thing” and it motivates them to learn this form of writing.
    2. This service is something that does appeals to me for a few reasons. With the ability to write code, allows you to have the thrill of inventing new things and being creative. Another motive that coding is appealing for me is because it would be a great attribute on a resume when looking for a job. This attribute may be the edge employers need to pick someone over others that are competing for jobs. Along with helping a person’s career, coding would be desirable to me because it would allow me to understand computers better. Understand why computers do what they do, and how they do what they do (of course this would only allow you the outline of this).

  2. Laura

    Codeacademy seem to be immensely popular because it’s a sevice that is in such high demand in everyday life. Everyone in the western world uses computers on a regular basis, and knowing the how, and the what of programming is bound to be seen as beneficial to most computer users. Addtionally, since the service is free, and online, everyone can access it and begin to learn. This service is definitely appealing to me, and the short amount of time I spent on the website was illuminating. Personally, I have needed to have some basic understanding of coding in order to tweak and personalize video game mods to fit my play style and desires. However, my knowledge was gleaned primarily from Google or pure mimicry. Have a more in depth understanding of coding could allow me to further improve my mods performance, or potentially to create mods that are previously unavailable. Not to mention the use that could be found in other areas of computing. I have in the past needed to do basic upkeep and maintenance on various websites, which usually include some sort of user friendly interface for editing. If I were able to understand the pure coding of these websites my job would become much easier and more productive.

  3. Lacey Dodds

    Codecademy seems to be so popular because it can teach you the skills you need in order to be literate in computer programming. This is important because there seems to be an immense amount of IT jobs out there, and not enough qualified people to fill them. These jobs also pay very high starting salaries and if you have the skills, are fairly easy to acquire straight out of undergraduate school. The IT sector is something that is also only to get bigger because of how much our society relies on technology. The demand for these IT positions is only going to increase as the future relies more heavily on technology and needs workers who understand how to use this technology. Another reason it is so popular is because everyone wants to be the next great entrepreneur. People like the idea of catching a windfall like what happened with facebook for example. Knowing how to use coding language can give anyone the ability to invent the next successful website.
    This service does not appeal to me personally because I am a full-time student with a part-time job so I do not have the time to sit down and learn code. Maybe if I was not so busy though, it would be something of interest to me. It would be great path for people coming out of high school to explore because the demand is there.

  4. Jeanine van Nierop

    Codeacademy is becoming increasingly popular because employers as well as employees are realizing how important it actually is and how big of a market is out there. Having the ability to code is a skill that more and more employers are looking at and if you have it, it gives you that extra something to make you more attractive for the job.
    Personally, this service does not appeal to me at all. I have no desire to learn any of the code skills that are required to code. I will just take what the other coders give me..

  5. Lesley

    I think that its popular because it is free and is much quicker than going to school. Coding offers a thrill to its students of inventing something new. It also accompanies many job offers because its very popular in the 21st century and the job force is starved for computer trained individuals. It benefits everyone to learn these programming codes to better understand the programs that you are using.
    I personally do not know anything about coding. I would appeal to me to learn the basic as to better understand the many programs that are used on a day-to-day basis. I think that understanding the basics would make working with computers easier because you would be able to understand why certain things you are trying to do aren’t working. It could also give you a better chance of attaining a job over other candidates.

  6. Ford

    Codeacadamy I think is so popular because like said in the video people are starting to realize that computers are now a very important part of most people’s daily lives. Creating and being able to code and work well with computers will ensure that you will be successful in this new technology age. With this skill everyone will want you to work for them. Every business from the simplest store front to multibillion dollar corporations need someone to help with computers and be able to keep them safe from viruses and build them databases that make their business more efficient. On top of this another reason for it being so popular is the presence of the big fish such as Mark Zekerberg and Apple and the thought and excitement that you too could invent the next best thing and become a millionaire like them. This services at the moment doesn’t appeal to me but I do like the fact that there are so many more people that are getting into it so then when there are huge advances it can be controlled by the best and make it so everyone can use it.

  7. M

    The reason Codeacademy is so popular is that people are starting to really want to develop the next big thing and realize how important learning code actually is and the importance that is being place on code language and programming. Today’s economy really wants people who are tech-savvy and employers are seeking people with these skills in order to fill their open job positions. This is another reason as to why Codeacademy is so popular and why other places like New York Institute of Technology Manhattan Campus has had a 40% rise in applications. This service completely appeals to me as its clear how important technology is becoming in the business world and the importance companies are placing on it. Even when working anywhere involving computers having that advantage of being able to know the system you are working on or being able to solve problems in which you would normally need to call an IT guy becomes a noticeable advantage. This allows your productivity to increase as well as looks good to your superiors. I may not switch my major over as the man from Codeacademy had said but it is definitely a possibility to either take classes to gain code knowledge or possibly minor in something like IT which would encompass code programming as well.

  8. Paige C

    Code Academy is so popular because people are realizing that programming is the new version of literacy. Technology is evolving and improving at a pace that is hard to keep up, our economy is starved of IT jobs and is rapidly seeking information specialists to fill this void. The academy says that there has been a mass desire to develop the next new thing; the thrill comes from inventing and creating. With how the economy is today, and how the future seems to be in technology, it would be smart for young people to try and stay on top of technology. Code Academy appeals to me because I want to be successful and the best I can be for my employers, technology is essentially in any industry or category and can be useful for any situation. I am majoring in Accounting and I think it would be very important to be on top of my technological skills. Spreadsheets and databases are a big part of accounting and I’m sure new systems are being created as I write this response. The world of technology is rapidly evolving and it is important to understand and use the newest additions.

  9. Paige Magnussen

    Code Academy is so popular because as the video said coding is the new literacy for the 21st century. People want to know how to program for numerous reasons. It could be a potential new job they want to peruse; computer programmers are high in demand in the job market. People want to have a good job and programmers can get paid a lot of money and there are lots of options of places to work. IT is only getting bigger in our society because so many things rely on it. It’s an industry that’s not going away for a long time. In the video a graduate in December 2011 had 10 options for a job which is huge for anyone coming out of school. The second point that they really hit in the video was how technology is everywhere in this day and age. By learning to understand the aspects of programming can give you an advantage to understand how your phone works or different computer programs. Coding also offers a thrill to people who try to take it on, they have the possibility of inventing the next Facebook and that’s a challenge that many people are willing to take.

  10. Billy Abesdris

    Code Academy, Khan Academy, Mcgraw Hill, FreeVideoLectures, these are websites that showcase the future of education. Every student has faced the problem of a bad professor. There are recourses such as RateMyProf available to avoid this problem but sometimes one is forced to learn from a brilliant PHD who is not at all fluent in English. This problem is now easily avoidable by watching the same lecture from a prof at Berkeley or Yale. Some students may be skilled programmers but when they have a low quality professor with limited lecture time, they simply cannot grasp a language. A website like code academy is superior in its effectiveness and delivery. It won’t spend hours telling you unnecessary stories, or confuse your brain when it makes mistakes. The method of delivery and content on Code Academy can be improved with updates but it will always be progressive. A professor might be too busy or simply unprepared for class, Code Academy will always be reliable in its content. The largest resistance in what I believe is a progression towards electronic learning, is the way to which we grade students. If a student spends months on Code Academy and becomes quite talented in programming, is he equally qualified with a student holding a degree? Since most employers do not treat these students evenly, these websites are not a good of investment of ones time in a strictly economic sense. For this reason I am unappealed but in comparison to university programming courses where your final grade is based on writing C++ on paper, I am quite certain Code Academy is better.

  11. Tim Anderson

    Writing code helps us understand, even minutely, how our gadgets function. Technology is so much a part of our ever-day lives and we are generally clueless as to how it works. The code academy is appealing because it offers a glimpse into that mysterious world where a figure like Bill Gates makes his billions. We all want a piece of the action.
    I think we should be taught a level of computer programming in school. I would like to understand the basics.

  12. Ashley O'Donnell

    There are a couple of reasons why codeacademy has become popular among people. First, it is a free service that provides a useful and beneficial skill for anyone wanting to learn code for personal of career reasons. Second, people are hoping by learning this skill that they can create the next big thing like Mark Zuckerberg did with facebook and retire next year with millions of dollars sitting in the bank. Third, codeacademy has become popular because computer skills is such an important skill to have in an economy revolving around computers and technology. The video stated that those with the necessary computer skills are getting job offers much quicker.
    I personally am not interested in this service. While it is important to have computer skills in this day and age I have never really liked computers so I am not interested in learning about them. Since I am a full-time student I have very little time to enjoy any leisurely activities. I give up most of my hobbies during school so the idea of doing something I have no interest in during my free time is not something that really appeals to me.

  13. Sagrika

    The Code Academy is definitely a better alternative to learning the basics of writing codes because this is something that could be applied in every-day lifestyles as we deal with much more gadgets now days as compared to few years ago. Also, since this is free for users it has grown very popular. In a world of technology and the employers seeking people with IT skills, this has been a useful tool for getting the right job which pays good amount of money to its employees. Not only jobs, but this tool could be used for inventing and creating new software. Coding can eventually lead to outsourcing.
    With all the positives attached to code academy, I think this is something which is appealing to me because technology is used everywhere around the globe and there are much more users than the people who can actually understand the functions and the way a device operates. I would like to learn some basics of this efficient programming skill.

  14. Trevor Armstrong

    Q: Why is codeacademy so popular?

    Honestly, because people are beginning to realize that programming has a place in almost every discipline or field. Even if you have no interest in programming at all, learning how to type basic code can make you that much more marketable when searching for a job, regardless of the field. Taking majors at the UofL for example, there are many that offer a minor in computer science, or at minimum, require a few computer programming classes (intro to C++ for example). The tech industry is ever growing, and being able to write some of your own code will always be a valuable asset, and this is becoming common knowledge.

  15. Nichelle

    I think the Code Academy is so popular for a couple reasons. 1. Knowing and understanding codes are very common skills in this century and this is a great advantage to those seeking to learn more. 2. It is free to users! It is like a free education! Relating to what was said in the video, with so many different types of technologies, I agree that it would be beneficial for us users to understand how our gadgets are actually operating. I also agree that our economy is starving for individuals with these skills and many individuals are now seeking the opportunity to develop the “next big thing” – this would be a great first step!
    I find this service to be very interesting and it is definitely something that appeals to me. Although I may not be currently in this career type, having the skills and knowledge to write and understand code will not only be personally beneficial but will also aid in any future employment I may seek. I think that this gives individuals the opportunity to express themselves creatively and also gives those individuals without funds to attend school to get the basic personal knowledge they seek.

  16. Dave B.

    The popularity of the code academy extends to its free use and the knowledge and satisfaction you receive from creating your own program. The academy being a free education really appeals to me as something I can do in my downtime from school with the ability to put in as much or little time as I want without the thought of a bill weighing on me.

    This should be quite a popular innovation(the school) as the need for computer professionals is on the rise. I remember when it was hard to get a job in the IT department many years ago but now it would seem with the constant growth and post secondary shifting away from IT for a short amount of time that the need has begun to grow again. Also it is nice to have another language on your resume…computer or human. Any secondary skills that supplement a job cannot help but bolster your appeal to companies.

  17. Amber Dashney

    Codeacademy is a new popular form of schooling because it is the 21st century and most jobs out there today are programming and coding computers and phones. There are tons of job opportunities in this field because of the technological age we live in and according to specialists in the filed coding and programming jobs aren’t going anywhere. Also it is important for people to understand how their computers and phones work which everyone uses on a daily basis, so many find learning about them interesting.
    This type of service is appealing to me because of all the technology I use day to day, it would be very interesting to know how everything works and if there is a problem being able to fix it on my own instead of calling the company and sending my phone or computer away to get fixed would be more convenient. Also with many of the job opportunities that come along with coding and programming it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look into it.

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