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Description: The newspaper industry is being decimated.


Date: Oct 28, 2011

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Questions for discussion:

  1. Why is the newspaper being decimated?

2.  Where do you see the future going for this industry and how should one position their company to gain a competitive advantage?

7 Responses to “What A Newspaper Should Be”

  1. D. Kozak

    Newspapers are becoming more decimated with the rapid change in technology. Its not to often one will want to pick up the Newspaper and carry it with you all day, when it is available on most laptops/computers and smartphones. It becomes a question of convenience, especially with today’s society being so fast pace and companies working around the clock, events are constantly happening. In honesty, how often are papers being purchased and read, when its available for free on the internet, which is available almost everywhere or soon will be. This also speaks to the point that by the time that the papers are published they will be almost out of date with all that has been going on in world. Much like the technology industry, by the time you get home with new equipment its already out of date. Online papers need to however, continue to cover the local stories for smaller communities and local interactions. This being that not everyone is involved in large city or community and still like the aspect of reading the paper.

  2. Erin

    The newspaper business is being decimated by the internet. What they were once able to charge consumers for, is now being put on the internest and provided as free content. Users are not willing to pay an online fee, and in order to compete with the larger newspapers around, all newspapers are turning to online, with an advertising revenue model. This model strikes into their previous combination of advertising and merchant model. The interned does have a benefit in that it cuts out the printing costs and the distribution costs. In order to compete in today’s market, I believe that newspapers have to provide all forms of news for customers. Their online sites, or their apps, need to have news in print, pictures, and videos of what is happening in the world. They need to target it as much as possible to their local market, while still carrying major national and international news (if that is what the newspaper is about). An advantage that papers have over TV news, is that you can pick it up, take it with you, and read it where ever you are, not having to wait for a certain time to turn to the news. In order to make their bottom line, newspapers need to focus on gaining their local market loyalty, and being available anytime and anywhere.

  3. Ivette

    In my opinion newspapers will always be a profitable business but this depends on the country and the technology available to consumers. In developed countries the newspaper trend has gone down and it looks like local newspaper companies will have to mix other kinds of media with plain newspapers to make them more attractive to the public. In developing countries; however, it is still a safe practice to distribute newspapers in the same old-fashioned way because of the lack of accessibility to technology and to the internet that most people don’t have. This economical gap will always exist and to the newspaper industry this means that they are very unlikely to go out of business completely.
    The concept of newspapers in our western world would have to be redefined if newspapers companies want to keep attracting customers. The internet has become a destructive technology that has affected the way information and news are transmitted and the ways in which us, the public, perceive it. It is up to these companies to keep up with the different new technologies if they want to have or re-gain the competitive advantage they once had. Local newspaper companies can start to adopt the new trends in the newspaper business like adopting an advertising revenue model and offering online versions of their paper.

  4. Helen

    People are turning to multiple online sources to get their news instead of reading traditional newspapers. The amount of information available online grows exponentially every day and is very easy for people to access. As a culture we no longer have the same need or appreciation for newspapers as we once did. The number of people still reading newspapers daily, subscribing to them, is diminishing and as such weakening the industry. Some papers like the New York Times are retaining their physical following; however, smaller local newspapers are seeing a marked decline. Most users aren’t willing to pay an online fee to access information either, they would rather get it free from other sources. The number of people who still prefer a physical newspaper is declining. In order to keep people interested in newspapers in our evolving world, newspaper companies will have to revamp their current model. Other kinds of media will need to be mixed in with the traditional newspaper format to keep people interested and keep them from pursuing other formats. Implementing videos as well as other interactive elements it would help get more readers interested. It might even entice them to pay for online papers as well.

  5. Antonio Raho

    Newspapers are being decimated today because of growing availability of technology, especially internet access. Now, there isn’t any where you go that internet is unavailable. We are carrying around our 3G devices everywhere we go in todays world and if we aren’t, we have quick access to computers, laptops, as well as wireless internet sticks. In our world today, it is more convenient to pick up our smartphones, open up our laptops, or log onto the internet on our desk tops to learn about the most pressing news stories than it is to pay for a newspaper to come to our door the next morning, which, by that time, we could have read about all of this news. The internet allows news stories to be at our finger tips as soon as they occur and it is because of this that newspapers are being decimated. The number of people who still order newspaper subscriptions is dwindling, and it it greatly a generational thing. Those who are comfortable with the internet, and those who rely on the internet for everything, do not see a need to have the newspaper delivered to their homes in print, this is more of an inconvenience to most. Not only is the newspaper delivering news that you could have read about nearly “as it happens”, but its more that we, as individuals, have to recycle, and it’s a greater burden on the environment.

  6. Jillian K

    The newspaper is being decimated by the internet. The most important reason why the internet is a more efficient way to share news is the velocity of information. Especially combined with mobile technology. If there is a crash on my way home for work and traffic is backed up for hours, I can know about it in an instant and go an alternate way. To me, that seems much more efficient than spending two hours in traffic and reading about it in the paper the following day.

    The question is, should the newspapers convert to an all online format? Is it possible to stay profitable this way? Does it make sense to charge subscription prices online when there are so many other portals on the internet that information is coming from? What about the environmental benefit? Imagine the paper and trees that could be saved if newspapers stopped being printed all together.

    Personally, I would way rather follow the Calgary Herald on Twitter than receive it to my front door. I can read the headlines in real time, choose which one I would like to pursue reading and not have an overflowing recycle bin at the end of the day.

  7. Hassan Al Sarrar

    As an international student, when I first came to Canada, I realized that a lot of people are enjoying reading different sources of written work—Book, newspapers, and magazine— however, when I stayed longer, I found out that the newspaper business are facing a lot of challenges to keep their profits and revenues goals on target as they keep losing loyal customer due to the internet alternatives website which are offering a free similar services, easier approach to this materials, or even more attractive way to read news. Back home, In Saudi, my family subscribed to two newspapers and two magazines and no attention has been raised to stop this subscriptions because of the lack of keeping up with the local news online. So, for countries that are developing I find this business is still safe for future revenue goals. On the other hand, developed countries like Canada; newspapers companies should consider other solutions to gain more customer loyalty. They could start online versions of their newspapers and make money only from advertising and they might charges for less subscription fees less than buying it from a convenience store. They could include on their website some videos or graphics of event that are mentioned in newspapers to attract the attention of readers as well.

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