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Description: Instead of custom packaging, the company puts a sticker on each bag of coffee bearing a blocky QR code that, when scanned, links the customer to more information about the bag of coffee than ever could have been printed on the package in the first place.


Date: Sept 26, 2011

The people at Ethical Bean Coffee Co. Ltd. had a challenge on their hands.
The company wanted more flexibility in where it was sourcing its coffee beans, in an effort to catch the best produce from around the world that met its standards.
This led to a logistical hitch: Disclosure was important to the company, since, as a producer of fair-trade, organic coffee, it caters to a clientele who cares about what’s in their cup.  But it would have been impractical to produce different packaging for every different source of beans.
The solution: QR codes.   READ REST OF STORY

Questions for discussion:

  1. What do you feel are the benefits of QR code technology?

2.  How can businesses use QR codes to generate real value for customers – and not just extra layers of advertising, or technology for technology’s sake?

6 Responses to “QR codes are suddenly everywhere”

  1. Lindsay G

    1) What do you feel are the benefits of QR code technology?

    The QR code is a highly beneficial technology that can be found throughout society with references to various products and services. This service can be used by anyone with any type of smartphone, which have become increasingly prevalent in the general public. This highlights the first benefit – QR codes can be used by a large proportion of the general public. The second benefit of QR codes is that it is efficient at locating information online and it provides extensive information on the product or service of choice. By enabling automatic redirection to websites that users would like to look up, enhanced convenience is the result. The third benefit of this technology is made possible because of the wealth of information that it available once the code has been scanned. Because the consumer is redirected to a wealth of information, use of the QR code may be able to entice enhanced interest in the the product or service that may have otherwise been overlooked. This makes investing in QR technology as a means of advertising and marketing that may prove to be highly profitable. Another advantage is that QR codes can be highly specified to geographical regions so that they are relevant to people in a certain area. Because QR code are practical, easily accessible, able to be specialized and enhance efficiency, it is no wonder that they have become ubiquitous in society today.

  2. Andrew Douglas

    QR code technology is beneficial because it not only allows customers to access data more easily, but it also provides valuable feedback to the companies who put them up. QR codes can be used for more than just web addresses too. I have also seen them on business cards which allow you to get all of a person’s contact information simply by scanning the QR code. This ability to place large amounts of data into a relatively small space allows companies to provide far more detailed information than they could otherwise on their product (just like they did with the coffee). The feedback the companies receive is also a major benefit of QR codes because this allows them to get some statistics on their consumers at a relatively low cost.

    Businesses can use QR codes to offer customers added value, instead of extra layers of advertising or technology for technology’s sake, by ensuring to utilize the full potential of the QR code, without using it to spam users with unwanted ads and unrelated information. Otherwise, if they do use it to spam customers or merely let it fade away without really utilizing it, it will be just another fad and die out fairly quickly.

  3. Kristin Schneider

    QR codes are a kind of two-dimensional matrix barcode that need special QR barcode readers, that are available through your typical smartphone app. Though they were created some time ago, it is only recently that they have started being used and are likely to become more popular in time. Some benefits are as follows:
    1. QR are very convenient. They can be read anytime, anywhere due to smartphones. Smartphones make QR codes very easy to decode, and it is also convenient for the users. One simply needs a smart phone with a camera to scan the code, then all the work is done for you, conveniently taking you to the information you are looking for.
    2. There is multiple uses for these QR codes. Access to information is simple, and one doesn’t have to type in any words to get there. The user can visit websites, see text and images, send emails and messages, and also dial telephone numbers.
    3. QR codes are a great advertising strategy for organizations. These QR codes are stored in the users phone as a reference, benefiting both parties in the long run.
    These are just a couple general benefits, but there is a ton of other benefits, and the popularity of them will expand in the future.

  4. D. Kozak

    The development of QR readers is just the progression of the ability to use the internet and make use of the technology we have around us. With the development of the web and its availability to users around the world, things such as the QR reader would have never been as popular even 10 years ago or even existed. This is just proof of the rate technology is becoming part of our everyday interactions. In today’s society its hard not to go anywhere where a company, school, and workplace that hasn’t started using them. A simple example is the library systems at a university. You can use the computer to look up a book or source then use the QR code from your mobile device to link to what you found. It will then give your the call no., book details, and availability. Simply this technology is amazing with allowing us to use and get information that the company, or organization want us to know without having to much effort on our part. The ability to get more information about the products production, companies contact information, and more details in general is just a scan away. As the article discussed this may only be a start to the technology that is coming, but the convenience is popular at the moment. Think how often we are using technology, you may not always have access to a computer to link the URL or want to type in the URL in your mobile device or even have a pen and paper to record the address or URL. The fact that you can scan and then it does the work for you makes it available and much faster and those that want more information can have it is seconds. I believe this is just a simple marketing tool that can benefit not only the consumer but a company in the grand scheme.

  5. Jian Li

    QR code is a more economic technology for business, also, it is a new way to provide information. It contents more information and is easier to access and use. The instantaneity and convenience makes its use increase rapidly. Using QR codes for promotion brings more advantages. First, the QR code is less cost than putting advertisement on the publications such as newspapers, magazines or printing out flyers. It increases the chance people access it and are more recognizable than those tons of advertisements online. There is no additional device required and the operation is much easier.
    But there still chances that customer don’t bother to stop, pick up their phones and scan it. Unlike visualized advertisements which can use colors, sound or different ideas to attracted people, QR seems less attractive. Getting the attention of people who are less interested becomes a challenge. I think when the QR codes began to be used, people may access it because of curiosity. As the QR codes are used more frequently, they will become jaded. Therefore, improvement needs to be used to keep getting people’s attention. As well as developing more way of using this technology, make its advantage of information storage more useful.

  6. Thomas Davies

    QR codes are a matrix based or two dimensional barcode that allows businesses to host features on products or main links to main websites by existing or potential customers. I was first introduced to QR codes by having a blackberry mobile phone. The code allowed you to add a contact by scanning the code with your camera on the phone and as a result, you wouldn’t have to type in all the needed information making it a lot easier.

    1. What do you feel are the benefits of QR code technology?
    A huge benefit that is pretty much stated in its name (quick response) is how fast someone can reach the information they want or are interested in. By the person scanning one easy and basic barcode, it gives the information they are looking for immediately. Another benefit to QR codes is that it is a way to reach the younger more technically savvy generation of the market. Another core advantage QR codes can be generated and linked to profiles on social networks like Facebook and this eases the sharing of identities. QR codes can be printed on business cards as well.

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