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Description: New York Times technology columnist comments on how when Steve Jobs died, the country lost not one but four of its greatest minds.


Date: Oct 9, 2011

Questions for discussion:

  1. Can Apple be just as successful in the next five years with out Steve Jobs as the past five years with Steve Jobs? Why?  Or Why not?

2.  What do you feel is Steve Jobs greatest contribution to information systems?  Explain

35 Responses to “A fond farewell to Steve Jobs”

  1. Iryna Guzhva

    Steve Jobs was a countries greatest mind. With him Apple became noticeable for beautiful, elegant, simple things.
    I believe Apple will be successful in the next five years because Steve Jobs established different, successful ideology in Apple, ideology that made Apple stand out on the market. I think the potential of Apple products has not reached the end, Apple may started some projects at Steve Jobs presents they might work on them.
    Steve Jobs was designer, marketer, businessmen at the same time, but I think his visionary is the greatest contribution to information systems. It was said that he “challenged us to think differently”

  2. Randy Bonham

    Apple inc was in a unique position to take advantage of a meticulous leader, and Steve jobs was that leader. When contrasted with a lot of tech companies, jobs ability to innovate and market became apples primary competitive advantage. He will leave a great legacy for the company and put apple on sure footing for years to come. While Steve jobs became Apple, he forgot one of the most impotent things in business planning, a solid succession plan. It tough to argue that his microplanning and overbearing control weren’t huge assets to his company, but what happens as he leaves. This phenomena is common in business that had alpha personality CEO’s. Bill Gates in contrast wasn’t a dominating personality and worked to establish a company that could survive without his leadership. Gates was also very open about his succession plan. He had a talent group of vice presidents that, in their own right, were responsible for Microsoft’s success. The brand was bigger than the person. I believe that apple will enjoy large amounts of success for three or four years, both due to the fact that they have momentum and existing product development cycles. I don’t think that apple will hold this momentum, and will return unceremoniously to the pack.

  3. Chris Schulz

    The recent passing of Steve Jobs has brought sadness to not only Apple Inc. but the entire tech industry. Jobs was a truly inspirational human being who really did help shape the technology world we live in today. Seeing the beauty in simplicity was one of Jobs greatest ideas. Apple has created such a strong base for itself that they will continue to be successful these next five years. Apple users don’t just buy Apple products because of the CEO in charge, and as long as Apple keeps things simple they should have no problems in the future. Every time Apple releases a new product they are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. They can see where the niche in the market is before the market even knows what they want. This is evident in Apples release of the iPad, no competitor has come close to the iPad. It doesn’t matter if it is a new device or if it’s a new way to back up your music with icloud Apple continues to make products that their users want. Sure Jobs had a lot of influence in the decision making within Apple, but with their current team they should continue to be a game changer in a tech industry that is always changing.

  4. Christopher Rush

    Steve Jobs was well versed in the art of rhetoric. This helped him, as a marketer, to create one of the strongest brands of our time, and it didn’t hurt to have an appealing and well-designed product line either. Though it is a loss, I must say that Steve was as much of a celebrity as he was a CEO and I am not brought to tears by the natural death of one person; there are far greater tragedies in our world. From Apple’s perspective; however, his passing has a more significant impact for the present business situation. This impact could include a diminished brand value, loss of vision, the need to still be led without Steve’s leadership and the placement of some unsettling ambiguity in the minds of consumers regarding Apple’s future. In the end, I believe that Apple will persevere and the passing on of Steve Jobs will be but a hiccup in the long life of the Apple Corporation. I feel that his greatest attribute was that he has had a far reaching inspiration on a generation of tech dependents. His greatest feat was taking away control of the industry and market share from Microsoft. Reset in peace Steve Jobs.

  5. Chris G

    I think that Apple can be successful in the next five years without Steve Jobs. One of the reasons for this is because of the tremendous amount of momentum the firm currently has behind it. Although a large part of this momentum can be attributed back to Steve Jobs, the products and branding speak for themselves. The question that is, how long can Apple stay the leader of innovation and corporate branding. I feel that the next two years will be okay for Apple as people know what to expect from them: iPad 3 in March 2012, iPhone 5 in October 2012, and iPad 4 in March 2013 etc. However, this cycle cannot last much longer as other companies will keep eating away at Apple’s market share. The only way for Apple to continue with its amazing success as of late will be by creating new markets that have never really existed before. Right now Apple is in the drivers seat for where information technology goes next and so there is a lot of pressure on the company keep innovating or else be ate alive by competition. Now, if Steve Jobs was as smart as we all, or least most, of us think he was, he would have came up with a large succession plan that was to be put in place in the event of his death. He must have known it was inevitable and so now it is up to Apple’s current management team to put this plan into place and keep moving forward.

  6. Mark Dicks

    Steve Jobs will be sorely missed. Not just by from working in Apple or the tech industry, but everyone who has a love for their products. He was a true innovator, and one great businessman, the one that comes along once in a lifetime. Apple will be just as successful in the next five years, no doubt about it. Their products have built a loyal following, and each time a new product is revealed, it leaves the competition in the dust along the way in a world that is forever changing. Steve jobs has set a standard that no one working for Apple today or on the future will ever be able to live down, He also changed the way business is done, breaking almost every rule and convention along the way.

  7. Kashika Bhatia

    Steve Jobs has contributed so much to Apple that a majority of people around the world believe that this company will not be the same without him. This may or may not be true as no one can really predict the future. In my opinion, in the next 5 years, saying that Apple will still have the same amount of success is a bit of a stretch as there are many technological companies out there and more to come who aim to gain market share by new innovations. The technology market is one which is one of the most competitive among others and so to say that Apple will still be the leader 5 years down the road is unlikely. There is no question that Steve Jobs contributed so much to Apple and its employees but I am doubtful that the next leader can be as charismatic and inspiring as the last. I believe that Steve Jobs is a good example of a man who followed his dreams and did not care about what the world might have thought. His ideas might have seemed crazy but he hit the nail when it ended up being what customers wanted – innovation with simplicity.

  8. Chris Inglis

    I think that Apple will be okay in the next five years for a couple of reasons. One, through having such an innovative and driven individual such as Steve Jobs as your CEO, I am sure that he would have had the next ten years mapped out with what technology would come to as well as what the consumer will strive to own. And two, I feel that the way this man thought and conducted himself within the Apple company he would have most likely rubbed aspects of his creative and successful personality onto the ones he worked closely with, and who know will step into his place. One of the three aspects of Steve critiqued in this video (designer, marketer, visionary, businessman) that I feel the company will miss more greatly than the others, would be the visionary element of his personality. Sure I think they will be okay for the next 5 years, but what will happen when further down the road the other companies which strived to be like him.

    I feel that Steve Jobs’ greatest contribution to information systems would have to be his thought that the perfection of the instruments he created was more important than having things for cheaper pricing. He wanted his place in this industry to be known for the great products and not the cheap prices.

  9. Stacey Kowalchuk

    The loss of Steve Jobs to the technology world is a large one. He created things that our imaginations could not have had the slightest idea we wanted. Then when he gave that idea to us in real life, we wanted it so bad we were willing to pay whatever price they put on it. Now that Steve jobs is gone I believe that Apple will still be as successful in the next 5 years as it would have been with their greatest mind behind it. As long as they keep their innovative products coming, people will be there to support Apple Inc. Society craves the next best thing, and we can count on Apple to provide it for us. There are many more great minds behind Apple product than Steve Jobs, and although he might have been the driving factor, what’s to say the next great mind wont step up and fill those large shoes. I feel that his greatest contributions to the technology world are the inspirational products he gave to a generation who thrives on new technology. His imagination brought forth products that are leading to a new age of tech, and has increased the stakes for other companies to follow and compete with. His genius has brought out the best in the other intelligent minds of the world to create bigger and better things every day.

  10. Daniel Bird

    I believe apple has lost an integral part of their organization. They have lost one of the great minds that played a key role in building the monster that is apple today. I believe that Steve Jobs has paved a very good foundation for apple. The company has the capability to continue on and be very successful in the future. They definitely face a serious setback, and the future success of the company will be dependent on whether the company can maintain their label as strong innovators and effective marketers. The company will need some strong leadership. In order to be as successful as they have been historically, they will have to continue to be leaders of innovation and design. They cannot fall back on the brand name of apple and hope it will carry them forward with as much force as they maintain today. If apple is successful in carrying on the vision of Steve Jobs, they will be very successful in the next five years. If they fail to do this, they may not be as successful has they have been in the last five years. All in all, the future of apple is yet to be decided. Apple has suffered an unfortunate blow and lost an incredible mind. Apple still, however, has the possibility of continuing on their path of leading innovation and design.

  11. Blair Watkins

    I believe that apple is going down hill and fast now that Steve Jobs is gone! Just kidding, I think that not only did Steve succeed in promoting, designing, and masterminding the machine that apple is today, but he also succeeded in developing one of the best companies in the world. Not one person can do that without an extremely effective team behind him/her. That means that his staff from the bottom up probably see Steve’s vision. For that reason I truly believe that Apple will continue to succeed and continue to be an industry leader in whatever industry they are in. The attributes that Steve possesses are infectious, and contagious. It wouldn’t take a lot of effort to be inspired by a man like that. I hope that the apple team will continue to take the world by storm. It’s funny because since I can remember not so many people have ever loved one company so much as apple. That’s because of Steve. I think the legacy will be continued in his wake.

  12. Regan Smiley

    Can Apple really be successful without Steve Jobs at the helm? Well there is a fairly easy and simple reasponse to this question…..of course they can! Apple is one of the most innovative companies of the last couple of decades. They seem to always be the first to do everything and every other company in their field is always trying to catch up. Now I’m not saying that everyone out there prefers Apple products far and above every other product out there but a big chunk of people do. They may have a bit of a struggle at the beginning of their new life without Steve Jobs but I’m sure they have the people around them to make it work. Being that he really was a genius and basically knew everything about running his highly successful company I would bet he had everything for the next couple of decades in his vision and knew exactly what direction he wanted to go in. But I also believe he had the people right below him ready to take over the reins whenever he couldn’t do it anymore. Apple is always coming out with new and innovative products–sometimes too fast for people to even get to know the “old ones”. But in any case they know what they are doing and will surely be able to compete in the market with the tools Steve Jobs has provided them.

  13. Mayowa Ashade

    I think that Apple will be successful in the next 5yrs because they certainly have talented engineers, product managers and executives which has made them to remain at the top of the food chain in the mobile world of tablets and smartphones that are defining the current wireless era. However, now that jobs is gone, things will be different for Apple to keep up in the market.

    There is no doubt, jobs contributed a lot to Apple and team members and whole world at lage. As a visinonary, marketing genius and relentless perfectionist, he has brought digital technology to the masses

  14. Richard Infante

    i think apple will do fine without Steve Jobs, though he was an important part of apple there are others that can take his place. the company may struggle to keep moving forward without him but Apple will survive. I believe that because Steve made Apple what it is today, his methods of being ahead of progress and keeping the company free of any dying technology, Apple will keep striving towards his goals and stay a leader in today’s businesses.
    I think the biggest impact that Steve has influenced was the Ipod and Iphone. Almost everyone in the modern world has an ipod and its growth over the last ten years is amazing. from the design and the features of the ipod its one of the most recognizable symbols of the world setting the standard for the entire industry.

  15. Corina Nelson

    I believe that Apple will still be successful without Steve Jobs; however, I also think Apple will have to work a lot harder to keep up the pace that Steve Jobs set. Apple still has many talented and devoted workers that will keep their company a success. Also, I would suspect that Jobs would have set the company up with a brilliant plan as well as passed along some of the current knowledge he had. I think that there will be an obvious lull in Apple for a while until they learn how to cope without him, because I’m sure many people depended on him.
    Although Steve Jobs made many great contributions, I think that the iPhone was the greatest contribution. The iPhone now has so many applications, not only is it a mini handheld computer, but it is also a GPS, a book, an agenda, an alarm clock, an mp3 player etc, and the list goes on. The iPhone can also continue to grow with innovative and unique ideas.

  16. Taylor Chobotiuk

    Steve Jobs will go down in history as a pioneer innovator who had a 6th sense in anything he invested his heart into. I believe Steve has put enough momentum behind Apple that they will remain a strong force as long as they remain innovative to maintain a competitive advantage. Hopefully they take a long look at his legacy and approach everything with an open mind.
    Apple has revolutionized Information Systems in many ways with many different products and software. One product I’d like to emphasize is the iPhone and iPad. Both the iPhone and iPad have revolutionized where we get our information and how we communicate with others. I would not be surprised if students predominantly gravitated toward tablet’s in the future rather than a bulky computer in their backpacks.

  17. Mark Dicks

    Steve Jobs will be sorely missed. Not just by those from working at Apple or in the tech industry in general, but everyone who has a love for their products that they have developed and created over the years. He was a true innovator, and one great businessman, the one that comes along once in a lifetime. He was truly year’s way ahead of his time. I find it pretty inspiring that he started off by making computers in his basement and turning it into a billion dollar powerhouse. I think Apple will be just as successful in the next five years, no doubt about it. Their products have built a loyal following, and each time a new product is revealed, it leaves the competition in the dust along the way in a world that is forever changing. Steve Jobs has set a standard that no one working for Apple today or on the future will ever be able to live down. He also changed the way business is done, breaking almost every rule and convention along the way, which more than paid off for him and his company. Sure, he had some setbacks along the way but he persisted through the shortcomings and did things his way.

  18. Kaitlyn Boyle

    Personally I think that Apple will continue to be successful even with the passing of their visionary and CEO Steve Jobs. Apple products have changed the way in which society operates day to day, whether it’s with our iPhones being capable of checking our email, facebook, and surfing the web or our Macbooks being sleek and light enough for us to tow from class to class. Yes Steve Jobs was a talented businessman, marketer, and computer designer but I feel that Apple as a whole will continue to produce the state of the art technology that they do in memory of him and in his honor. In my opinion I feel that Steve Jobs’ greatest contribution to information systems would be his dedication to thinking as a consumer, staying ahead of the trends and knowing what we want before we even know we want it. I know personally I could have never imagined being able to check my facebook, send and receive emails, navigate, listen to music, capture and edit photos and make a phone call all on one device in my pocket but Steve Jobs accomplished that with the iPhone. If Apple continues to produce the products they have for the last few decades people will continue to purchase their products regardless of who is behind them.

  19. Erin Mitchell

    For me, I have been using Apple products since I was in elementary school and we would go into the computer lab and work on those colourful Mac computers. My generation has grown up with Apple products; from iPods, to iPhones, to Mac laptops and then to the iPad. But, I can say from my own experience, I never really knew much about Steve Jobs until his passing. He was the man behind everything, and yet, I never really knew who he was. This is how it usually works with people. They are usually more well known once they have passed away. I agree that the world lost a valuable individual in Steve and we will never know what else he would have come up with had we not lost him so soon. I am sure Apple will continue to make new products, and I hope that they follow Steve’s vision of using beauty within their products.

  20. patricia ojuderi

    I believe that Apple can be just as successful as before without Steve Jobs because be was a co-founder not the only founder. taking the new iPhone 4S and its release it did so well and I know that it was Jobs that did the designing before his death but it shows you that the Apple customers are loyal. the only way i see Apple not succeeding is if the start to let Jobs vision of bettering technology fade.

    Steve Jobs greatest contribution to information systems is the ways he has elevated the standards of software. the features that are available on the software are far beyond the years of other software producers. He will be greatly missed by all.

  21. Sam Chen

    As a truth, Steve Jobs is a remarkable person even though he is not with us anymore. He did a lot of great contribution to this world. Everything he did for Apple Company is like a revolution to everyone. His idea for MacBook, IPhone, ITouch….etc is so different and attractive at that time. For the most important, IPhone is the first model of smart-phone. I think most people can realize that the first big smart-phone bomb (different smart-phone publish by different company) is after Apple’s IPhone. Before Steve Jobs publish IPhone no one would realize this is a very big pie and he did very success of publishing IPhone. As a result, Steve Jobs is a “really really” important person. Even though we lose him, his idea and spirit will be inherited by world. Maybe after 5 or 10 years, the next Steve Jobs arise because of Steve Jobs’s great contribution. If people ask me can Apple be just as successful in the next five years without Steve Jobs as the past five years with Steve Jobs? I would say “Yes”. The reason contains company process strategy. For example, when Steve Jobs publish the first IPhone3, the Apple Company might already have the model of IPhone6 or 7. Therefore, the Apple might still have his “new technology” in the company to survive the next few years.

  22. Breanne Marton

    I think that apple will still be successful in the next 5 years, I’m not certain they will be as successful as with Steve Jobs, but I would assume that those individuals that worked close enough with him would have been able to absorb some of his intuitive creativity. I think that he set them up with a good amount of knowledge, and a good direction to continue their business in. Apple is known to be one of the leading computer brands, and I don’t think that the death of Steve Jobs will tarnish this view of Apple. I do think they will have to work extremely hard to keep his vision going, but with the right team of creators I think that Apple will continue in the business world in a fine manner. They may struggle, however, to come up with the new products. Although they can continue to upgrade their existing products and make them better and better, people are always looking for something completely new, like when the first iPhone was launched or the first iPad revealed. I think this level of creativity will be hard to match, but with time I’m sure someone will be able to fill his position.

  23. Kevin K

    I have no doubt that Apple won’t be as successful in the next 5 years as they have been in the last 5 years. In the last five years, their stock has increased almost 1400%. Those numbers are absolutely astronomical (it has turned the company into the most profitable business in America ahead of Exxon) and to maintain that growth is nearly impossible. That’s just my analysis from a strictly financial standpoint. In terms of their ingenuity and development, I believe that Steve surrounded himself with the right people to maintain the momentum he began.

    There are also reports that Steve Jobs had the next 5 years worth of products alread in the pipeline, so they should be ok for 5 years, but when you factor in the growing Android market and the loss of John Ives from the company, I doubt that they will be able to keep up the blazing pace that they’ve set for themselves in the next 5 years.

  24. Austen Murray

    There is no doubt in my mind that Steve Jobs was one of the greatest minds of the 21st century in relation to technology and the role he played in providing these advancements to consumers all over the world. In the last 5 or so years before Steve Jobs passed away he left a plan for apple and left key people in charge that he felt were going to be able to lead this company in the right direction for many years to come. In proper business terms he and his co-workers were able to get some much needed succession planning done for this highly successful apple company. As Steve Jobs grew weaker they realized that they needed to convince the public that key people were going to be in charge now that Steve Jobs wasn’t able to work, so when he passed stocks did not plummet. With proper planning and being proactive to situations and not reactive, Steve Jobs left Apple in the most reliant hands, therefore when he left there wasn’t the upmost panic and therefore stocks did not hit the ground. In conclusion Steve Jobs with of course be missed by Apple and this technological charged world but however I feel Apple will still be as strong as ever in the next 5 years.

  25. Kelsey K

    Steve Jobs was an amazingly brilliant mind in the world of technology. His extreme developments and ideas have contributed to technological advances and new ideas. As well, he has contributed to the technological world as we know it today. Steve Jobs was a businessman who demonstrated his skills and abilities in Apple, and helped the company to succeed and excel in the way it did, and is still doing. Do I think Apple will still be successful without Steve Jobs? — I do. Because Apple is such a success story and has such a wide control of the market segment, they will continue to grow. Steve Jobs’ ideas and contributions will only help this. He has shared his ideas with so many, of which will hopefully be passed down within the company throughout time, therefore leading to an even greater success story. Persuasive Steve Jobs could sell anything to anyone, and because of this many people already believed in him and his company Apple, and therefore the products that go along with it.

  26. Nicole Acheson

    Steve Jobs will go down as the most innovative person in history. He thought out of the box, went against the grain, and followed his dreams. Everything Steve jobs created was his passion. He has forever changed the world of technology.

  27. brett pudwell

    The loss of Steve Jobs from the world was a major loss as stated to the business world as a whole. His visionary talent with apple can not be disputed as he created the company and built it into the powerhouse it is today. It will be very interesting to see how apple does over the next ten to fifteen years. I would say for at least the next five years apple will continue to thrive as they have such a commanding lead in the markets they choose to enter. The ipod has almost the entire market share for portable music players and the ipad is quite literally killing all competitors in the tablet market. It is also understood that although paying more for a mac product, there is no doubt that the extra money is worth it. What new products apple will continue to come out with is now yet to be seen and without his extraordinary marketing skills it may be tough for apple to continue to be as dominant as they have been. Apple was without Jobs for a while in the early 2000’s and nearly went bankrupt. I think the infrastructure is still there for apple to continue to be a leader in it’s field but personally I would be looking at selling my apple stocks.

  28. Brett Z

    I think Apple can be just as successful in the next five years with out Steve Jobs as the past five years with Steve Jobs. This is because Apple is, without a doubt, the most innovative electronic company in the world. From their iPod to iPhone to iMac, MacBook’s and to iPad’s the “newest new” keeps coming from Apple. With the iPod just 10 years old, it is by far the most common mp3 player on the market. Furthermore, the generation who is predominantly using Apple products is the youth, where they youth are always looking for the newest latest gadget. The latest gadget today being the iPad, which was only released in April 2010 has become the leader in the tablet industry and has sold nearly 40M units. Steve Jobs, who will be greatly missed by all, contributed greatly to information systems. I think his greatest contribution was his design. The design of all Apple products are the reason of their success through innovation, power, quality, durability, appearance and efficiency.

  29. amanda K

    The world will miss Steve Jobs no doubt about it. He was a remarkable person and had a lot of great inventions and ideas. All of his products have been successful. I don’t think the death of Steve jobs will affect the company, apple customers are loyal and if they bout apple products before they will continue to by them. I don’t think people bought the products just because Steve Jobs was the master mind behind it all. I think Steve Jobs probably had a knowledgeable staff behind him and they will continue to strive their best and keep the company running just like it did when Steve was still there. Steve Jobs was the mastermind behind apple, but without the help of his staff the company may not have gotten to where it is today. The iphone was probably one of his best inventions. Everything about the iphone is great! Its design, styles and the best part about it is you can do so much with it. It not just any ordinary phone, you can do WAY more than just call people, I love how you can be connected to the internet where ever you go. There are so many features on the iphone that you’ll never get board of it. I have an iphone and I wouldn’t consider getting any other phone now. I think Apple will continue to grow and have success in the future

  30. Pulkit Arora

    Although the loss of Steve Jobs will impact the company’s processes, I do not think that the product itself will suffer. Apple is a company that will continue to dominate the phone, laptop, and other technology markets. Most apple customers are loyal to their product and will continue to purchase the product because of past experiences. Steve Jobs has left behind an empire that many other trained members and representatives will continue making state of the arc products for its’ consumers. I myself have a Mac and an iPhone and I would never consider going back to PC or any other type of phone. Although the product as mentioned is expensive, many people are willing to pay the price because of the exceptional technology that it really is. For example, the iPhone is a lot more than just a simple phone, for some people it’s a necessity of their daily lives because of it’s simplicity of use and the technology. Although no one can ever be like Steve Jobs, the company will remain the leader in technology because of the platform that he has created for his employees and innovators. The company will definitely continue to grow and be successful.

  31. B Schnell3

    Although my knowledge of the inner working of the Apple corporation are very limited I would have to think there is no doubt that Apple will continue to be successful even after the loss of the great CEO Steve Jobs. In this very video his vision has been emphasized beyond any that I have yet seen, it would be hard to imagine that a man who sought after such beauty and perfection, a man with such vision and persuasive power would not leave behind a succession plan or even a couple! We may have seen the end of Steve Jobs the person (may he rest in peace) but we have not seen the end os Steve Jobs vision.

    His greatest contribution in my mind was to perfect and beautify the technology. I am some what of a perfectionist and anal organizer of many things, and that is what I like most about Apple products. Beautiful. Simple. Elegant. Following is a infinitely close second is how great all the stuff works. Maybe apple can make it more affordable now – that would be nice.

  32. Wale Obateru

    Well, Steve Jobs was a great visionary who founded one of the most sophisticated technologies with very simple designs which has turned out to be one of the most successful inventions of our time. This innovations will remain with us for a very long time. The legacy he left behind will live on and I believe Apple will still be successful in the next five years as it is today. Apple is a large corporation that has grown over the years, and I believe that with the strong policies and organization the company posesses, they would be able to build on their success. Steve Jobs was only a co-founder of the company which implies that the company has another co-founder. I should believe that this co-founder has also made very important contributions to the company and would have collabately worked hand in hand with steve jobs in developing ideas and innovation. Also there would be a couple of professionals and expertriates working for Apple. These are teams which have already being built on hardwork and achievements. All they need to do is to continue to strive towards this achievement and the sky will only continue to be their limit.Although we cannot neglect the impact Steve Jobs had on Apple, I think Apple will do just fine based on the fact that he left behind a good legacy that should just be maintained and built upon.

  33. Mark

    I believe that apples success is directly related to the talents of Steve Jobs. As mentioned in the video, Jobs was a micro-manager – as much as could be anyhow. He wanted the final say on everything, often all new visions were his anyway, along with methods of implementaion. There is no doubt the largerst Key Success Factor for Apple was Steve Jobs. It was his persistance to acheive excellance (even if that meant boycotting well used software because he believed it was flawed or becoming obsolete) that made Apple present its products the way they do.
    If Apple is to be just as successful as it has been in the last five years I think it will have to maintain the strategy and core values that Jobs has installed. After all, there are many techies that work for apple with the ability to create software and gadgets – But, do they have the vision without Steve Jobs? We will have to wait and see…

  34. Jenny T

    I don’t think Apple with ever be the same without Steve Jobs. He was a great visionary and was precise on what he wanted. I hope that Apple can succeed without the works of Jobs. He brought Apple to the top of the market and hopefully they can do him proud and keep Apple at the top. If Apple can keep the mentality that Steve had and the want to always improve and going against the grain, then maybe Apple can do just as great if not better than what Jobs did for them in the past years. Like the video mentioned, Steve Jobs wasn’t just one man, he was four put into one. He contributed to all aspects of Apple whether it be marketing or envisioning the next best thing. It was his passion that made him so important to the information systems of apple. If you don’t have the want and the need to strive to think outside the box and really try to make it to number one, then you really aren’t doing much to improve your company. And it’s his passion that came out in all four sides of Steve. Whether marketing the product or detailing in production, he made sure that he micromanaged every aspect, not because he necessarily had to, but because it was who Jobs was.

  35. Moire Hogg

    Steve Jobs greatest contribution to Information Systems is his ideologies to: see the potential in new ideas, keep questioning why we do things the old way and build beauty in everything we do.

    These successful ideologies in information systems will live on because they worked! Steve Jobs will live on in people and technology because of this.

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