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Description: Windows 8 is coming soon — and it looks nothing like the Windows you’re used to.

Source: CNN .com.

Date: Sept 14, 2011

Microsoft formally introduced Windows 8 on Tuesday to thousands of software developers gathered at the company’s annual Build conference in Anaheim, Calif. The software giant said it reimagined Windows for the “changing world of computing.”  Windows 8 has a completely new visual interface, optimized for touchscreens on mobile devices like tablets.

The result is a computer that operates as a kind of hybrid PC and media tablet, with all the functions of a standard PC operating system but the user experience of a tablet. Read rest of story

Questions for discussion:

  1. Do you feel that this new OS from Microsoft will “change the world of computing”? Why?  Or Why not??
  2. What will make you upgrade to Windows 8?
  3. Do you see business adopting this OS or being laggards in adopting this technology?

39 Responses to “Microsoft unveils a radically redesigned Windows 8”

  1. Jared Henry

    I feel that the new Microsoft system will change the world to a degree. That is because the pc experience on a tablet will be very beneficial to users especially those working while in transit or in a meeting. as a tablet becomes as functional as a pc it will provide ample amount of convenience in the working and academic worlds especially.
    I would use the new OS if I bought a computer that had it on it new. I would not upgrade because i am completely satisfied with what i have. I would also very much like to have it ones i own a tablet or super phone of sorts.

  2. Jared Henry

    As well Business will adopt if it suits them meaning different industries have different needs and if this OS meets their needs more fully the will adopt.

  3. Cam Hopkins

    Just when I was getting use to Windows 7 and enjoyng all that it has to offer. Windows decides to bring out 8! I can’t keep up.

  4. Julien.Fisher

    I see the new Windows as more of a transition towards everything becoming touch screen. I doubt it will mark a huge change in the computing world but it is definately a small step

  5. Kristin Schneider

    2. To put it bluntly, no I will probably not make any switch over to windows 8. One statement that really stood out at me was “Windows 8 has a completely new visual interface, optimized for touch screens on mobile devices like tablets”. My concern is that I have an Apple iPhone 4 for a reason. I also have my Sony Vaio latop for a reason. Number one I love my phone and am not going to change it or sync or whatever I would have to do. And number two, a pc computer should not be altered in order to fit some sort of “new age” touch screens phones needs. Yes, in this day and age, we are always on the go, and use our phones a lot of that time to do research, email, etc. But at the same time, I believe we do want to come home to an organized, normal Windows, where we do our real work on. Smartphones and tablets are great devices for consuming information, but they are not made for creating any sort of content. This might be a good idea for the new hip age, but if Microsoft intends to sell this product to homes and businesses, I think they may be out of luck.

  6. Diane Langevin

    I think the new operating system will have a significant impact on the world of computing because of the Windows 8 user interface. This type of interface has not been done before with the ability to switch from touch to the traditional desktop experience.

    The main feature that would make me upgrade to Windows 8 is the capability to switch back and forth from the touchscreen or the mouse option. I would not upgrade to Windows 8 any time soon as I am happy with using Windows 7. I also think it’s a good idea to wait a while before purchasing something new on the market as there will probably be a fair share of bugs in the new operating system. As well there will be other competitors who will want to achieve this type of user interface and improve it substantially to get a piece of the pie therefore more options will be available through time.

    I believe businesses will adopt this OS if they find it beneficial to use. I think companies that have a variety of employees who work outside of the office that use tablets such as insurance adjusters, managers, and consultants would trial this type of OS. I also think there will be laggards in adopting this OS because they are comfortable with what they are currently using.

  7. Taylor Elderton

    I don’t think that Windows 8 will change much of anything. Back five to ten years ago, PC’s were the way to go, tablets were non-existent and phones did little more then phoning. In today’s culture though, there is a newer, better upgrade for a cellphone every six months, and the tablet market is dominated by Apple. PC’s are losing market share, and by the time Windows 8 comes out that will be even more evident. Companies like Windows and RIM need to learn to make devices that meet the needs of the market, or they will continue to fail.

    I will never make the upgrade to Windows 8 because I am very happy with my Mac.

    Also, I cannot see businesses adopting this OS either. If you’re designing a tablet, in most cases you’re designing a product that suits a younger trendier crowd. If you’re designing a business system, it needs to be streamlined, simple, and no frills. There is no best of both worlds (Blackberry tried it and failed with the playbook). They can’t design the same OS for a PC as well as a tablet, the businesses just won’t like that.

  8. Corina Nelson

    It is difficult to predict if the OS from Microsoft will change computing. I think it is the beginning of a change but I believe that Apple and other companies are currently working on something similar or even better. Also, after the various problems Vista encountered people might be skeptical of Windows 8.

    I highly doubt I will upgrade to Windows 8. As of right now I am using Vista which I am not entirely pleased with. I think that I will hold out until Apple introduces something similar and I am sure I won’t be waiting very long. Although some of the features of Windows 8 do seem appealing (such as the clean layout or the Metro to desktop experience), I think that there will be problems that need ironing out.

    Some businesses will be quite intrigued by this new technology and I think that it is a very useful tool for business people to have. This form of technology is like a chameleon in a way where it can be touch, or mouse and keyboard. And it can be mobile or on your desktop at home. I think that businesses will be very attracted to Windows 8.

  9. Sydney D

    “change the world of computing” is definitely a stretch. I have recently become a new user of a MAC and love it! Microsoft sounds like they are trying very hard to compete and this doesn’t stand a chance. If it is going to “change the world of computing” why does the software need to have the option to switch between the Metro experience and the desktop experience? I think the key is to have one look and one feel that is tablet and desktop friendly. The new Windows 8 does not look or sound desktop friendly in any way.

    I think businesses will take time to adopt this technology because many businesses are still office based-especially large businesses. Maybe in a few years when it would make sense to have more tablets in the workplace Windows 8 will be adopted, but until then I think they are in trouble. Transitioning to Windows 8 would be very costly, especially if the business takes full advantage of the software. And in order to do that, each employee would have to have their own tablet, since most of the upgrades are more tablet friendly.

    After reading this, all Windows 8 sounds like is a major face-lift.

  10. Andrew Douglas

    I am reluctant to change my operating systems, as I have found in the past that as time goes on and when my current operating system no longer is enough, it also seems to be around the time that I would be looking for new hardware as well. I have never purchased a new operating system specifically, but rather, I have updated my operating system by purchasing a whole new computer. I don’t see a need to spend that kind of money for merely a new operating system. For example, my laptop runs Windows 7, while my desktop still has Vista on it. I prefer Windows 7, and wish it was on my desktop too, but I would rather stick to what I have for just a while longer, and eventually get a whole new desktop that is better and has more space than my current one, who knows this one might even come with Windows 8.

    As far as businesses adopting this new OS, I feel that this will be a long process as the cost in doing so is generally so great that most companies are not terribly eager to jump on the latest technology craze. With a whole new operating system, new issues can also arise, such as compatibility issues, and companies tend to want to stay away from these sort of unnecessary headaches, especially when what they have now is still functional for their needs.

  11. Regan Smiley

    In order to change the world of computing you need to do something that goes over and above the norm of what we are used to. After reading this article it seems as though Microsoft really is attempting to accomplish such a feat. It really does seem as thought Mircrosoft finally has beat Apple to the punch here on certain aspects of the new Windows 8. Which I think we can all agree on doesnt’t usually happen but I’m glad to see it being that I am an avid Windows customer.

    However how often do we really need to keep upgrading our software? The only thing that these upgrades really accomplish is bringing the “new” great idea into the market in order to rise above their competitors and make more money. How much better is Windows 8 really going to be from Windows 7? I personally think Windows 7 does a fine job and to tell you the truth highly doubt that I will be upgrading. I would need an OS to do something pretty unreal in order for me to upgrade from one I am currently happy with and haven`t even had for that long in the first place!

    I wiould also have to say that I doubt businesses will upgrade to this new OS because I would think that most of them currently use Windows 7 which works well enough and they probably won`t want to spend more and more money on software that will be “old news” soon enough anyways!

  12. Daniel Bird

    I do not believe Windows 8 will “change the world of computing”. Operating systems need to evolve often enough to keep up with the latest technology, and I believe we will see some changes towards making things a little more easy regarding touch screen use. These changes, however, will not even come close to “changing the world of computing”. Technology has had some vast improvements in recent years and the world of computing has changed drastically. I believe it will be a few more years before we see changes drastic enough for us to hop on board right away with Windows 8.

    For me to upgrade to Windows 8, I would need to see a big difference with my current operating system. I would need to see a feature that completely changes an aspect of computing in order for me to shell out a significant amount money on this. Unless Windows has something drastic up their sleeve, I probably will not be updating my operating system until I invest in a new computer.

    I believe businesses will be slow to buy windows 8 because there is just not sufficient reason to do so. After reading this article I expect there to be improvements towards windows, however I am not expecting anything revolutionary.

  13. Alisha Coate

    I feel that new OS from Microsoft will “change the world of computing” in the sense of the innovative way of design but I do not believe it will drastically alter our way of computing. It will alter the way the tablet users view their software but a majority of computer users have not switched over to the tablet. As well, Microsoft is creating a technology for a product that Apple contains the majority of its users. They are creating a product for their competitors benefit. If I was to purchase a tablet I may purchase Windows 8. I do not see myself purchasing a tablet as a laptop satisfies my needs already. It will take time for the computing world to switch over to the tablet world. Until this day comes, there are still more beneficial programs to the users. I believe that businesses will not adopt this OS. I believe that individual business people will adopt it, as it will have some benefits. I do not believe that it is a big enough change in technology to convert Macintosh users to Microsoft. I believe that once the business world becomes less desk jobs and more on the go people using tablets and looking for a more advanced technology for their device; this technology will take off.

  14. Jesse Wall

    I think the new OS from Microsoft will change the way of computing definitely. It will make it easier for people who are constantly doing business on their phones. It may start out slow as people will be weary of the change but if the feedback is positive on it then I can see it become more popular as the time goes on.
    I don’t see myself making the switch to windows 8 any time soon. I am quite happy with the windows 7 I have currently and I would just find it a hassle to upgrade. I also am the type of person who likes to wait and see what everyone has to say about the windows 8 prior to getting it. I don’t like to be the one that tests something out, I like what I know and am comfortable with what I currently have.
    I think businesses will be skeptical to make the transition to windows 8 right away because it is directed more so towards the younger generation of people and towards people with smart phones. I feel it may be too advanced for the average business person. It will just be confusing, hard to use and people will get frustrated. It is obvious that PC’s are trying to compete in the tablet market; and I think it is good but it may have a lot of troubles competing with Apple as it has the majority of the market

  15. Taylor C

    I like to think of the new wave of computer users as having a low attention span; look at yourself or your friends, within 5 minutes you can check Facebook, Twitter, check and send an email. I believe that Microsoft understands this and has developed an interface that caters to those that use several different applications simultaneously.
    For me, the biggest motivating factor for switching is that I can save time by having everything updated with real time notifications while maintaining a minimalist layout to avoid a cluttered desktop.

  16. Taylor C

    I like to think of the new wave of computer users as having a low attention span; look at yourself or your friends, within 5 minutes you can check Facebook, Twitter, check and send an email. I believe that Microsoft understands this and has developed an interface that caters to those that use several different applications simultaneously.
    For me, the biggest motivating factor for switching to this OS is that I can save time by having everything updated with real time notifications while maintaining a minimalist layout to avoid a cluttered desktop.
    In my opinion, I don’t see this new OS as having mass appeal for businesses. It seems to be more practical for those that enjoy an efficient experience and spend the majority of their computer time with e-mails, surfing the internet and using social networks.

  17. Taylor W

    I do not feel like this new OS will change anything. After reading the article it sounds like it works exactly like Windows has always worked just with a glossy new user interface. The functionality has not changed, but a new desktop interface has been created. The reduced system usage is a major plus though, as my laptop is painfully slow on start up. I will not be upgrading to Windows 8 anytime soon. It will happen when I buy my next computer and do not wish to spend the premium to get a Mac (starving student). Businesses will adopt this eventually but it will definitely take some time. It would be too costly for every business to upgrade all of their computers every time new software becomes available.

  18. adam smith

    I feel microsoft is headed in a much needed direction. at times i question such frequency of change to there operating systems because for me as a consumer don’t see that much of a difference between them. But the world is evolving into a more on the go fast moving society with our mobile devices we can see ourselves for example moving away from things like desktops which at one point was basically owned by everyone where as now desk top computers are almost a thing of the past. so microsoft to stay competitive needs to intergrade its self with mobile devices if it wants to compete with competitors such as Apple and Google who already have a strong foot in this market. with windows 8 being more touch screen and tablet oriented software Microsoft have taken this step but will need to be unique, easy, simple, powerful, and have all the qualities consumers want from an operating system to survive in this fierce market. For example RIM just a few years back were at the top of mobile devices but with fast moving technology and fierce competitors they now find themselves struggling to stay alive. so for microsoft not to fade into the same category as RIM they need something that makes them stand out and be more desired by consumers, it will be hard but with the world shifting more to mobile devices such and tablets and phones and moving away from desk tops it is a much needed risk to take.

  19. Kashika Bhatia

    After reading this article, I really wondered to what extent companies such as Microsoft will go to keep up with the competition with companies like Apple. After using Windows XP for a decade, Microsoft came out with Windows 7 which they only have had for around two years till they came out with Vista and now Windows 8. This can be seen as an example of how technology companies need to keep up with products becoming updated and more advanced – everything is turning into touch screen these days! I am not a Mac user so I believe that I will eventually have to upgrade to the new Windows 8 to keep with the technological trends even if I do not really want to as I would have to re-learn how to use Windows. Having a completely new interface might put some older customers off as they would have to again, re-learn how to work the machine to do the tasks they need completed. This might be one aspect which customers can find intimidating in this new product. Personally, I think Microsoft is now behind in the race and Macintosh is winning with its iPad 2 that recently came out. The public now expects more advanced features and I do not think Microsoft could win this award in innovation.

  20. Chris G

    I do not think that Microsoft will “change the world of computing” with Windows 8. As the article states, the new Windows is meant to work on both Tablets and PC’s and I think that consumers do not want this. You only have to look at Apple and Google to see that it makes more business sense to separate the two different device’s operating systems so that you have the very best operating system for the tablet and the very best operating system for the PC. I think that by combining the two, Microsoft takes away from what makes the Tablet so unique other than its size. People have got so used to what the iPad can do that I feel that a Tablet using Windows 8 will feel like they have gone back in time and will not be as hip. I do not see any advantage for the consumer buying a Tablet with Windows 8 on it because Apple will never have it as their operating system. Perhaps the only consumers who are against Apple and in love with Microsoft would buy a Tablet with a Microsoft OS. Microsoft has been struggling to keep up with Apple and I do not think Windows 8 will help at all.

  21. Randy Bonham

    The new Windows is incorporating some interesting new features, while attempting to maintain its dominance in business applications. I’m not sure why they feel that the touch screen phenomenon appeals to the same audience as the traditional mouse and key board audience but the new wave of integrating systems would lead one to believe that even if one doesn’t use the touch screen portion of the new windows, they would still like to have it.
    Microsoft hasn’t been well known as an innovator far a long time and hopefully for them the new windows will change that opinion. It’s seems that companies in the tech world have to create new innovations monthly in order to stay on top. Hopefully the new system that Microsoft has designed will be successful, but i doubt that it will, as asked, change the world.
    Some years back technologic breakthroughs had a tendency to change the world; however lately the new technological improvements seem to only augment the status quo. The new touch screen and tablet wave, will only last until something newer (not necessarily better) comes along and people who have no need of it buy it. I feel that some technological innovations have really helped society as a whole, but most of the new products just make life more complicated.

  22. Iryna Guzhva

    I think it will influence the way how “the world of computing” change. Windows 8 looks friendly, but it will require people to adapt to it. After encountering several problems with previous operating systems people will be sceptical of Windows 8.
    I am satisfied with OS I have. Eventually I would need to upgrade my computer, and then I will get new operating system. In addition, I would wait while new OS would be improved to be free of “bugs”, and then I would consider it.
    Windows 8 designed for young generation. Those who have been working with previous OS versions would need to adopt themselves or get some training. Businesses will likely not switch to it soon. For business it needs to be strait, without decorations. Though some businesses could use it on meetings, some people work outside the office or those who often travel would use it.

  23. Liang Guo

    I think windows Vista and Windows 7 reflect slower than Windows xp. Their
    requirement for the hardwares is Higher than Mac. so system halted often happens. this is a big problem. I hate system halted Mac reflects very fast. I hope Windows 8 will solve this problem. I think windows 8 will bring people more conviniences.

  24. patricia ojuderi

    i think people want windows 8 because they say it would be faster. ARM is suppose to be less bulky and save energy. microsoft vision is for computer to be able to understand what the users are saying so that the users doesn’t have to do the work they asked the computer to do.

    I think that with all the hipe about the new windows 8 is good for microsoft but it would be really sad if they do not leave up to the expectation that they have set in the mind of the buyers. I agree when Sinofsky says that people want their laptop to feel as fast as a tablet because as we know nowadays everyone wants the fast and quickest gadget available in the market so it would be nice when the window 8 operating system comes out. hopefully it would be bug free!

  25. Meagan

    I personally like the idea of the new windows 8. I would probably upgrade to the new software. Because with the new technology that we have today is making day to day activities easier. Also the speed in which windows 8 operates will be a nice change. Especially when you are trying to do two things at once. Not everyone wants to buy a tablet and have their old desktop just sit around and collect dust after they paid a lot of money for it. So by just adding the windows 8 software you are still using that desktop that you bought but you still have the capabilities of a tablet. Normally when a software changes you have to basically go to a tutorial to learn how to run them. Only with Windows 8 it will have most of the same functions of windows 7 but also include some capabilities of a tablet. It’s pretty much two technologies in one software. Which might make computers easier to use in the long run. Windows 8 also has been found to use less memory than widows 7 which is a great advantage. Last of all Windows 8 brings in touch screen for faster on the go applications but also still works with your mouse and keyboard for days you want to use them.

  26. IveS

    The development of the new windows 8 gives technology and convenience a whole new perspective. To come up with a new operating system that works for both PCs and mobile devices gives Microsoft great potential of developing pioneer competitive advantage over Apple and Google. One of the most attractive features Windows 8 has besides its design and improved information accessibility is its efficiency and lightweight. Like any other new product, however, it has to become familiar to customers and has to pop-out as a better option than the other OS. After building so much expectation on the public, Microsoft has a big responsibility to make sure customers are fully satisfied after purchasing the product and in order to do that they might have to offer additional support systems.
    Windows 8 is a great opportunity for Microsoft to boost its image against its competitors but it can’t be the only weapon they are thinking of using. Technology advances at a rapid phase and although it might seem very innovative as it is right now, it won’t be long before Macintosh comes up with a different and probably better version of an operating system.

  27. Jason

    I don’t see this as a revolution for computing, but more of a “finally getting there” for microsoft. The user interfacing on their competitors tablets, phones, and even to a degree, computers has been very user friendly and easy to adopt.

    I think that this will help with windows and pc sales for microsoft, and if the interface for windows 8 is as good as they claim it to be then they will be able to once again dominate the industry.

    Businesses will drag their feet on switching over. The older window systems are tried, tested, and true, and unless windows 8 offers something that will be hugely beneficial for businesses than the older systems will be kept.

  28. Jillian Kruschell

    In my opinion, Windows 8 will not revolutionize anything. At this point there are just way too many options and operating systems out there for one to take over singlehandedly. Additionally, the iPad may as well be the only tablet out there. HP created one and within months had to withdraw it. Creating tablet like software is not a new phenomenon anymore.

    Personally I doubt I will switch over to Windows 8. I am a Mac User and completely happy with as such.

    I don’t think that businesses will all quickly jump on the Windows 8 bandwagon. The reason for this is that there is still a very large chunk of the workforce that did not grow up surrounded by technology and therefore have a much more difficult time learning it than Generation X or Y for example. The switch to Windows Vista and or Windows 7 was a big one. In my workplace, a lot of the older employees begged to have their computers switched back to older interfaces. Even after a number of years on that system, the younger employees are often approached for ‘tech support’. A large portion of our workforce still struggles to adapt to technological change. For this reason, I don’t think the business world is quite ready for an interface like Windows 8.

  29. Aleigha Hopkins

    I really doubt that the new Windows 8 OS will “change the world”. Windows is trying it’s best to compete with Apple and Google, but it is almost at the point where it may be more profitable to pull a Hewlitt Packard, cut their losses, and focus on what they do best. A reliable, down to earth operating system may be the path that Windows should pursue. People like Windows OS systems because they are familiar. They are turned off by Apple because of their complexity and their unfamiliarity. Windows will never be able to do Apple better than Apple, so trying to one up their technologically superior competitors will reap few rewards. If Windows steps away from itself too much and tries its best to imitate Apple, it will lose its customers who have stuck by them because of the familiarity factor. It is my bet that if people have the choice between Apple and an Apple look alike (the former Windows), Apple will win out. For me to change to Windows 8 it would have to be a free system that comes with the next computer I buy, because I will not be going out of my way to update my Windows system.

  30. Jordan Alexander

    I agree that windows 8 OS will definatly not change the world, however will provide an array of benifits to its users. Efficieny and productivity will yield better results however there will be a marginal period in which users must get used to the new interface. I will dabble with this new OS as i do not prefer mac products and this will pretty much eb the only alternititve!

  31. Raj Clair

    From the description of how Windows 8 is geared more towards the tablet world, I personally don’t like it. I don’t think it will change the world of computing, but it will shift the balance of power a bit. However, the Metro User Interface concept is great and is going to allow Microsoft to take Apple head on in the future.

    I think Microsoft’s new strategy is having every one of their products use the same User interface to create familiarity that over a few years’ people will be uncomfortable to stray from. Zune is going to have Metro on it, the windows phone has it. The wind8 tablets will have it. This new OS is also heavily tied with Microsoft’s new cloud services. Xbox is adopting the Metro UI soon as well.

    Microsoft is aiming for the average US household to have a single UI approach for the first time ever.

  32. Bubba_3

    I feel that anything is possible in today’s society. Windows 8 could possibly be a huge success or a flop like the other latest windows versions. I do believe though Microsoft will try very hard to bring back their reputation, as they are the ones who started the computer software industry and there name has been tarnished by software complications in there windows out on the market. They have both the financial backing as well as the manpower to hire some very prestigious people in the industry.
    I will most likely not switch my personal computer to windows 8 especially from the start, because they will have some hardware issues at first so I would like to give them some time to workout the issues. As a owning a business though I will need to upgrade my software in the future to a higher windows, just because windows is more compatible with the software’s that are out on the market. And to succeed in today’s market you do need the most “people friendly” software. Furthermore if they are to compete in the tablet industry I believe it will be tough, as Apple has monopolized that portion of it, as they are the founder’s of the tablet. If Microsoft wants to compete with Apple at this then they will need something new and fresh that the public will be interested in.

  33. Ellen H

    While I don’t think that the new strategy will change the world of computing, I do think that it will shift the balance of power a little, perhaps creating it’s own market. The flexibility that Windows 8 provides is a great tool that I believe will help to make it more marketable. There are some things that tablets are great for and there are some things that standard operating systems are great for. I think the option to do both would be very well received in the business community because there are so many applications for it there. Combining the two means that they require less investment in assets to do their job well. However it’s critical that all the bugs be worked out of the system before it is released to the general public. Because it is a different system than anyone has previously used there will be a slight learning curve. If that learning curve is impeded by technical errors in the programming I believe that it could turn people against the system before they really even get to see what it can offer them. The great thing about windows is that it is familiar and basically easy to use. The company has to be careful that the new interface doesn’t take away from this.

  34. Jason Hamlyn

    I don’t understand how Steve Ballmer can keep his job with him leaking so much information so regularly. To the regard of Windows 8 it isn’t so much a revolutionary Personal Computer Operating system as it is a revolution in the way that technology speaks to one another. The core PC build of the operating system will run like Windows 7, with enhanced functionality from the new Metro Design that they are releasing that will be more useful in the touch screen devices, and Kinect (their new motion tracking device that is used on the Xbox currently, and with Windows 8 will be able to run on the PC). The other thing that will be cool about windows 8 is that Xbox Live will be fully integrated into the Operating System, this will allow for Microsoft to let people to communicate on multiple devices whether it be PC’s, Xbox’s, Phones, or Tablets.
    To sum it up, Windows 8 is not a revolution, it’s more just a bringing together all of its eggs into one interconnected basket. I would seriously doubt that the average PC user will connect the Kinect to their PC, or open up the Metro Design, but only time will tell.

  35. Hassan

    In my opinion the new operating system that has been introduced by Microsoft “Windows 8” will not change the world of computing but it will have some impacts on the industry in terms of developing new OS and will add to the creditablity of Microsoft. As peer my tour through the link provided on the article, it is sure has a new layout and better views which comply with the daily changes in computing world. Nevertheless, the idea behind it is being new actually implies that people will need to adjust to something different than what they used to which will be an obstacle for entrance to the market place and people understanding even though it has been mentioned that it would still operates some of the older version of Windows aspects.
    I would upgrade to Microsoft 8 if it is really proved that older OSs are less efficient where Microsoft 8 will be better facilitator that up to date with the daily need for an OS. Even though, it will also have to challenge the other OSs provided by other companies such as Apple where they user could distinguish the difference and prefer one to another.
    Business like any other users will be challenged to go for Microsoft 8 or not until they are 100% sure that is beneficial in the current market place where switching to new OS and all cost related to the switch will be in their favor and profitable but I could say it is too early to judge until it is out there.

  36. Destiny S

    Another Windows release from Microsoft will have people flocking to upgrade to this new interface as if Bill Gates and Paul Allen have signed the software disc themselves. A quick look at this ‘new’ operating system suggests quite the Apple influence as it becomes application based like Android and Mac. Rather simply, this mobile Microsoft platform appears to be an attempt at competition for the iPad. While it may be a viable upgrade for at-home users, do not expect to see Windows 8 in many businesses for quite some time – Windows 7 and XP will remain popular and dominate market penetration statistics in the business sector. Windows 8 may be Microsoft’s late answer to this game of mobile tablets/workstations/operating systems.

  37. Brad Christopoulos

    I am not sure if this new operating system will change the world of computing, but it will definitely give Microsoft their advantage back that they had lost to Apple and Google. Microsoft needed to come out with a new system that was revolutionary, that was completely different from what they always had done- which in turn may be the reason why so many individuals(young ones especially) have turned to using a Mac, as it was a different way to use a computer then they were used too. Everyone in this day and age is so accustomed to constant change and Microsoft realized that and that is why Windows 8 will provide them to grasp the Computing world back. I personally will probably switch to Windows 8 when I need a new laptop, as I went with an Apple computer a year ago because I was bored/frustrated with the Windows operating systems that they kept coming out with, and the vulnerability to security threats as well.

    I believe Businesses will adopt the Windows 8 OS because so many businesses continue to use Microsoft based operating systems because it works well with their databases and information systems. Individuals who are more within the advertising/consulting workforce most likely use Apple products, and will continue to as well even with this new product.

  38. Wale Obateru

    I personally do not think the new Windows operating system would change the world of computing that much. This is because of the rate at which technology is rapidly advancing. Windows has invented this innovation in technology today, tomorrow, Apple also comes out with another innovation that will also include distinct features which will catch the attention of consumers. This will always be a continous process in the technology world. Windows innovation will be embraced now by consumers, but due to changing tastes and preferences, consumers will most likely switch when new innovations come out.
    I would particularly upgrade to a Windows 8 because of the multitasking features it has and also based on the touch screen features.
    I see businesses adapting this operating system if it helps improve productivity and efficiency of the business. This is not to say that there won’t also be certain businesses who wouldn’t be skeptical about using the new operating system either as a result of them waiting for the prices to go down or even as a result of them being loyal to other brands such as Apple. Some companies may also have concerns regarding the reliabilty and duarability of the operating system and hence deter them from purchasing the product.

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