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Description: When it comes to supplying the coolest smartphones on the planet, Microsoft has long been an also-ran. So last fall, the software giant fired up a fresh strategy to close the gap on Apple‘s iPhones, Research In Motion‘s BlackBerrys and Google‘s Android models.


Date: March 14, 2011

Microsoft’s goal is for Windows Phone 7 (WP7) smartphones to have the most useful and user-friendly applications. The company is methodically pursuing this goal by catering to the best and brightest app developers.

“The jury is still out as to whether this turns out to be a decisively winning strategy,” says software applications analyst Al Hilwa at research firm IDC. “But Microsoft has certainly begun to right its course.”

Smartphone apps have become almost as important as the phone itself. They enable on-the-go people to shop, play games, schedule their lives and connect to social media. Read rest of story

Questions for discussion:

  • What is Microsoft’s strategy for software development to catch up in the App market to its rivals?
  • How would you contrast this strategy to what the market leaders do in this area?

44 Responses to “Superior apps sought for Windows Phone 7”

  1. Brittni Maurer

    Microsoft has a ways to go before they are caught up to the market, with their phone and apps. Their strategy on making apps that are useful and user-friendly for their smart phone WP7. They are going about this strategy by approaching and working with the best and brightest app developers. Creating on average a 100 new apps per day is a step in the right direction but they need to become much more efficient to ever come close to become a competitive competitor.
    As for Microsoft they are entering a market that has tons of other options so to get customers to come to them they have to come up with a very good eye catcher and they are going to have to have the best of the best products in order to have a run at getting into the market.
    Having the ability to have to most user friendly phone with apps will attract new smart phone buyers but how are they going to get the attention of current smart phone buyers to convince them and make them switch over to the Microsoft brand.

  2. Logan Redman

    Microsoft seems to have made a good marketing move. They are getting people to work for them for free! People are developing apps for them in return for what? Possibly a chance to work at Microsoft or something? Windows has got no game in the app production industry. Apple has such a strong hold on it I don’t think it is very or even an accessible market.

  3. Landon

    Microsofts strategy to catch up to the other 3 OS, is they got rid of their Windows OS and developed a new one called Window Phone 7 which uses Microsofts tight relationships with top software developers. They make use of their .NET framework which is used for Windows computers and integrate this into their phone. Microsoft is also focusing on the phones apps, finding a middle ground between Androids open source system and iPhones paid apps. Microsoft is also trying to integrate the apps into the phone, making the phone more user friendly.

    Microsofts strategy differs from the others in a few different ways. Google makes use of an open source, where almost anyone can create an app, but like the video said, some of which are malicious in nature. Apple uses paid apps, and as mentioned has a strict certification process in which many applicants are rejected. Microsoft is trying to find a middle ground. More and more people are now wanting the higher quality paid apps, which will make their phones more useful.

  4. bretton macdonald

    Microsoft’s strategy to get into the smartphone marketplace seems to take a few of the plus’s of each main smartphone and put it in one. For example they are working very hard to create a great OS much like the android. They are also researching many ways to improve their apps, so they are hiring the best people in the business to create useful apps that you might see on the iphone or android. But what Microsoft is doing is there taking a middle round stance between the iphone and android taking very popular apps you have to pay for, for the iphone and the free ones you get with the android and making these apps free.
    They are marketing these cell phones so that they really appeal to people who enjoy the windows OS. They are using loyalty branding to get their target market and ultimately get themselves into that smartphone marketplace which they have been quite invisible in.

  5. Nicole Hendry

    Microsofts new smart phone, WP7, is quite the distance behind leading competitors. Relying on past competitive advantages, Microsoft plans to use its close relationships with software developers to come up with the applications needed to top the Apple Iphone and RIM Blackberry. Most of those working on the new applications must focus on the customer and what they are wanting in a new phone. Always looking for ways to create an application that has more use and more meaning in the life of the customer.

    Apple’s huge brand awareness and loyalty will still be hard to top even with new apps being developed everyday. I feel that most market leaders in this area are using their brand awareness and brand loyalty to pull consumers to buy from them instead of other leading competitors. I feel that Microsoft differs because they are actually trying to relying on the higher quality and the overall usefulness of the applications being developed for their new phone.

  6. Russ

    Microsoft is trying to make it very easy to attract app developers for the new Windows Phone 7. They have mentioned that other phones for which apps need to be developed, ie. the iPhone, the Droid, and RIM’s Blackberry are a lot more difficult to become an app developer for. I think they are still miles behind the other companies that have competitive smart phones on the market. Many of the bugs that apps and phones run into with networks have been figured out by the other developers for their own software, but Microsoft will run into new problems with a new operating system. I am probably not the best guy to talk to on this subject because i am a big fan of apple and their products. Yeah they may cost more and yeah you may only be able to get the iPhone with a certain carrier but there is no other phone that compares in my opinion. The people who will go for these phones will be those who love Xbox and Microsoft and those that want synchronization between all of the Microsoft products.

  7. Taofikat Awopeju

    Microsoft is entering a market that has tons of other options to get customers to come to them they came up with a very good eye catcher and they are going to have the best of the best products in order to get in to the market. Microsofts strategy differs from the others in a few different ways. Google makes use of an open source, where almost anyone can create an app, but like the video said, some of which are malicious in nature.

  8. John

    Microsoft’s strategy here is to make the application process alot easier then that of Apple’s, but to still make it stringent, unlike the android system, to prevent malicious software from taking user information and distributing it to places it shouldn’t go. It seems to me that Microsoft is entering this market a little late, and this is not the first time. MP3 players, the tablet market, operating systems, its a little disheartening to see this, but unfortunately I think Microsoft has lost a lot of their market share to companies like Apple. The ability to hook this device up to your xbox is kind of a neat feature, but it seems very limited in nature.
    I like that Microsoft has partnered with Nokia to produce a phone because this will give them that much larger of a market to produce an operating system for, but I’m not sure if it is enough to give Microsoft the market push or share they are looking for.

  9. Brenda Bicharr

    In my opinion, Microsoft is going through 2 processes; first of all Microsoft is enjoying the advantages of entering the market after apple, android and RIM. The article mentions that they said its taking a shorter time to make their applications for their phone. This Is the advantage that they are enjoying by bypassing the cost of research with those applications. One a second note however Microsoft would have a hard time finding the niche market demand for her phone and worst off her applications. The other competitors out there are already finding it difficult to beat Apple in the field. I am not overlooking the fact that Microsoft has been a big shot in the game for a while now..but they will need to come up with something more than just the phone and the applications…they need to find something that will make them the first mover of that attribute with the phone and is only going forward and this would be a way for them to apologize to themselves for not having the idea before apple haha!

  10. Momah Moseri

    Microsoft strategy is to make the application easier, more useful and more user friendly than their rivals. Microsoft always has something unique about their products that make them stand out in the market. We know that in the world today, the apps on a Smartphone is almost as important as the phone itself. To achieve their goals, Microsoft is working together with the best app developers so that they could come up with the best app in the market.
    Microsoft strategy differs because they have a fairly fair advantage over those that have been in the market before them. Microsoft has seen what they have and will do everything possible to top the present app in the market with their own. People love apps that is easy and fast to learn and that is what Microsoft is planning on doing. Making their apps very user friendly and easy to use.

  11. Katie

    Microsoft is going to have to play a lot of catch-up in order to enter this market. Apple has dominated the market for so long that it is going to be difficult to try and edge in. Microsoft is going to face a lot of challenges in the coming months trying to get this project up and running. But they are headed in the right direction by teaming up with Nokia to make their new innovative products. But I do have a hard time seeing how successful they will be when they are already so far behind. People are always looking for programs that are more useful and user-friendly, and it is good to see Microsoft taking the necessary steps. But as Microsoft finds innovations that are more user-friendly, Apple and the other companies will be right there. Microsoft is a well-known name which can be used to their advantage, but they will need to really be smart about things in order to make this project really take off.

  12. Ify Moseri

    Simply joining forces with Nokia does not make Windows 7 one of top three. It still lags Android, iOS, and RIM.

    This is an improvement. Previously, Microsoft employees were told to develop apps for Windows 7 in their spare time. Instead of baking a devil’s food cake or going bungee jumping, one supposes.

    However, I am puzzled by why Microsoft thinks it is attracting the ‘best ‘ app developers. The proof is in the pudding, which appears to be apple flavored.

  13. Clayton Varjassy

    Any competition in this area is a good thing in my opinion. Apple has a strong dominant presence over the rest of the competition, but Android is becoming increasingly popular and Windows Phone 7 is starting to show potential. Microsoft’s strategy is clearly to have quality over quantity. They do have a little bit of an advantage in the fact that they own the Microsoft Office Suite and hold the potential of being able to better integrate office applications with their mobile device, which is a huge plus considering the number of people using Office. It will be difficult for windows phone 7 to take away from the Apple and Blackberry loyal customer pool, but for people deciding to buy a smart phone for the first time, Microsoft could be a viable alternative. This would be especially true to those business oriented people that already rely heavily on programs such as Excel and Word.

  14. Jatinder Aulakh

    •What is Microsoft’s strategy for software development to catch up in the App market to its rivals?
    •How would you contrast this strategy to what the market leaders do in this area?

    I think for Microsoft to catch up to the App market they will have to work extra hard. The App market is so high and hard to compete with in advancement of new products and prices. Microsoft’s strategy is to have the most useful and user-friendly applications and to pursue this goal the company’s goal is cater the best brightest app developers.

    I think that this is going to be tough for Microsoft because the App market has brand recognition around the world and is well known to provide their customers with best and better improved products every time. I believe market leaders try to create customer relationship and brand awareness to increase their sales. I think Microsoft will find it tough to catch up to the App market cause App market has been going up at a very fast pace, making it harder for rivals to catch up.

  15. Derek Wilson

    It’s about time someone new jumped into this race to shake things up. I believe that Apple is way too comfortable in the top spot; and maybe this will show them that they won’t be there forever. Just because they have a cult following that will pay exorbitant amounts for anything Apple churns out, doesn’t mean that they are the best. Google is catching up with new and innovative things and Blackberry is more into business apps that do something rather than games. I am looking forward to seeing the different kinds of cutting edge apps that the Windows team will come up with that will rival Apple. I am also excited to see what Apple will do now that they have the bulls-eye on them, if they will amp it up or if they will just sit back and assume that their users will never leave. I am also interested in how the Windows Phone will compare to the rest of the market, I hope it does well, more competition means lower prices and better products for everyone.

  16. Simar Duggal

    The windows phone is going against some very harsh competitors, they will need to be really serious about the phone if they want to break in to the market. The iphone and blackberry being the phones that we see everyone holding is going to be hard to make people try to use the windows phone. I even have been interested in buying a new phone, and I feel pretty loyal to the blackberry and being able to use the blackberry messenger, Even though I use windows for my computer, I don’t feel like it will be all that useful for me for a phone.

    Even if windows phone comes together with the leading phone company’s I feel it will be still very hard for them to break into a market filled with iphones and blackberries.

  17. Chelsa

    Microsoft’s strategy for software development to catch up to it’s rivals in the App market is to build a strong relationship with App developers by keeping them engaged and making their software the easiest to create applications for. Microsoft believes that if their system is the most user friendly more people will be likely to consume their product. They are also using their strong relationships with other businesses to their advantage. The market leaders are focusing on the quantity of applications they can provide consumers with where Microsoft is focusing on quality. The market leaders such as Apple are also using their brand image to control the market. If enough hype is created around a product anyone will purchase it. Personally I think that Microsoft will continue to gain market share within this market. Overall I believe that the quality of the product will soon become the most important thing as Applications and smart phones become the norm in the telecommunications industry. Eventually the other developers will realize that they will need to focus on the quality of their applications and once they do Microsoft will have to adapt it’s strategy.

  18. Todd McCune

    Microsoft’s strategy to gain market share of apps on its competitors is taking much of the framework that has made Microsoft’s Windows such a successful operating system and applying it so the smartphone. They transfered the OS framework from windows and shifted it to their WP7 and are using their .NET framework to take successful business applications previously for windows and moving them to smartphones. By using their connections and teaming with thousands of app developers, they are making apps that have an exclusivity to their phone only. Certain features of apps like the Amazon app mentioned in the article, will only be accessible on the WP7 because of the framework that is set up for the phone.
    This strategy contrasts from those in the market such as Apple and Blackberry because the app production is more internal and based on the WP7 only. Apple and Blackberry purchase most of their apps from independent developers and try to have a wide rang of apps on their phones. Apple for example has many apps that are made by apple but this is a small proportion to the rest of the apps that the phone carries. Windows Phone 7 is making apps that will only work on their platform so if users desire these apps, they will have to purchase the WP7.

  19. Prab Grewal

    Microsoft is trying to focus on the mobile applications, just as Apples Iphone and the blackberry’s have already established. It is a very important business these days and it is just as important as the phone itself. Microsoft can make billions of dollars with the right corporate strategy if they can implement cutting edge applications for their windows 7 phone. Personally I would like to get free apps for my phone but if there are really good applications I don’t mind paying for them. I also find the one application that you pay a bit of money for are much more efficient and effective. In this case I find it great that Microsoft is teaming up with Nokia and making this field of business much more competitive. With the windows 7 phone coming with new applications this will make both apple and blackberry reduce their costs and also try to implement even better ideas. So from consumers point Microsoft will bring in more competition and make prices go down overall.

  20. Rio P

    Microsoft is attempting to enter the market by creating new and innovative applications while making the apps easy to use and user-friendly. The company also plans to improve on already existing apps however make them more accessible and easy to use. While Microsoft has a great goal for the WP7, I feel that there is going to be a particular difficult race with Apple and Google. Because Microsoft is playing catch up it is going to be difficult because Apple has excelled in the apps world. However Microsoft may be able to attract new customers because of the user-friendly applications. One problem that I could potentially see is the failure rate of apps may be higher than that of Google or Apple. Because Microsoft is turning out 100 apps a day there is more potential for problems to occur. I don’t think that the app leaders in the industry are using a different strategy, for they all work to produce new, exciting and user friendly apps. Microsoft may have to rely on customer base rather than reaching new customers.

  21. whyte

    Microsoft’s plan is make their new mobile OS more appealing to developers. The goal was to streamline the development process making apps easier to develop. It takes much less time to get a app certified through the WP7 rather than the competitors (android and apple). Microsoft is also saying that the ease of the new development process has also made it far cheaper to develop apps for WP7 than any other phone. Essentially what Microsoft is aiming to do is to entice the app developers into creating content for their phones first or even exclusively which would give them a significant edge in the market place. This combined with the partnership with Nokia gives Microsoft a stronger chance of success than they have had in the past, however with thousands of apps already available for the competitors phones Microsoft will Have some catching up to do.

  22. Brett Quinton

    Microsoft is a tarnished name with no respect in the mobile computing world. The brand itself is associated with computers and really slow mobile phones. The stigma attached to the Microsoft brand is enough for me to dismiss their product entirely. I don’t even need to see the phone, I associate it with waiting, crashing, freezing, and an overall waste of my time. Android and Apple are associated with instant on, reliable service. I think that Android has done a greta job marketing itself and taking over the market as there was not very much competition to overtake. Apple will settle with their 10-20% market share and Google becomes the “new” 800 pound gorilla in the phone market. The only chance is a rebranding, nothing to do with Windows 7, a new name is required with the Nokia deal. It is a necessity, or else the joint venture fails before it has even started.

  23. Oloff Dreyer

    Microsoft has a good strategy I think in that they already have a really big brand name. Unfortunatly for them they are coming to the game a little bit late. All the competitors will have the most market share and Apple and Android operating systems already have the most loyal customers. Microsoft will likely gain a few first mover customers and depending on the quality of their product maybe gain some more. I believe though that they are too late into this segment and that they have lost out on profits here. I know many people will instantly disregard this WP7 as a viable option, but I’m sure it will have some good qualities overall.

  24. Kevin Beauchamp

    I think that Windows is approaching this task in the right way.
    Considering how much Apple is dominating the smartphone/ app industry,
    they need to take it slow and come up with sustainable ideas in order to
    reach Apple’s success. They’re starting off with an operating system that
    allows users to use the apps more efficient, such as the Amazon app in
    comparison with the iPhone and Android. There are utilizing popular
    social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook so they don’t have to
    be opened up in a separate app. Developers have commented that it’s much
    easier to create apps on the Windows 7 platform in comparison to others.
    This could lead to increased quantity of apps being created specifically
    for the Windows 7 platform. Teaming up with Nokia will also provide
    Microsoft with the knowledge of a company who has experience and high
    market shares in the handset market.

  25. A.S.

    Microsoft’s strategy for software development is just as the article states, “Keeping top app developers engaged will be pivotal. “The companies must convince developers to raise the priority of Windows Phone 7 as they bring innovative products to market,” says Golvin.”

    In their attempt to catch up to competitors in terms of market share, Microsoft has abolished its old operating system on mobile devices, and launched a new platform, Windows Phone 7 (WP7) that entails tight relationships with top software developers. As smartphone apps are being integrated into our daily lives and are being utilized mainly through Apple’s iPhones, or Google’s Androids, it is essential for Microsoft to change their brand image and product orientation, as some of their mobile devices have been known for freezing occasionally, running slow, or simply just crashing. Their partnership with Nokia may be to their advantage in this strategic approach.

  26. Katelynne Swenson

    Microsoft is trying to catch up to it’s competitors. They are trying to create the useful and easy to use app’s that Apple and Blackberry already created. I think they are on their way to coming close to these competitors but they definitely have a long ways to go before they completely catch up. Creating 100 apps a day is step in the right direction, but it will take a long time until they are completely there. Microsoft is trying to make it easy for developers to create apps for them as part of their strategy to catch up. Apple and RIM have already the majority of the market, making it that much more difficult for Microsoft to catch up and compete with them. I don’t think that the Windows Phone 7 can even come close to what Apple and RIM have already achieved.

  27. Warren

    Microsoft is planning to team up with Nokia to create a user-friendly and useful Smartphone. Windows 7 (WP7) plans to create several apps to meet the needs of consumers. Having services like facebook and twitter is standard. The Smartphone will have Xbox live for the Xbox360 users and will also have Netflix for easy convenience to movie lovers. Apple is a major leader in the app world. They have a massive market share and I do not see them slowing down anytime soon. The new race for all phone creators will be to harness the best developers around. If Microsoft can bring in more developers to try to keep up to Apple they may be able to stand a chance. Don’t count out the bright folks at RIM and Google either. It is a competitive and tight market that is very hard to claim supremacy. The key will be making more and more services and apps as user-friendly as possible.

  28. Kuda

    Microsoft’s strategy in this case was to switch from their old OS and introduce the Windows 7 OS for smart phones. Just like the IPhone they have found developers that can program many applications to make the OS as useful as possible. Because they fell behind on the market share in this sector, Microsoft has seen it fit to merge with Nokia. The last point is a good strategical alliance which might draw on the comparatives advantages that the two have, to create positive synergy. With Apple there seem to be taking this sector by force, because they seem to have been first movers and provided an attractive brand. So for Microsoft to emulate this success in the smart phone realm; it might be impossible. However this has become an aggressively competitive sector and so the one with the best ideas wins, so if Microsoft can be innovative to produce something that others have not, they might take pole position

  29. Mark McKee

    Microsoft has a long way to go to play catch up with the other smart phones in the market. They have such a strong presence in the operating system market that I think if they develop the software correctly they may receive a following into the smart phone market as well. They are using the smartest software developers and creating over a hundred apps each day. I think if they can make their phones user friendly, with no bugs and with a decent price they may have a chance to enter this competitive market. They definitely have the money and the power to make a substantial effort. I think more competition is good for the market. Apple has done a great job in this market but now others can learn from them and improve. I will interested to see how Microsoft does in the future in this market. Will they pull out or take a pie of this advancing market?

  30. mike

    Microsoft’s strategy in trying to keep up with Research in Motion’s Blackberry, Apple’s Iphone and the Google Android is to provide applications that are very user friendly. These Apps are created by top software developers. They are coming up with new apps that are innovative, unique and easier for the end user to operate. Microsoft has also ditched their old operating system and developed the windows 7 media platform. The phone will also be able to work off of other strengths that could set the above and beyond the competition. Being able to access the office and xbox live features would be beneficial to gamers and people who use office applications. The smart phone market is further developing and it seems that the least important feature of a phone is its ability to make phone calls. People are becoming more and more interested in what else can a phone do for me? They are basically becoming pocket size computers that happen to have the functionality of a phone.

  31. Kendra

    What is Microsoft’s strategy for software development to catch up in the App market to its rivals?
    How would you contrast this strategy to what the market leaders do in this area?

    One of Microsoft’s pit falls was that it did not have the quantity of applications to compete with the number of applications that were available for alternate phones. Microsoft’s strategy is to get software developers to make them MANY applications so that they will have the capability to compete with the amount that the Apple iphone has. Increasing this number will (hopefully) increase the demand for their product, as clearly it is not a hot commodity for the consumers. The second strategy of Microsoft, is to join with Nokia to attempt to gain market share (and probably ideas). Doing this will help to join strengths against to attempt to take down, or at least gain a significant market share back from their main competitor: Apple.

    The leader in the application market does not have an alliance with another company, because they already have significant strengths in the area of applications.

  32. J.E.

    Microsoft has probably done all it can do in this smart phone race, and teaming up with nokia was a great choice, but I think it is just too little too late. With Apple’s iPhone, Apple has just dominated the smart phone world and yes most of that is due to the app’s that are available for download, as well as the phones themselves. I myself went to upgrade my iPhone 3G about 6 months ago and found myself picking up an android and seriously contemplating trying it out. The problem was with the phone itself but android has definitely picked up its app store and is competing quite well with Apple. Microsoft though, I do not believe will ever be able to generate the cliental they want without drastic moves, such as footing the bill for all app’s or something in that nature. I think Microsoft needs to accept defeat and work on its research and design so it can come up with the next hot new product first.

  33. JJ

    I would have to agree with J.E. above, in the respect that Microsoft i feel doesn’t have a chance anymore. Google, Apple and RIM are several years ahead in the ability to build and deliver new software, apps and products that are reliable and useful in our everyday lives. I personally invested in Mac by buying a macbook, ipod and the ipad. I feel that certain people will stay with Microsoft because they are comfortable with the products and services that they have and use. Furthermore, I feel that these people will fall further behind in the tech race as mircosofts applications are sometimes hard to use and may be to complex where as google for example makes everything simple and easy to use. Lastly, I read something recently about microsoft and how they are making a tablet similar to the ipad. However, most companies such as google, rim and apple by this time will be on the second or third generations of such devices. It is quite evident that microsoft is behind the times on technological advancements and i feel that if they want to continue to compete they better have a plan that will change the tech industry as we know it today.

  34. Jared Scott

    As a iPhone user I don’t plan on changing to Windows Phone 7 because of all the apps that I bought from iTunes store. But if Microsoft can manage to catch up with Apple then more power to them. If they can get more apps then they can get a greater market share. Smartphones are pretty useless with access to apps that allow people to customize their phones. Customization is what originally drew me to my iPhone. I am a Microsoft fan and wish them the best of luck.

  35. Travis Sedrovic

    I have no allegiance to apple or microsoft (I have products from both companies)and I do not see Microsoft as being so far back in the development stage that they are wasting their time. The “app” generation is growing and the only thing that apple has going for it is a head start of users. If microsoft can get this WP7 without much trouble and be successful in their app process, I can see people jumping on board. Apple used to be something that people bought when the wanted to differentiate themselves and be seen as innovators in the marketplace. Well, now everyone has an iphone, so why wouldn’t the same innovators want to get on board with the new bigger and better thing to come along.

  36. Mikey

    Although I am an Apple user, I can see how Microsoft will play a great role in the mobile industry. .NET is a fairly easy programming language to learn and programmers are used to it. I can see how it may be true that the apps are baking really fast.

    I see how this may give them an advantage over some of the other mobile devices, but it will present a possible downside. if applications are easier to make, programmers may start to develop more applications, making the process of updates and enhancements to other applications much slower. Another downside is that just as it has happened with windows, consumers will get the impression that the apps are of lower quality and they will opt to switch to a device that offers higher app coding standards.

  37. Chris

    I think blackberry and iphone have a good head start for top applications then Google’s android does. It is where a large percentage of the market is. The strategy for catching up might work. They do have a large workforce working for them to make there smartphone applications the best. With thme making a hundred new apps a day that is pretty good and they say there developers are finding it is easier to make applications. They do still have a long way to go but it will be interesting to see if windows will eventually be one of the best for application friendly service. It is hard to say if they will because Apple does have a very good start on them and are the ones in the lead. The other companies could hire some of the brightest software engineers too, to compete with them too. We will see in the future.

  38. Asif Hirji

    Wow if only Microsoft recognized the niche that existed for the mobile app industry sooner man o man would they have been much more successful. I mean why not copy apples business plan from the start!? I’ve seen their shares rise from 90 to 250 in just a couple years.. Microsoft is totally trying to play catchup but I like their strategy. Getting the best developers to make a combination of free App’s from apple and adroid is a great strategy. Also most people still use windows so the integration to the new os would seem pretty seemless. It’ll be interesting to see how this one plays out.

  39. Teigen

    Microsoft seems to be taking a step in the right direction. The fact that they already know they are behind in technology helps push the fact that they need to make some dramatic changes in order to stay a part of the market. It seems as though they are really pushing the creation of apps, so that they can continue to compete with Apple and RIM. The Windows Phone 7 may become something of great use when all is said and done if they continue to push the development of apps. While it may be true that Apple and RIM are the leading suppliers, RIM is definitely not known for it’s apps. I would honestly never buy a blackberry again because of their lack of apps – and inability to get them for free. If Microsoft can find a way to produce as many apps as Apple then they may have a chance at becoming a leading cell phone supplier.

  40. N.P

    Windows has managed to find a way to create applications much faster than any other, if they keep up with this than they can most definitely take the lead in the world of applications. Applications are being created for anything and everything you could ever need or want in an application. Its only a matter of time before Apple and other competitors come up with an item which increases the speed of creation and use of apps. If they are able to maintain the best of the best app creators than the innovation part of them staying ahead of the game will be the most important aspect. Its always about having the newest hottest item on the market, and so far apple and blackberry are offering it.

  41. Dylan B

    There is no question that the apps are key in a mobile phone success story. The company that provides more usability from their handset will attract more people. Not long ago we were excited about cell phones having cameras in them, now were upset if we cant stream digital movies over the internet with ZERO interruption. Times are definitely changing, and if Microsoft wants a piece of the pie, then attacking the app market is a great strategy. On a side note, now that phones are running on windows, do they need anti virus software? I looked into it and the answer is yes. WP7 is susceptible to viruses. I think i’ll stick with RIM for the time…

  42. Nyle Watts

    Microsoft definitely dropped the ball in regards to keeping up in the smartphone industry. The fact that Apple has over an 80% share in the market is staggering, and i believe there is no way that Microsoft will become anywhere remotely close to catching up with that (especially when Blackberry barely has 8%). But I suppose its better to get into the market late rather than never! Technology is always changing, and if Microsoft can cater the market by giving more easily accessible, more affordable, and versatile apps than Apple, RIM, or Google, then perhaps they have a chance in benefiting from this. But again, I personally feel this is highly doubtful. The other companies have so much of a head start on Microsoft. But I also believe allegiance to a particular company may be able to sway some people into switching over to the WP7, especially if they are life-long users of Microsoft products.

  43. Corey Bedard

    Microsoft seems to be on the right track when it comes to gathering market share in the smartphone industry. Though it seems that catching up to powerhouses like the iPhone or the BlackBerry is impossible, the WP7 is definitely the best shot Microsoft has. The rate at which they are producing apps is astonishing. However, the brand image that Apple has already gained with their success in the iPhone is really going to hinder the WP7 from ever overtaking the iPhone as the top smart phone on the market. As Windows is doing all they can manage to catch up to the ten’s of thousands of apps on iTunes, Apple is simultaneously doing all they can to perfect the existing apps and creating more apps to sway smartphone users to the proven product. The WP7 market share is going to continually grow, but they won’t catch the iPhone share anytime soon.

  44. Rob C

    With the release of the Windows Phone 7, it seems that Microsoft is on the hunt to out-do Apple along with the androids. They seem to be going at it the right way by discovering weaknesses in some of Apple’s features amd turn that into their strength. But with the brand loyalty that companies such as Apple and Blackberry have generated for themselves, I think that this will be extremely difficult to sway a vast majority of consumers away from Apple or any of the other companies. There would definitely have to be some major improvements that blew consumers away in order to have a drastic impact. But until then, I believe that Apple, RIM and androids will remain in the lead and Microsoft’s WP7 will not do too well.

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