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Description: IN early 2009, statisticians inside the Googleplex here embarked on a plan code-named Project Oxygen — What makes a good manager?


Date: March 12, 2011

They wanted to build better bosses.

So, as only a data-mining giant like Google can do, it began analyzing performance reviews, feedback surveys and nominations for top-manager awards. They correlated phrases, words, praise and complaints.

Later that year, the “people analytics” teams at the company produced what might be called the Eight Habits of Highly Effective Google Managers.

Now, brace yourself. Because the directives might seem so forehead-slappingly obvious — so, well, duh — it’s hard to believe that it took the mighty Google so long to figure them out: Read rest of story

Questions for discussion:

  • What attributes does a good manager have?
  • Do you feel that using data mining techniques is a legitimate method of doing management behavioural studies?

40 Responses to “Google’s Quest to Build a Better Boss”

  1. Brittni Maurer

    Some attributes of a good manager are making sure you have time for employees and that the manager is being consistent. Provide the employees with the facts or data and making everyone aware of how to improve what they are doing. Show the employees what they are doing that is that is working for the company and what they are doing that is not working for the company. Giving clear feed back makes everything clear and shows where improvements need to be made. A Manager that is approachable and understanding makes the employees feel more comfortable to approach them with any problems or concerns as well.
    I think that using data mining is a legitimate method of doing management behavioral studies because is seems to be becoming a huge part in transforming data into business intelligence which gives some advantages in creating information. It is an easier way of going about getting information on certain topics and for collecting info on management behavioral studies I think that its is a great way to generate info.

  2. Jenn Oloya

    The attributes that a good manager has is finding time for their employees and be consistent. A manager has to be able to let their employees make decisions for themselves and be part of the decision making process, we are more likely to resent a manager who treats us as children and not adults. Instead of telling your employees what to do, giving them feedback regularly will help them understand what you want and help them improve in the long run.
    I don’t think doing data mining techniques is a legitimate method of doing management behavior studies because, first these data mining techniques do not give you the overall picture of the result so there may be gaps in the information. Second, each organization has its own culture and what works for them might not work for you so the information that you gathered using the data mining techniques might seem good but might not work for your organization. And third, you should probably customize your management behavior to individuals within the organization, these data mining techniques could be used for quid lines but as organizations differ, so does individuals within the organization you should customize your behavior for different individuals.

  3. Dustin

    A manager needs to be there for his/her employees at any time. If an employee comes to a manager and the manager acts like they too busy. The employee will slowly come distant to the manager. Some traits are learning to adapt to different people. Some people react to different styles of managment. Some like the up in your face. others like the calm rationalization type. and the manager has to know when and how to help the employee. The manager when asked a question will hopefully know the answer to the question. But the manager needs to find teaching opportunites to help the employee work through it and find the answer on their own. So the manager is more of a professional problem solver Guide. It’s also a good idea that the managers know his employee apart from work. The manager will do alot better if they know a little back ground first about the person. Professional feeback is key as well. When and how are two important things when letting a employee know of their performance.
    I think its hard to judge. The information you can get is valuable but that was for a different persons with differnt employees with different needs. Every work place has a differnt feeling or culture. what works in one culture might be a totally different ball game in a different culture. The Informatio would have to be reviewed then perhaps tried. If it is not a success then try somthing else. Also Change is one of the things that should be constant. Always raising the bar and trying new things. This will lead to hopefully better productivity and cohesivness in the managerial world.

  4. Logan Redman

    This article seems to relate directly to a class I am currently taking which, speaks of different management techniques. A myth associated with “good managers” is that when a problem arises, take action! This however is not always, or is rarely the correct route to take. Most problems need to be pondered and questioned as to what the deeper roots of the problem on the surface really is; most problems can be solved by “letting them pass”. As in this article, it states the best thing to do with people is to leave them alone! Let them do their work and only intervene if there is an evident problem that is not going away or someone comes and speaks to you as a manager. I wish I worked at google.

  5. Nicole Hendry

    Throughout my very short 5 years of the working world I have learned one thing, managers make or break the work environment. Managers really do have the power to make employees feel valued and responsible or they can make them feel stupid and irrelevant. I have had 2 really great managers and quite a few not so good managers. One of the most important things I have found in a manager is the ability to trust the employee and make them feel independent and hardworking. It makes a world of difference if the worker feels valued and has a sense of respect for the manager. I feel it fosters a hard work ethic in the employee because they don’t want to let their manager down. Situations where I have been in a work environment where they treat you like the scum on their shoes definitely doesn’t foster a happy employee. I personally work the hardest and try my best to keep a positive work environment when I am trying to live up to the potential my manager thinks I am capable of.

    I think data mining is a great way to create ideas to innovate management as the world is being innovated. What better then collecting information on managers in the work environment to help researchers gain an understanding of the dynamic between team’s success rate and the manager who leads them ?

  6. Russ

    I believe that a good manager is someone who can put the right people in the right place at the right time. We all know that everyone of us is different. Each person has different strengths and weaknesses. Each person can bring certain skills to the table that will benefit a company. If employees are not being utilized to their full potential they may get frustrated, and they may cost the company more than benefit it. A manager needs to be someone who will listen and react to the feedback of others. I great manager must have vision and be able communicate and orchestrate that vision throughout the company. A good manager is someone who sets S.M.A.R.T. goals and helps other set and achieve S.M.A.R.T. goals as well. All of these things I have mentioned is still just half of the equation, a great manager with implement their vision and goals and continually measure performance based on the goals. They will then continue to set goals and this process will be a cyclical formula to success.

  7. Taofikat Awopeju

    some attributes of a good manager involves having good sense of humor,having a sense of fairness in dealing with people and issues,understanding that hiring good people is critical to their success and they do not micromanage,willing to admit to their own shortcomings and mistakes and do not feel a persistent need to be right.
    I feel that using data mining is a legitimate method of doing management behavioral studies because is seems to be becoming a huge part in transforming data into business intelligence which gives some advantages in creating information.

  8. John

    Good managers do a lot of different things, but I am a firm believer with what this article states. If you are willing to put your employee first and give him all the tools, and skills he needs to succeed he or she will work to the best of his ability for you. However, you also have to put in the extra time and do the small things that may take a very impersonal job, such as being behind a desk all day, and personalize it. By taking time out of your schedule to sit down one on one with somebody and explain to them their role and the company, why it is important, offer them advice, and then possibly reward them and make them feel valuable, that employee will become a huge asset to your business. Yes, quantifying these skills helps, but if you can align that person’s vision with that of the company overall you will be an amazing manager that will be well liked by all your employees.

  9. Hugh F

    Anytime you can gather accessible information to make a real world difference it is usually worth it. Given in this case that a manager has so much impact on the overall performance of a firm, it would seem silly not to invest. Given that a good manager can inspire employees to create more production for a company, as well as keep the employee happy in the process, it is often hard to describe to upper management the monetary value in ‘happy and inspired’ employees. As well, often these benefits do not get seen right away as it takes time for people to buy into a system and thus performance to change.
    I do see data mining as legitimate because it often deals with the hard data that executives are interested in, yes there will be holes in it and areas that aren’t considered but that are what attentive managers are for. You can create a corporate culture and whatnot based around a solid structure, but when you have hard data to show a right or wrong path, that should be your foundation for managers.

  10. Brenda Bicharr

    Even though managers need to be there for their employees most times, sometimes the employees should be left with some autonomy. But whenever the manager is available, for sure the manager has to find a way to answer the employees plea; the response that the employee gets will determine him ever going back to the manager and this could be detrimental to a company. Regardless of it being as big as Google. With a positive response, the manager then observes his subordinates and knows how each responds to his management style and which one works best for which employee. In a world such as Google, managers are supposed to act with the employees and not give them instructions. Most of them e doing and when they ask a question they do it because they need guidance. These days too technology is really advancing and there are things new employees will know that managers may not know; so employees should be given a good chance to express themselves. and yes i do feel that data management technique is a good method for this purpose. The only thing i would say however is that it can only be used to a certain extent. Not everything can become digital, some things have to stay the way they are to be effective.

  11. DC

    A great manager needs to know how to build relationships with employees, at the same time a good manager needs to be also task oriented. But what’s important is to support and direct employees in the right directions. The best way to do this is; first by understanding the employees very well. And if a manager knows the employees he will now be in great position to make a vision that meets the employee’s competence level. To be a great manager you don’t really need to the star in terms of skills in a organization, but you definitely need to be respected, trusted and be credible, what this means is that a manager needs to hold him/herself with respect to earn others’ respect. He also needs to be good at influencing employees without directly using his authority. Using data mining is not good, it doesn’t promote creativity and new ideas in an organization however now that its commonly used in many organizations, a manager can partially use it in order to avoid missing great information from external sources.

  12. Momah Moseri

    A manager is the one that handles all the day to day operation in a company. An ineffective and inefficient manager would run any company down. As a manager, there are very important attributes to have to make you a good and effective manager. First you have to know how to plan. Failure to plan means planning to fail. A manager has to plan for the success of the company. How things should be ran and measures to take when things go bad.Secondly a manager should be able to lead. Show leadership qualities and lead your employees to the right path. A manager should be organized and not scattered and a manager should know how to evaluate results adequately to improve or make changes.
    I don’t think that data mining technique would be good because it does not show the overall performance. Every manager has his or her style of doing work so I don’t think that using data mining technique will best show results

  13. Katie

    Having a good manager that motivates and inspires his/her employees is a company’s most valuable asset. The employees of a company is who customers deal with on a day to day basis. By spending money in programs and people that can produce good employees, companies will find that to be a good investment. A good manager needs to be able to generate positive relationships with their employees, and by using data mining, employers have better access to the information they need to create the type of atmosphere that fosters good work ethics. Employees should be aware that data mining is occurring and that information is available to the higher ups. If employees feel that the company cares about them and their well-being, they will give their best effort.

  14. Fizi

    As the journalist repeatedly notes in this article, Google haven’t really
    found anything new with Project Oxygen:
    – Many managers everywhere get promoted based on their technical expertise
    rather than their managerial capabilities.
    – Manager quality is a key variable for employee retention everywhere.
    – Homosocial reproduction is rife everywhere (that’s managers hiring people
    with traits like themselves).

    I think these issues emerge in organisations regardless of size or maturity and the things that lead to them are not wholly bad (some technical
    expertise is an advantage in managing technologists, homosocial reproduction can lead to consistent and strong cultures but it can also shaft your long-term capability to innovate) but you do need to be mindful of the downsides.

  15. Jatinder Aulakh

    ■ What attributes does a good manager have?
    ■ Do you feel that using data mining techniques is a legitimate method of doing management behavioural studies?

    A good manager is the one that is responsible and knows how to deal with their employees. A good manager performs daily tasks and is well organized. They help their employees to improve on their jobs by motivating them with a positive attitude. A good manager it always effective and is always aware of the pros and cons of the company. They will take time to train their employees and give feedback.
    I think using data mining techniques is a legitimate method of doing management behavioural studies because it can help improve productivity of managers in the future. It also helps researchers gain an understanding of what to look forward to.

  16. selena759nova

    a good manager is approachable and willing to be flexible or change to get the job done with happy employees. in wanting his/her team to do well, it is necessary to take the direct feedback one is given from team members as well as the feedback given indirectly through evaluations and apply it to personal improvement.
    data mining within an organization in this way seems like an effective tool for gaining a 3rd unbiased view of performance as it comes directly from the results. however it could also lead to unethical means such as reading emails or confidential files etc… depending on what the company outlines in codes of conduct of course.

  17. selena759nova

    in addition, as katie (above) mentioned, employees should be aware of the data mining occuring in their workplace and what the mining is intended to discover. results should also be communicated, not only to managers but also to the employees. open and honest communication should be conducted between managers, employees and the third party conducting the research. people are more willing to volunteer information if they not only know what it will be used for but believe it will improve their environment

  18. Clayton Varjassy

    I agree with google’s results that it is more important for a manager to be accessible and available when you need some guidance over being more technically proficient than yourself. Manager’s should be looking at the bigger picture and be able to point you in the right direction rather than doing the actual work for you. Using data mining to find out some of these results is an interesting concept but almost seems like a waste of resources. Almost all employees would agree that the most important thing a manager can be is approachable. Even if someone is the best in their field, if they are unapproachable and unwilling to help, they will not be much use as a manager. We go to school to learn and become more knowledgable in our areas of expertise, when we are actually doing a job we want a manager to show us how to properly apply our knowledge and provide us with some guidance, this allows employees the freedom to ultimately do their best work.

  19. Simar Duggal

    What attributes does a good manager have?
    A good manger should be very well organized. Organization helps mangers set goals, time lines and have priority things happen first. A manger should also know there job well, they should know what people are doing from he bottom up, they need to know every detail of what is and isn’t needed from employees and most of all realize the importances of each job in the company to help provide the best work experience for all employees. I feel like a manger with a positive attitude is also one of most importance, attitudes rub off , and if a theres a positive manger there is a positive company.
    Do you feel that using data mining techniques is a legitimate method of doing management behavioural studies?
    I feel like this may be a smart way to know important information, but a very unethical way. There could be private information revealed. If private information is revealed, this can cause a person to not to trust.

  20. Ashleigh

    The attribute a good manager has is one that makes time for their employees. Managers should know their employees on more than a first name basis. There has to be good communication between the two to ensure that everyone is doing what he or she is supposed to be doing and in the right way. Managers should just be the facilitator and only come to the rescue if it the last resort. In able to let their employees succeed they need to figure out there own problems to the best of their ability. Data mining could be a good technique in management behavior studies as it could be advantageous to getting information they need for the studies. However, since each business is operated differently, they may have to change the techniques they use for the gathering information. They will also have to make sure when retaining this information that no they are not crossing any privacy laws to protect their employees

  21. Chelsa

    The attributes a good manager has is that they care about the people they are managing and there is a personal connection between the manager and his/her staff. The manager makes time for the employees, is approachable and accessible, talks through things instead of dictating how they are to go about doing them, is clear and concise when giving directions and gets to the point. Good managers need to know how to work well with and handle the people they supervise.

    Yes, I feel that data mining techniques are a legitimate method of doing management behavioral studies. By using data mining companies are able to access more specific information. They can drill down summary data into more detailed data, sort or extract based on certain conditions, and perform a variety of statistical analyses. This could be a quicker way of compiling information. If the person doing to study wants more information they can always refer back into the written results.

  22. Todd McCune

    Some of the traits that good managers have are competence, forward-looking, and motivational skills. In order for managers to succeed in managing others, they first must be able to manage themselves. This includes being efficient with their time and work and not just delegating to their employees.
    I think what Google has done with data mining can be successful for some companies to implement to its mangers but managing is purely situational, there is not one type of manager or leader that is great in all situations. Certain tasks and jobs need certain types of manangers, and they cannot all be fitted into one mold. I think Google’s strategy works great for them because it was all provided internally. The data was collected internally, and the coaches provided to the managers all worked for Google. Having that internalization leads to a better understanding and team-oriented feel. For companies who don’t have billions of dollars to spend on data-mining and in-house coaching, this may not be the best alternative. Leadership conferences and leadership strategies have become a billion dollar market over the past couple years and with a juggernaut like Google placing a format, they may be able to help a lot of businesses with their managers but it will not always work in different situations.

  23. Rio P

    This is a very interesting perspective to place on management, however as stated in the article, there are no real “new” findings to the mining that was completed. For example, “having a clear vision and strategy for the team” is entirely not a new aspect. To be a good manager, it comes down to being accessible and developing a connection with ones employees. However, I feel that data mining only examines what has happened and the patterns and trends from the past, but has little insight into what you can do in the future. In order to correct past mistakes, managers must receive training and coaching, such as the example in the article, for it is impossible to just tell a person to be a better manager and see successful results. Therefore, data mining while it may provide some sort of hard evidence, cannot legitimately correct behaviors that can only be improved by training and therefore should be eliminated in order to save cost. Or rather, invest this saved money into developing better managers.

  24. Prab Grewal

    The most important attribute managers should have is commitment. The manager should be a very committed person and set an example for his or her workers. For example if the manager shows up every day and works hard the employees will follow. Also communication is a key attribute the manager must be approachable and be someone the workers can talk to very easily. I don’t think that data mining technique a legitimate method of doing management behavioural studies. There could be a lot of holes within this strategy and it is very important for the manager to go to the basic needs when looking into organizational behaviour. Basic needs like communication and commitment make the workers feel comfortable also will make them more effective and efficient when there doing their jobs. Also I believe it’s important for the manager to care about their employee’s personal well being because that can go a long way in the business world.

  25. whyte

    I think that google is bang on the money with their 8 habits of highly effective managers. Using basic management principles in the proper manner is the key. The analogy about the professional golfer making things look easy sums it up well. Managers have all the same tool available, but the best just now how to put the basic principles together and make it look easy. The more complex something is the greater the chance that it will fail

    I believe that Google data mining techniques are valid. Knowledge is power and, to a certain point, the more information you gather and process the more successful you will be. It challenges the managers to stop and think about what they are doing and how they are going about doing things, and if what they are doing isnt working they can then seek help to change.

  26. Kevin Beauchamp

    Coming up with what makes a good manager doesn’t have to be specific for a
    certain jobs as characteristics are likely able to carry over into
    multiple disciplines. Good managers have to set to expectations and goals
    in place as soon as a new employee is hired. Having hard working employees
    placed in the right direction allows for their work to be more productive.
    Along with this, it is always important to create an environment that
    makes every employee feel welcome to the organization. Making employees
    feel cared for in non-job related tasks will make them feel more motivated
    to do their work well. Good managers are able to challenge employees in
    what their asked to complete without completely burning them out. This
    prevents employees from feeling boring, unimportant and wanting to leave
    the organization. Data mining may be effective for Google as if they can
    find out what employees expect in a manager, manager’s have a better idea
    of how to communicate with employees.

  27. Samantha.Kent

    When working in a company you want to feel appreciated and wanted. Google found out that if you the people who help run the company than you have to have time for the employees by making time for their employees, this would resulting the people of the company to want to help the company to grow and be a part of the team. The world has many bad managers so to get a good manager it is a blessing, to get a manager who wants you to do well by giving you their time when you need it and who gives an clear explanation of what they want makes a he difference in someone’s day. For Google to want to make better managers for their people shows that they care about their people just as much as how much they care about the money they make. In the end it is the people who to the day-to-day jobs that make the company money, money will come and go but good employees only come once in a while and if they are not happy they wont come back.

  28. Warren

    Attributes a good manager may possess is someone that is consistent and gives time to their staff. A manager must always want to improve their own skills. They must also strive that their staff meets expectations. Without being able to be open minded and a great listener managers would certainly be at a loss. Data mining is certainly a great way to build a collection of excellent management practices. However, I would take the data with a grain of salt. Google did not need this data mining to be successful. They started from the ground up and built an empire solely on ingenuity and creativity. Using data mining for new ideas and hints and tips is understandable, but I would not completely reinvent Google and change all their management practices. They obviously have built a recipe that works. Value your people, not your assets and the rest will take care of itself.

  29. Mark McKee

    Google is a company I have always admired. I enjoy using the services they provide and I also admire how they operate their company and treat their employees. So as far as good attributes a boss should have? I feel like the word honesty gets thrown around a lot but it is really important. Sometimes I feel managers are to power hungry and can belittle their employees by not telling them certain information or constantly putting down their subordinates. Jealously, is another problem that managers should avoid. When a manager feels threatened by an employee’s performance they can act out in inappropriate ways. Whatever Google is doing to upkeep the best managers I am sure they are on top of it. A lot of things I’ve mentioned are partially human nature but rewarding your employees and having great level of professionalism is of the utmost importance. Everyone is different but if a manager is truly trying to help advance their employee’s career it will make all the difference.

  30. mike

    A good manager has to have many attributes to be a good manager. Some of these qualities include being results and goal-oriented, being patient, considerate, helpful, fair, having a clear vision and strategy for the team, and helping employees with career development. One of the most important attributes is making time for employees to help them solve problems and aid them in this by asking questions to help people puzzle through the problem, rather then giving them the answer. It also is good if the manager shows an interest in the employees personal life and career to let them know they are a valuable part of the team and not just employee #64.
    This method of data mining is great for obtaining primary research data that couldn’t be more relevant to your own situation if the data was gather in house. This method may be more time consuming and expensive than gathering second hand data but the results can prove to be more relevant to your own company’s situation.

  31. Ashley

    Sometimes simple is most effective. The ability to manage people is not rocket science although some people treat it just as complex. Looking back to some of the managers I have dealt the characteristics of a good manager were fairly straightforward; interpersonal skills (had a personality), easy to talk to and get along with, trustworthy and the list goes on. The simple approach taken by Google to manage people as highlighted in the articles was to “leave people alone”.
    Although I think simple is more successful with managing people, this approach may be too extreme. If people didn’t need to be babysat then yes, this technique would work like a charm. Unfortunately, in my experience, I have realized that not all employees are as dedicated and hard working as Google employees. A good manager knows when to step in, when to take action, and when they need to leave it alone.

  32. Kim B

    Google honestly spent this much time and money to figure out such a universal concept as “What makes a good manager?” Heck, you could ask any student in this class who has taken, or is currently enrolled in Management 3080, which is Managerial Skill Development. There was no need to invest such amounts of resources in “Project Oxygen” to find such a thing out. Managers should have the ability to both create and maintain good, trusting, solid, and lasting relationships with their employees, should be able to effectively and successfully lead a team, display both task and relationship oriented leadership, collaborate well with others, possess good communication skills, and those are just the tip of the iceberg. A good manager can be made, but they are usually not born. Although certainly google has the capital and resources to take on such a project, so really, all the power to them.

  33. JJ

    Google is a company of excellence and innovation that has a dominating force in todays society. It is evident as the stock price closed at 579$ on friday. I have always used google as my main search engine and use there applications and services on a daily basis. In regards to the management aspect in the article i feel that Identifying management potential shouldn’t be complicated. A good manager is someone who can plan, organize & instruct.
    It is evident from the article that googles managers set objectives that must be achieved within a stated time frames, and can communicate that information in a meaningful way to other people. I can agree with the other students that there method of data mining is vital in the obtaining there much needed data.

  34. Kendra

    What attributes does a good manager have?
    Do you feel that using data mining techniques is a legitimate method of doing management behavioural studies?

    A good manager will have people skills: which means that he or she will know when they need to pay attention to people, when their team members need an extra push or more support, and the manager will know how to talk to the people in supportive or motivational ways rather than condescending or to harsh of ways.
    I do believe that data mining techniques are a legitimate method of conducting management behavioural studies. The reason is because the data that is being looked at has to do with comments that employees have made about the manager. This is almost like a research technique for interpreting interviews. If the data being mined was simply used for a scaled analysis of how a manager did (rate the manager 1-7 on how supportive they were of your work) I undoubtedly would give this method no credit. But because data mining is looking at written data rather than just rated data, I feel it is extremely beneficial, and the results Google found and are finding will continue help them immensely in the future.

  35. AS

    This study from Google is good way to do management behavioural studies. The extent of their research is definitely in depth enough in order to get a accurate description of what a good manager should be. But the results seem a little generic to me for the amount of time they put into this study. But the interesting thing was how they ranked the results. I think that this can be helpful to developing managers in order to prioritize there leadership qualities. I think that the most important managerial skill would be to connect with your employees on a personal level. You need to get to know your employees, as the articles was mentioning. As well as have an idea of what kind of projects they are working on and have a direct involvement with it in order to give input and help solve problems. Google has an advantage in order to develop their management sector for the ability to have more efficient work environment.

  36. Travis Sedrovic

    A good manager (imo) is someone who not only knows the company and how to help it succeed, but someone who knows how to interact with other workers, build effective teams, motivate the workplace, and provide an overall successful team environment. A good manager can’t be someone who sits in their office and just delegates work… anyone can do that. I think it was Google’s goal to synthesize comments from employees with agreed-upon “managerial” behavior, in order to create some guidelines for the future. They have done this, but I do think that it was a bit much and their efforts could have been focused on something else.

  37. Asif Hirji

    Really google?! The quest to “build” a better boss. I’m not sure I would have wasted the money on such a thing. A good manager is specific for each type of company. Google could have taken a university class on how to build effective managers and teams without even needing to do the study in the first place. However I think a good manager is learned. The only way a manager becomes effective is through coaching and experience. If programs are put into place such as managerial development programs then managers would have studied effective ways to manage their teams. Data mining is a great tool and I feel that google has used it effectively to develop it’s study.

  38. Chris

    Attributes a good manager has says Google managers is having a clear vision, be productive an results orientated, and as a manger to look deeper and deeper into things. Data mining can be a good tool to see what the best things a manager does. It does say in the article though that some of the best managers make it look so easy and they are not even trying so then it is hard to get concrete facts of what the best manager is. It does show that out of the 10,000 observations there are 100 key factors that are common across them all. This can be a successful interpretation to what is the best. The unfortunate part of doing this research is the time consuming of the task. Google is able to improve the management by seventy-five percent then that is pretty good but they are only looking at their own company.

  39. Corey Bedard

    What attributes does a good manager have? This is a topic I’ve had the pleasure of covering very extensively in Craig Milner’s skill development class. During a recent presentation we discussed 4 main things that make a manager not only good, but great. First is an idea that it takes small changes to a company and a common vision from all employees. Second the manager needs to assure that they have the right employees and that they are in the right position before he decides what it is the company wants to do. This is getting the right people before deciding what direction to go. Third is the concept that a good manager needs to focus on a single thing. Rather than trying their hand in a large amount of trades, for example leading the accounting, HR, marketing, and production departments, the manager needs to choose one, other managers can handle the others, and perfect that department. Lastly managers need to realize whats not working for a company and put a halt to them. Too many times companies continue things that make no sense because they are losing the company money and what needs to be done is a halt in that department.

  40. naismithj

    Google Google Google it seems to be everywhere, all the time, how is it possible that they seem to have over looked two thousand level managerial concepts throughout the ongoing development of their overly successful company. I would imagine that it’s been so long since google has had to “pinch pennies” to move forward that they haven’t had to look very closely into the fixed and variable elements of their business. The world should be worried as they strive to develop internal as they continue to grow externally they may just become invincible to outside competition. By taking a closer look at the indivdual internal workings of their coorporation they will be oiling an already impressive machine as it continues to steam roll the competition. Just don’t change too much too fast Google…”if it’s not broke don’t fix it” could haunt you for a minute or so….

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