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Description: Now the big credit card networks, looking for ways to increase their presence in mobile and online, are replicating that model. In the past year, Visa (V), MasterCard (MA), and American Express (AXP) have spent nearly $3 billion to buy Net-based payment processors.


Date: Nov 18, 2010

Want to skip the line at the ballpark? Download the iConcessionStand smartphone app. It lets sports fans order hot dogs and cold beer from their mobile phones and pay by transferring money from PayPal (EBAY) to a nearby food vendor. An alert pops up when the order’s ready.

PayPal, a unit of eBay (EBAY), earns about a three percent cut of the transaction, but the app wasn’t built by PayPal’s engineers.  iConcessionStand is one of more than 1,000 apps devised by entrepreneurs using PayPal X, a software tool that lets programmers work PayPal’s payments-processing technology into their own products. These outside developers will generate $1 billion in transaction volume for PayPal this year.    Click here for rest of story

Questions for discussion:

  • Why is the demand for app programmers so large?
  • Do you feel the growth of these programming skills will continue to grow?
  • Why is mobile computing growing at such a fast rate?

16 Responses to “Credit Card Companies Woo Programmers”

  1. justine.kennedy

    The demand for app programmers is so large because we are fully submerged in the technology era which is highlighting the use of mobile devices to perform activities much like a computer. Companies such as Apple are beginning to come up with applications for almost EVERYTHING. As a result, other companies are trying to come up with the ‘next best thing.’ Technology is evolving so rapidly that I have no doubt in 10 years we will be buying airline tickets via our water dispenser. The convenience of mobile devices, both for size and capacity, is undeniable. Applications are springing up everyday and as a result app programmers are a necessity. The portability of mobile devices will surely allow anyone to do anything from anywhere. This is of high interest to programmers as it leaves them with an open field to modify and develop applications that will be utilized for a long time.

  2. Greg

    The demand for app programmers is large because app developments are booming and growing exponentially. The growth of app programming skills will grow but probably eventually plateau as the “next new big thing” starts to develop. Programmers are definately not on the way out, however, new sets of skills for programmers will be needed as the technology field is continually changing and evolving. The skills sets required by programmers 15 years ago are different from those today. There are some consistent elements, but as the consumer and market continues to demand more and more from technology, programmers will further need to develop their abilities and skills to respond to the demand.

    Mobile computing is growing at such a fast rate due to the increasing demand for mobile computing by consumers and consumer’s increasing need for connection, accessibility and speed to their networks. Social atmosphere has changed -the world and most people’s social connections were highly family/home concentrated, however with the decrease in the size of families, people are increasingly looking outside of the family context for social engagement and involvement. The action(excitement)rarely is found in the family interactions. People’s closest friends and co-workers have become family. With the increasing pressure to perform well in today’s society, has caused people to always be checked in and available -the sooner problems are dealt with, the less damage they will cause. Mobile computing provides more timely information which allows us to “get ahead” of others by acting sooner and dealing with issues before they become catastrophic.

  3. Lauren Kingston

    I think that mobile computing is growing at such a fast rate because of its convenience. I have my blackberry with me at all times and use it to do most of my computing. I check my email, purchase items from ebay, buy concert tickets and look up webpages. Mobile computing is easier and less time consuming than finding a desktop, sitting down, logging in and then going on the web. The growth in number of mobile apps also helps to explain why mobile computing is becoming increasingly popular. These apps make it easier to use certain web sites compared to using them on a desktop. I think that the growth of programming skills will continue to grow because there are so many possibilities for apps for mobile computing. With the growing popularity of apps, companies can’t afford to miss out on this portion of the market.

  4. Mark Molendyk

    The app programmers demand is so large because it is easy for everyone to use. It is so easy to find information with the use of a smartphone. More and More people own a smartphone and this will make it easier for them to find information using these apps. As technology advances, companies will look for people that are up to date with all the new technologies. This will give them they competative advantage in the market place. Consumers are always wanting more and more from technology. With these skilled programmers, companies will be able to create new apps that will appeal to the public.

    Moblie computing is growing at at fast rate because of its convenience. It is easier for people to check their emails on their smartphones rather than using the computer. People are able to read their emails alot faster and easier and can deal with problems faster.

  5. Sunny P.

    In todays advanced world apps world are at such high demand because they are easily accessible and just so much helpful than finding a computer to figure out stuff. They are firstly an on the run application that helps everyone while sitting in the bus or waiting for an appointment. These apps today have changed the way the world work and has made doing things so much easier and exciting. I personally do believe that the growing world of app will be continuing with this enormous growth because they number of people that are on smart phones now is unbelievable. The reason why mobile computing is growing at such a fast rate is due to the fact that you have a p.c. in your pockets and that pocket p.c. can also answer phones take pictures text and mms pictures. Further, the use it brings to people while they are anywhere makes the first and main reason why these mobile p.c’s are growing at this pace.

  6. Sydney H.

    These programming skills will definitely continue to grow. Just look at MasterCard and all of the new technologies they introduce each year (see our group paper for more!). There are going to be more advance technologies being discovered, which will require the use of skilled programmers, who will need to grow their skills. Mobile computing is growing so quickly because the technology divide is shrinking. More people are computer literate. In fact, most people in my generation have been using computing technology since middle school, or even elementary. As a generation growing up on technology we have embraced the benefits; furthermore, we have learned to become bored with technology that is only a couple years old as there is always something new being developed. This generation has come to expect technological advances and when they aren’t already in place we wonder why. Also consider smart phones. Smart phones have so many applications that we feel inconvenienced when an app is not yet created. Generation Y requires a faster rate of mobile computing for the convenience of needs and wants.

  7. Alex Dechant

    It is very clear that this new need for extreme convenience is on the rise. I believe this is just the begging of the age of instantaneous payment transfers. With the rise of mobile computing i am not surprised that there is such a demand for programming skills in the current market. With a push for new and creative mobile apps this demand will continue to skyrocket. As these new technologies make our lives much more efficient there still relies many challenges that we will need to overcome. Such things like security will have to defiantly be addressed especially with these new and efficient ways of transferring funds. If we are able to over come these challenges and these new technologies continue to be widely accepted there is great potential for these applications.

  8. Kelsey Kasner

    I think that the need for programming skills will continue to grow. As technology continues to improve, more and more people are beginning to involve themselves with this advanced technology, such as smart phones. The growth in the number of things that you can do on smart phones is a good explanation as to why so many people have them. The ability to have a devise that is easy to access, portable, small in size, and does many of the things that an actual computer does, makes the demand for smart phones continue to grow. As consumers become familiar with the applications provided, new ones are needed. In order to provide for this demand programmers need to develop their skills even farther than they already have.

  9. Cam Hurt

    I believe the demand for programmers is so large because there are so many different technologies that need people to program for. Today’s day and age is filled with technology, and there is the potential for example to have an app for everything. Companies are extremely innovative, and are trying to provide the consumer with a program or application that makes life easier. I feel that these programming skills will continue to grow, and that we are only scratching the surface in regards to what the future will bring. Mobile computing is now affordable, convenient, and slowly becoming very necessary in society’s day to day functions. Handheld devices incorporate all the necessary tools allowing people to e-mail while riding the c-train, check the stocks, review a proposal, and much more all on their mobile computing device. These devices are becoming a must have rather than a want in the ever evolving tech era.

  10. Brittany H

    Mobile computing is growing at such a fast rate because it is easy to use and really convenient for people. People do not want to have to wait for anything anymore. People have less free time now then they used to because they are so busy. I do feel that the growth of these programming skills will continue to grow. I feel that they will grow because as more technology becomes available we will find ways to utilize the technology to advance these skills. The demand for app programmers is so large because the demand for apps is so large. And because the demand for apps is so large we need more app programmers so we can keep the apps coming and they can be more creative and they can be done faster.

  11. Jens K.

    In a world full of deadlines, people want to do everything while their doing something else. Apps allow them to do that, while waiting in line for a coffee an individual could do many things from their mobile phones through the use of Apps. The possibilities are endless with mobile phone Apps, companies and individuals have realized this and seek the assistance of programmers to join their workforce to create the App they have envisioned. The programming skills required will continue to grow as the mobile technology develops further. Those programmers who can be creative and efficient in their App design will be sought after to design ground breaking new mobile Apps. The demand for Programmers’ skills will continue to grow for as long as mobile technology continues to advance.

  12. Judy E

    Mobile computing is growing at such a fast pace because of its convenience to use almost anywhere and at anytime. People can check their emails, Facebook, and reply to messages immediately. Because it is so easily accessible, consumers/ companies expect almost immediate responses/feedback. Mobile computing also helps drive competition; therefore, companies use it as a tool to stay ahead of everyone else. It’s a necessity for most companies.

    The need for programmers is large and will only continue to grow. However, programmers will need to keep up with the rapidly increasing world of technology. Apps on most mobile devices provide quick and easy communication. Thus, companies need programmers, who create those apps, so that they can stay competitive and ahead in today’s market.

  13. Dulcie

    The demand for mobile application programs revolves around pure convenience. As our world becomes more technological advance, consumers are constantly seeking the latest and greatest When it comes to applications, consumers are able to have virtually anything at the tip of their fingers. These applications enable one to same time, and even money. I believe the growth of the programming skills will continue to grow, as past trends have show evidence and technology is continually dominating our world, as a result this will be a never-ending process. Consumers, and companies are always looking for the next “big thing” that will provide further convenience for ones lifestyle.

  14. kathy

    The demand for app programmers is so large because apps make life easier for example in the article people can purchase hot dogs and cold beers without even getting up just a push of a button with the help of pay pal. It is also used for entertainment. You can download games like tap tap and have hours of entertainment. Further right now apps are the new thing to have. Therefore because apps are new the demand for them is really high. It is in the growth stage and everyone wants to have apps. Additional some apps are free making demand for them greater. This is great for apps because it attracts all kinds of consumers. I believe that technology is also growing and this includes apps. I strongly believe that these programming skills will continue to grow. Apps are also growing because there are over 300, 00 apps. They are so many different apps for different consumers. It is really easy and fast to download make it really accessible to everyone. Mobile computing is growing at such a fast rate because it is new to the industry and it is very convenient, you can use it at anytime and at any place.

  15. Fiona Jin

    The demand for application programmers is very large because more and more people begin to use smart phone to increase their life efficiency. As the large portion of smart phone user, a lot of companies also want to corporate their business with smart phone. By doing that companies can attract more people, and at the same time can maintain customer loyalty. It is tendency for those companies who want to gain the competitive advantages to hire programmer to compile some small application to install in smart phone. For example, I have a bank account in TD Canada trust, I can use my Iphone to check my account balance at anytime, but one of my friends who has BMO cannot do that, and she is thinking to set up an account on TD. I think it is the best example that why more and more companies want to hire programmers.

  16. Brett

    The demand for application programs is so large I feel because of how large the technology era is. Technology is making almost every aspect of life easier, from smart homes to smart homes applications and devices continue to stress convenience. We are fully engulfed by technology. The big companies like Apple are releasing applications daily that can mimic the quotes of your favorite actor or even let you deposit cheques. This somewhat “new” field of programming will continue to grow, and could potential reach a level that I would consider ridiculous. By allowing external companies to work on programs Apples is increasing their apps at a rate that can keep up with demand, but who knows what will be demanded next year.

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