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Description: The battle for total world domination has moved well beyond the computer operating system, and even beyond the computer. The biggest contenders at the moment are Google ), Facebook and Apple.


Date: Nov 8, 2010

In the mid 1990s, when Microsoft seemed invincible, company leaders hung posters inside their offices with the letters “TWD” boldly emblazoned on them. When the Justice Department and the European Commission began investigating Microsoft‘s monopolistic tendencies, those signs suddenly disappeared. TWD stood for “Total World Domination.” That’s not something you want to advertise when you’re under government scrutiny.

Fast forward to 2010. The battle for total world domination has moved well beyond the computer operating system, and even beyond the computer. The biggest contenders at the moment are Google Facebook and Apple It’s likely that only one company will emerge as the winner in this high-stakes game, which slices effortlessly through the walls between social networking, corporate collaboration and enterprise communication. Whether it’s one of those three companies or another one altogether is uncertain.  Click here for rest of story

Questions for discussion:

  • What is the business model that drives the competition between these three companies?
  • Do you feel there is only room for one winner in this goal to dominate the advertising industry?
  • Which company would you be on winning this race and why?

19 Responses to “The Google-Apple-Facebook Battle”

  1. Shawn Nelson

    The continual competition is quite humorous to me. These 3 companies are all competing for what Microsoft already got in trouble for. Total World Domination (TWD). They will all deny it but that is what they strive. With all 3 companies being so large and successful they try to spread their wings far and wide. It seems like they are trying to use their name and make money in every market. This can be a successful technique but if they spread out too much it could hurt them. Many companies have gotten too big and forgot about what they do well in the first place. This was the reason they got successful in the first place. It is hard to imagine just how big these companies really are.

  2. Mary Elizabeth Telfer

    I think that all three of these companies should stick to what they do best, search, social networking, and innovative products that make you look super cool just because you have one. That last one was a joke, but in all honestly I think that once companies try to become the one stop shop to consumers they loose their edge on what they do best. They have to restructure their workforce, and that can sometimes make the products that we know and love not so easy to use anymore. The fact that facebook keeps changing is a serious issue for me and my friends, because just as you get used to using one version of facebook they come out with another one, which you have to figure out all over again! Im all for updates, but not on the site that I could navigate with my eyes closed, especially because they are so drastic. If any of these companies forget where they started they could lose their loyal base which made them so popular in the first place, sometimes being really good at one thing is better than being mediocre at everything.

  3. Craig Hulsman

    Each company started off in its own avenue of business and technology to become the super companies they are today. Apple dominates technology, google-search engines, and face book-social networking. Although all three are trying to achieve TWD which makes for the competitiveness, i dont understand why the three of them cant team up and take over the world together. Between the 3 of them each is clearly at the head of there competitiors in that certian industry. i agree with mary when she says that if these companies forget where they started they could lose there loyal base. Google is now getting into cell phones, email and plenty of other things that are consistently expanding their company, the question is are they going to diversify to much to the point where they lose focus of their main common objective or continue to further in their feild and dominate that section of the market. I think google is winning the race so far because they are so advanced with the variety of services they offer (google maps, email, images, languages etc).

  4. Tyson Hickey

    Wow this was a long article which judging by the title was going to be or had potential to be an awesome article but turned out to be a round about story of market competition.

    What a waste of an article, i hope i am not the only one with a marketing background that thinks this article was not needed, and that it is common knowledge; if you go into a new industry there will be new competitors.

    If you would like more elaboration on this article please email me

  5. Claudia R

    The most important features that these three companies have in common are the goal of dominating the industry and the fact that their success is based on people.Since it is clear that monopoly is not good for customers, it would be better if the three contenders could coexist in the market, offering different services, instead of having only one big company that provides all kind of services.That would benefit the quality of the services itself and consequently the customers’ satisfaction since they could enjoy better quality at lower price.
    A relevant issue that comes out here is that in order to be more powerful in the market these companies need to know more about their audience and beyond some point this could represent a damage for the customers instead of a benefit.

  6. Tiffaney Gregus

    I feel the majority of people are saying that each company needs to stick to do what they do best, and I agree. And if that isn’t going to cut it for them, why not at least think about collaborating? Google should stick to it’s plethora of search avenues, Facebook should stick to social-networking, and Apple should stick to it’s impressive technology. With collaboration though, I think the goal of TWD could very easily be achieved.. if everything was all in one, how convenient and awesome would that be? It seems like today everything is always about convenience and ease of use, and with an all-in-one user-friendly ‘concept’ the possibilities are endless.

  7. Rohann K

    Facebook has becoming a norm to add all of your information (social, personal, cultural information). People are not afraid to tell people about themselves and some add people of no relation of them, because they are attractive, a mutual friend, etc. Who says that person will not steal your information, is a serial killer, rapist, child molester, etc. These problems should prevent kids from having a Facebook account. Is Facebook actually a safe place for communication?

  8. Paul Quick

    As has been mentioned before, each of the companies in this article has one area of expertise, and by expanding into new areas, they risk losing and/or alienating their existing customer base. Among all of these companies I believe that there is room for them to co-exist, but that they will fight until there is only one left. I believe that the last company standing will be Facebook.

    I believe that Facebook will win this competition between companies because of all the information that they have collected about their users. Apple, Google and Microsoft cannot compete with the level of detailed information that Facebook has about each individual user. However, Facebook must be very careful about how they use their customer’s information, as there are currently concerns and outcries about the privacy and handling of user information.

  9. Marlo McAdam

    I believe that there is room for more than one winner in this race. Each of the three mentioned companies are great at doing specific things, but so far not one offers everything in one place. However, if I was going to pick a winner I would have to pick Google. They are constantly working on developing new applications for its users and it’s a place that a lot of people go to regularly.
    There is also a possibility for Facebook to be a close second or move into first. Their accessability to its customers information is a very useful marketing technic. But as someone has prevously stated, Facebook’s access to this information also posses a potential privacy issue and they need to focus a lot of attention on these concerns. This could be cause for them to let Google take first.

  10. Alyssa Brink

    I don’t believe there is room for just one of these companies within our society today. Each one of them specializes in a certain aspect, facebook is great for social networking, Google is at the top when it comes to search engine, and apple has all of these different technologies (iPod, iPhone, etc). If we just had one of these businesses, two of these three aspects wouldn’t be at their highest potential. For instance, if we just had facebook, the social networking would be very high; however, facebook isn’t good for different technologies like phones or for searching. Each of the three companies offer different things and I think that is the way it should be. Facebook should stick to what it knows best and same with apple and Google.

  11. Lauryn

    I think that each company brings something unique to the table, and that they should just continue to specialize in what there expertise is ( Facebook = Social networking, Google = Great Search Engine, Apple = Ipod, Ipad, Iphone) so that they can all play apart in society. However, If I was to choose one I think that I would choose Google. Google is developing so fast and they employ young, educated individuals who understand what the majority of society is looking for, so I think that they will continue to do this and continue to move ahead of Apple and Facebook, especially because I think that they have more to offer.

  12. keke dong

    Who will be the winner of the battle of three giants? It seems that not quite clear for people to judge it. Because most of us maybe are benefit from the three gaint company, it’s hard to take sides. And also the people like us as customers are the determined factor of who are going to the winner. First, the main revenue of the three company is come from the advertsing. This depends on their subscription business. Google offers the most popular search engine market,it increas their business dramtically. however,if Google are not going to invasion of privacy of customer, they are won’t sure who are using it and what are they seaching for? if they dig in too over, customer won’t give it up. Facebook is the most popular social network. facebook knew who are the customer and how frequency the customer would use it. their serive are much valueable without invason of their privacy. Apple already established its own position.Its products iPod, iPhone and others made others related products eclipsed ,they aleady know who their customer are,so they only need to keep satisfiying their the big problem is who are going to have huge amount of customer, if one of them win the customer satisfaction, they will win this game.

  13. Amy

    I don’t understand why these three companies are focusing on Total World Domination, they have three unique technologies that are very successful in their industries. I mean you can search for anything on google, find anyone on facebook, and enjoy many technological advancements from apple, why do they have to fight to be the leader? They are not even providing all the same products to the consumer. I don’t think I could pick which one would be a definite leader, I definitely do not think that facebook will come out ahead because they are developed, there is not really a whole lot more places it’s technology could go, whereas apple and google are constantly working on new innovations that will constantly boggle the mind of the avid consumer.

  14. Kace Warner

    I respect google, apple, and facebook for trying to expand their business to other areas. If i was running any one of those businesses, and already dominated the market that I was in, I would defiantly try and expand my business, into other areas to try and make more money. To me, it looks like apple has a bit of an edge, because I feel like apple has so much hype going on, everybody seems to be all about apple, and their products, although facebook is virtually used by everyone, and google is too. should make for an intersting race anyways.

  15. Jason F

    All of these companies has a competitive advantage over the next, but what one lacks, the other company capitalizes on that opportunity. If Apple equipment was not so expensive I would probably jump on the Apple bandwagon and get the iphone, ipad, and macbook, but I would not be eating for a couple months, so I just stick with Windows.
    I do not have facebook anymore, so I cannot really comment on the lastest advancements they have made to their site, but I do have gmail and recently I got hacked by someone in China. No idea how they do that, but it set an email to all of my contact list disguised as me and it probably had a virus attached to it. They changed my password and I could not access my account for a day. Which makes me think what else they can do, because I got my banking coming to my gmail account, paypal, telus, and many other services that if someone wanted to, could probably spend alot of my money and not even know till later that day.
    I am sure security is a big factor in many peoples eyes, so if any of these companies are going to keep building, they better start having and advancing their security or they will be having some big problems.

  16. Bryce G

    As modern day technology continues to change rapidly, companies who base their products and services on new and emerging technology must change as well. As these tech trends change, a company who is seen as a world leader in their market niche must continue to provide new and improved services and goods in order to stay on top of competitors. As these companies release new technologies, new opportunies present themselves. Horizonal intergration of a company is a great way to stay on top of competitors and to make and keep the reputation of being a world leader in the tech and tech services industry. Google has now gone into the cell phone OS market to compete with rival Apple. Facebook is also set to release a email service which will compete with rival Gmail. This horizonal integration brings in new revenue streams and new customers to their company. As for TWD (total world domination) all these companies are out to make a profit for their shareholders and want to come out on top and be seen as the pinnacle go to company for anything tech. As for consumers, they are the ones to gain from this great battle; as the products created are high quality, reasonably priced and at the peak of technology. I say let the games begin!

  17. Joana H.

    Facebook, Google and Apple: while the first one is an only-clicks-company, the other two are a bricks and clicks-companies, and while the first two rely on an advertising revenue model, the last one is still mostly focused on a sales revenue model. And despite many other differences that may distinguish them, there’s one thing that they have in common: a huge market share, with Google overtopping at $590/share, and a tremendous “sticky” effect on people! The challenge, therefore, is to understand which of these has gained or is gaining the biggest slice of the demographics, which is not easy in this period, when people are so much volatile in their preferences, due also to the huge variety of choices: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or the three of them?? Therefore, the competition is more than ever ardent! And lately not only online, but also in the real market for Apple, with its I-line, and Google, with its Android product. Anyways, while in the cloud all of these companies may get an equal or total share of the market each of them, in the physical market just one of the two bricks and clicks can dominate, and the battle will be mostly on price. And although Apple has established a pretty solid loyalty and brand equity, Google’s uprising power is not to underestimate, especially on new generations, to whom a quasi-equal value at a lower cost might seem very attractive.

  18. Ryan H

    I don’t think that just one of these companies can achieve total world domination. They all started out focusing on different objectives and although they may want to dominate, it is best for them to stick with what they know. If they all collaborated and joined their knowledge, resources and power than they could have TWD as a group but I don’t believe there is only room for one winner in the goal of TWD between these three.

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