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Description: The influence of Social Media in the marketplace

Source: Tech

Date: 10/12/2010

CNN) — The internet’s logo snobs won this one.
Gap Inc. on Monday announced it will drop a new version of its logo after thousands of Facebook and Twitter users called for a return to the classic blue box with tall, white letters — a logo the clothing retailer has used for more than 20 years. Click here for story

Questions for discussion:

  • Summarize how social media influenced Gap’s decision?
  • Was one form of social media more influential than the other?
  • What should Gap’s strategy be in relation to using social media to market their brand?

72 Responses to “The Internet kills Gap’s new logo”

  1. Brandon MacDonald

    The power of the internet is pretty scary these days; however, in this case they were right it was a pretty terrible new logo. With millions or even billions on the line corporations have to realize that brand loyalty works because there is an emotional attachment. That is not something that should be tampered with lightly. Social media is a very interesting phenomena as it can be very powerful, but frustratingly hard to control – it is hard to “design” a viral advertising campaign yet so very easy to have a negative one spiral out of control. Marketers must wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweats these days.

  2. Sarah Falco

    It’s amazing to see how much social media has grown over the past couple of years. To me, Facebook and Twitter just seemed like means of efficient communication between people I knew that were close to me, or across the globe. But Facebook and Twitter have now become much more than that. Advertisements, Marketplaces and many other applications have now made it’s way into Facebook and Twitter. Social media has become an advertising blow-out. Especially when trying to reach the target market of 18-35 year olds. Of course that is not the only age group that does go on Facebook and Twitter, now the older generations are joining as well. But for the most part, 18-35 use these social media networks often. Social media is a whole new way of Marketing. When Gap was considering changing their logo, what companies need to do these days is receive feedback from their consumer. And guess what? The world has now made it even easier to do so, Social Media. All Gap has to do is ask their friends on Facebook, or their fans. Put out a tweet asking for feedback. Social Media is a very powerful market, and it’s important companies know how to handle it. Social Media has the power to “make you, or break you”.

  3. Katie

    Gap failed to do the first step-research it’s consumer. Not only did Gap waste time and money, it has nothing to show for the mistake it made. I first saw the up-set of this “Logo Change” on my facebook news feed, where over 15 people commented on one’s status, “WHY THE HELL DID THE GAP CHANGE IT’S LOGO”. I personally found it amusing that so many people had attached some sort of value to a logo, and that they were vocalizing it so passionately over facebook. But at the end of the day I realized that I too was somewhat upset with the change Gap had made. In an imaginary world, without the internet and without facebook, I would probably careless about the Gap’s new logo. But in reality, facebook is there to spread the message and perhaps infleunce others, that we the consumer, prefer the original Gap logo.

  4. Dulcie

    Gap may have been able to prevent this negative reaction if they would have ask for their customers opinion on the logo change! I agree… the logo looks like a Microsoft design from the early ’90s.

  5. sarahl

    ■Summarize how social media influenced Gap’s decision?
    Social media has a huge influence on Gap’s decision to drop its new version of the logo. There were thousands of facebook and twitter users who were demanding the classic blue and white logo back that has been around for more than 20 years. Only shortly after did Gap realize they did not get the positive social media acceptance they were hoping for and immediatly dropped the new logo. The problem here was that Gap may have not targeted the correct audience to reserach how their customers would react to this new version.

  6. Mark Molendyk

    The social media helped decide GAPs position on the logo because they wanted to make the customers happy and do what was best for the company. People expressed thier opinions on how they felt about the new logo. Afer all the comments the company got via Twitter and Facebook, they decided to switch back to the origional logo. The consumers provided feedback to the company on what they thought about the new logo. Gap decided that it was the wrong time to get involed with the online community. The comments that were made towards GAP greatly influenced their decision to discard the new logo. They just wanted to make the people happy about the company and it’s logo

  7. Beth

    Social media essentially aided consumers in saying how they felt about the logo and made it easy to do so. If not for facebook, twitter and other forms of popular social media, the company would have only been able to rely on email, and phone calls from angry customers to understand that the new logo was not liked.
    In my opinion, only a small handful of people who didnt like the logo would have taken the time to call or write into GAP, because it requires considerable time and effort. Facebook makes it easy to say how you feel, it can be as easy as “liking” a group whose name is “The new Gap logo is horrible!” or something similar. Most people who feel this way, and will have “liked” the group wouldn’t have gone to the effort to write in to the company. Without social media, GAP would have only heard from a small segment of people who didnt like the logo. Social media enabled the company to hear from a huge segment of the population, very easily.

  8. Alex Dechant

    The social media really hurt gap’s imagine on there attempt at a new branding. I think it wasn’t the fact the the logo was “terrible” but more of the fact that changing the classic logo gave everyone a reason to compline. Social networks made complaining about this change very easy and it seemed as though everyone teamed up to bash this the company decision. A also believe a lot of those complaining on the logo were not huge supporter’s of the company to begin with, and for the most part were looking for a reason to voice their dislike of the gap brand. My last thought is that if gap had decided to make this change and did the proper research into the effect of making this change, they should have stuck with it. By back peddling i think this may have almost caused more of brand image problem. I think after this incident gap will think very long and hard if they want to change their logo, if they ever do.

  9. Mitch Stevenson

    I find it hard to believe a successful company such as GAP would make a such critical error. To promote a logo that looked as terrible as GAP’s did is one thing, but to put a logo on the internet for the entire world to see without any planning and research is stupidity. GAP should have atleast asked consumers what they thought, or gained some kind of useful input to promote a succesful new logo. GAP original logo was a classic, and for them to believe that they could just throw a new logo on the internet and except consumers to accept is stupid on their part.

  10. Esmarilin

    For a company that has been around since 1969, its only innevitable that its logo be the redesigned next. Gaps main fault was in recognizing its tarket market and including them. Through the aid of social media ( facebook, twitter , and news) Gap quickly realized its error. As we speak, Gap Has now create a website, the link follows,, in attempts to include its consumers in this process. By doing so Gap is adding value to its company, by enhancing its customer relationship, which is key in the exchange process. There must be communication in order to succeed in the marketing bussiness. The producer needs to know what the consumer wants , seeing as we are now in a value based market era. The social media also helps either enhance or diminish a companys reputation, it makes or breaks you. In a matter of seconds, as this event is evidence, the whole world is informed of a company’s changes. Gap quickly realized it had overlooked how big of a player the social media really is, and now is using it to its benefits with its logo contest. It reallized that making the consumer a part of the decision process really adds value to its company and makes them feel important. The main lesson Gap learned: Facebook and twitter can be really mean!

  11. Esmarilin

    For a company that has been around since 1969, its only innevitable that its logo be the redesigned next. Gaps main fault was in recognizing its tarket market and including them. Through the aid of social media ( facebook, twitter , and news) Gap quickly realized its error. As we speak, Gap Has now create a website, the link follows,, in attempts to include its consumers in this process. By doing so Gap is adding value to its company, by enhancing its customer relationship, which is key in the exchange process. There must be communication in order to succeed in the marketing bussiness. The producer needs to know what the consumer wants , seeing as we are now in a value based market era. The social media also helps either enhance or diminish a companys reputation, it makes or breaks you. In a matter of seconds, as this event is evidence, the whole world is informed of a company’s changes. Gap quickly realized it had overlooked how big of a player the social media really is, and now is using it to its benefits with its logo contest. It realized that making the consumer a part of the decision process really adds value to its company and makes them feel important. The main lesson Gap learned: Facebook and twitter can be really mean!

  12. Lisa

    What GAP needed to do if this wasn’t a “publicity stunt” was to have “social athority”. If GAP established themselves as an expert in that field or made it seem like that was final, that was the new change of GAP and it was going to be the best move they ever made, then they would influnece the followers (even on any given social network) to react in a postive way. It is through the process of building this athority, that social media will become effective.
    There are so many different forms of social media and the internet is a very powerful way to reach out and grab your cliental. GAP has done this for many years, and maybe it’s more so because people just do not like change, but maybe it’s simply because what happened was the internet reached out and influenced others in a negative way, before GAP even had a chance to change their minds. So maybe if GAP would have followed through on this plan by thinking of the outcomes first, they could have built up that athority and then influenced everyone in a postive way before the socail media negatives hit the news stand.

  13. Scott S.

    Wow I am amazed that a company that is worth so much did such a quick turn around. The social media’s influence is not only growing bigger all the time it is also getting a lot quicker. Because of such overwelming negative responses the GAP quickly did an about face. What I really find suprising is that with the social media’s market getting bigger each day that the GAP’s customers were not consulted. Going forward the GAP should do what Doritos has done by letting their customers either help to create a new logo or at least giving putting a number of different logo’s up and getting feedback before they switch. I’m sure that they have learned their lesson.

  14. TracyF

    Was one form of social media more influential than the other?
    Yes and no. The video clip states that the majority of the outcry was on facebook but there are numerous users who have their twitter and facebook accounts linked. This means that updating your status or “tweeting” (a main form of opinion sharing) on one site automatically updates your status to be the same on the other site. So in the end Facebook and Twitter users banded together, in a way, to be a very strong force telling GAP exactly what they thought. These two forms of social media can be very influential, as GAP found out. Other companies should be aware of this, especially when planning on “croudsourcing” an idea.

  15. Kayley F

    Response to question 3:

    As the guest commentator discussed, the internet can be a very “mean” place to introduce a new brand or logo without a slow introduction to the consumer base. If GAP was more strategic with the rollout of the new logo, then they would have gone onto their social media outlet of choice (either Facebook or Twitter) and ask a few of their followers/friends (people who support their product) about their opinion of the new logo. This would have been a very inexpensive yet effective method to collect feedback. I believe if a strategic marketing plan were to be tested on a sample rather than going mainstream, then GAP would have received negative backlash, which affects both their image and their sales.

  16. Alejandra

    Social media in this day and age plays a significant role when it comes to marketing. Gap probably thought that using facebook and twitter would be a good method to campaign their new logo. However, this is probably not the best method for Gap since they have been around for several years. Many of the people who viewed the logo thought it was horrible or some sort of power point image which was my first impression as well. What Gap should have done is researched their consumers first. I don’t think that using Facebook and Twitter is a bad thing but maybe it would be better used to introduce a new company.

  17. Alicia Lozynsky

    I think what GAP did by putting their new logo up to receive feedback from the public was extremely smart and fitting for today’s social environment. Not only did they save copious amounts of money but it worked to their advantage getting a discussion out there about their company name again. Instead of spending the money on new advertisement campaigns or spending the money on introducing this new logo; GAP just needed input on a popular website that reaches a large segment of their target market.
    As some people might think this was a mistake on GAP’s behalf, I strongly disagree and support their decision to introduce their new logo into the social network. This way they are getting involved in the social media network and were able to receive the negative feedback instantly rather than over a period of time.
    One thing I do agree with most other comments though is how hideous the new logo looked, it reminded me of something used for car insurance.

  18. Craig H

    Gap made a mistake by origonally deciding to change their logo,but for people to criticsize it by saying that “the design is to simple” and “it looks like it could of been made on microsoft word in 1992` is nonsense. Gap clearly tried to stick to there simplistic gap image which i think really represents their brand and clothing well. Ya it wasnt the same gap logo but who really cares about the gap logo anyway its not like they stamp it on their clothes. For them to change it because people on twitter and facebook didnt like it i think is a mistake people would still by gap clothes and wear gap products new logo or not.

  19. Jo-Anne

    WOW! I think it is interesting that Gap would bow to pressure from a large group of twitter and facebook users, and would throw out its new logo solely because a large group of social networking site users did not like it. I think it is sad that Gap gave social networking site users so much “power” with deciding what its logo should be. I think in the future, if Gap or any other company wants to change its logo or make similar business decisions that it wants to know others opinions about, it needs to strive to get to know who its target audience is, and it needs to strive to poll a good sized and representative sample from its target audience in a strategic and controlled way. If after doing so it receives negative response from social networking site users, it needs to hold its head high and march on I believe, unless of course the social networking sites are who it decides it needs to be polling for help with making such decisions.

  20. Mark Anderson

    Social media was a major influence in the Gap’s decision to drop its new logo in order to bring back its old one. It was not until the logo was released on the internet that they decided to reverse their decision which is to say that social media is the reason Gap went back on their decision. It is hard to say if it was Twitter or Facebook that was more influential. I would say that by using both sites together it was able to gain huge publicity. If people did not hear about it on Facebook they heard about it on Twitter and vice versa. Once a person followed the story on one site they then could follow the story on the other site. Gap really underestimated the social media community and this will be a important lasson for them and other corporations in the future.

  21. Joana H.

    It’s puzzling to see how much social networks have grown in importance and gone far beyond the initial purpose of connecting people around the globe, by entering the business world and giving the consumer so much power! As a matter of fact, they influenced (or actually, obliged!) Gap’s decision to drop off the New “Helvetica” Logo, since right after its release there was a huge backlash of customers, Facebook and Twitter users (especially Twitter, with its @NewGapLogo and @OldGapLogo), which literally destroyed this idea, not even leaving space for a constructive dialog, for example by crowd-sourcing a new logo. Therefore, this is a lesson for Gap and other companies that, since the Internet (and especially social networks) is so quick in spreading information, you must never underestimate the power of massive “responding”; that you’ve to be sure about the consumer’s preferences before acting and developing new marketing ideas; and last, but not least, you’ve to be innovative, and adapt to the higher expectations of a savvy-tech society!

  22. justine kennedy

    The interent seems to have a great deal of influence in terms of media influence. The reason for this is because it is a way for the entire world to become connected and comment/discuss on issues and ideas being thrown around. Facebook is a great example of this. Unfortunatly through the interent people begin to feed off of one another. Things (such as the dislike for the gap logo) can simply begin as one comment and snowball into an avalanche effect such as it did. This can have a positive or negative effect on companies. A lack of complete information is also an issue with the interent. Reasons behind the logo chage were not present therefore the backlash may have not even been warrented. Nonetheless, the internet remains an extremly powerful form of media.

  23. Kelly L

    Social media had a huge influence on Gap’s decision to change their logo back to the original after such a short period of time. People were clearly not impressed with the boring new design that Gap chose. Being such a well-known and successful business, I find it hard to believe that they wasted their time and money on this unsuccessful new logo. I find it even harder to believe that they actually decided to change the logo back to the original because of all the fuss people made on social networking websites. Like the video states, Gap should have first gone to their loyal customers to get feedback on the new logo before taking it to the general public.

  24. Erika

    I am surprised that GAP chose to crowd source to a broad group of people instead of to their target market. Because of how successful GAP is, I assumed they would infer that the most helpful feedback they could receive would be from their current loyal customers. However, it could be true that GAP was attempting to broaden their target market with this alternate logo but I think it was not a well thought out one. The fact that Twitter and Facebook played such a large role in the revocation of the logo shows the importance that people in today’s society place on social interaction and the fast,effortless transfer of information.

  25. Rohann K

    It amazes me how the world has change by giving so much power to people who are using Facebook and Twitter. The internet has become the main source of communication. Gap’s problem was not because the internet was against them from changing the logo, but that Gap never promoted to their regular customers. They just asked random people which gives inconsistent data and that caused the failure when the logo was launched.

  26. Kaydree S

    Social Media can influence certain decisions a company may make. The new gap logo is an example of how this can happen. Thousands of negative reactions towards their new logo appeared across Facebook and Twitter. These reactions suggested that consumers favored the old Gap logo and did not like the sudden change. In my opinion, Gap should have asked for the opinion of their consumers instead of just changing the logo. This could of saved them from such negative reactions.

  27. Nadine

    I think that ever since facebook and twitter and other social networks have came, along it has been easy for marketing companies to find out what thier target audience is interested in. Social media has influenced Gaps decision by making them realize who thier target makret is and how important it is for large companies like Gap to listen to thier customers. Like they said in the video, they may have been listening to the wrong group of people. I think that facebook was and is the most influencial type of social network because everyone is on it and can express an opinion by simply commenting on a wall or clicking the like button. I think from now on Gap should start to listen to what thier target mark has to say and listen to the comments from social networks like facebook and Twitter. These Social networks have opened a whole new world for companies looking to market a product.

  28. Mahreen

    I am surprised that GAP did not spend more time in their marketing research process. I think this was an important and a harsh lesson to learn for them. I agree, I think the logo in fact looks really sloppy and as mention in the video could be easily created by “a sixteen year old”. To me it looks like there was NO extra research or thought given to the whole process. GAP should definitely start focusing on the needs and wants of their target market as it is the company’s foundation for success

  29. Nathan Cornell

    The social media aspect that has influenced society the most is by far the internet. By having outlets such as facebook and twitter where consumers can voice their displeasure with anything from goods, to services, or even logos. This proves that internet is the most influential form of media because it allows the consumer to move quickly and gather a following. The gap should start using these social media outlets to their advantage by giving their consumers a say in potential decisions. This can include things such as holding a vote on twitter or facebook to see which logo is more popular and tweeting about upcoming events and sales.

  30. Claudia R

    The project of Gap was relatively easy: update and change their logo.But when they put the new logo on the website there was a customer backlash on Facebook and Twitter (the majority was on Facebook but then there is Twitter linking Facebook and so on).People started complaining about the new logo, claiming that the type font was not appropriate.The real problem was that they just didn’t like it because they had a deep emotional bond to the old one.The Gap’s example is not the only one, more or less the same has happened with United Airlines,Tropicana,Doritos.
    Since social networks like Facebook or Twitter became part of our lives a lot of things have changed. It’s not only about sharing information and communicate with each others: they really represent a great opportunity for firms to take advantage of the possibility to gather lots of information about their customers’ preferences, tailoring their products and services consequently and according to the preferred ones.
    The fact that short after the backlash Gap announced that they will revert to the original logo is a clear evidence of the immense power that a unified crowd can have.Considering that developing a new logo costs a lot of time and money Gap should have gone to its regular customers before to understand what they really wanted.Social networks are especially useful for this purpose since they create a dialog between the customers, the people responsible for the advertising and the company itself. That’s why these new means of communication shouldn’t be underestimated, but on the contrary firms should use them as well as possible, trying to improve customers’ satisfaction and consequently firm’s revenues.

  31. Jvo

    I think changing your organizations logo is extremely risky and you need to be prepared for negative feedback especially if your already an established company like the GAP. People love being familiar with the things they know and hate change. The internet can be a double edged sword for feedback, some people out there just like to hate on things. However in GAP’s case I don’t believe that the change in logo is detrimental, like Richard Quest said people move on and forget about it. There is no doubt in my mind that if GAP have kept the new logo (awful logo by the way) nothing would really change. People who shop at the GAP are not shopping there for the logo, they are shopping there for inexpensive fashionable clothes.

  32. Dave D

    I think GAP really failed to reach out to customers to see what they wanted. It is very easy for them to use the internet and social networks such as facebook and twitter to get ideas for a new logo or to allow people to see prototypes and make comments. With the social networks it allows people to communicate there ideas on many different topics. Social networks have become very big these days with many teenagers and young adults consistently checking out facebook and twitter daily. Due to this I believe it is a good idea for marketers to use these and get ideas. As stated in the video, they should go internal before using these sites though.

  33. Constantin Dubovetsky

    The only advantage in this case is that GAP received a really quick feedback by using social media. However, I believe that they heard from the wrong crowd.

    A respectable brand name like GAP shouldn’t save money by getting feedback from Twitter and Facebook users. Changing a logo is a big deal for a fashion company. In my opinion, the older the logo has been around, the better. For example, I can’t imagine The New York Times to change it’s logo, so it could be more contemporary. The old look gives it charm and sophistication.

  34. coco

    New sometimes doesn’t mean better than the old. As we saw this case. social media has affected much more markets and advertising industry than before. This social media update information as an amazing speed to impress rheir audiences. More and more people would receive news from facebook or twiter and tell their feeling without hesitation. This is the most essential part of social media. Especially,the company like gap need their target customer’s feed back of this new logo. apprantly, this new media represent most their customer’s feedbak.They are really powerful to say no.we called this”crowedsoucing”The power of this kind of social media influnce major of people now. Gap will better off by changing it back.

  35. Sunny P.

    Gap is a growing company in today’s advanced market and is well aware of how to get to the social media very easily. Instead of making a new logo and just putting it out there they should have gotten advice from their social media through the most Used thing today “FACEBOOK AND TWITTER”. I believe Gap is well integrated in marketing in those websites because their target age group and market potential is certainly in those social networks which is ranging between 15-40 and much more. However, I am sure they are well aware of their situation now since they changed back to the Classic look that they must listen to there media and what easiest way of doing it is by using the social networks.

  36. Seth E.

    Social networking has given the public a very convenient way to petition and rally against something that they think isn’t fair or shouldn’t happen. This can be good, but I believe it comes with more problems than anything. I don’t think that any of the people who said they didn’t like the new logo would stop buying from GAP just because they changed the logo. I think there are many people on the internet that just like to complain about any change that is presented to them. It wouldn’t surprise me if many of the people complaining about the log change don’t even shop at GAP. There is a category of onliners who will complain and get “upset” just to complain and get “upset”, and for no other reason.

  37. Rashida Buchanan

    The Gap has been around for over 40 years. They wanted something new and improved to spice up the company and catch the eye of new consumers. However what they didn’t realize was that people would have such an emotional attachment to the old Gap logo and it would create such an outrage….or did they? In my opinion this is great for the company, it has created mass publicity and unfolded passionate debates. Changing the logo doesn’t compromise the quality of their product in any sense so customers won’t have any reason to stop buying the product. If anything this has just brought attention to an old company often overlooked by the users of Facebook and twitter…but not anymore. They know they created a buzz and I think they are proud of it.

  38. Troy K (U of L)

    Social media is a very powerfull tool in the world today it is amazing how quickly information can be comunicated and how many different people that information can reach. In this example when Gap introduced a new logo in an attempt to bring them into the modern age. There was a backlash from people who were unsatisfied with this new look and communicated these feeling via social networks like facebook and twitter. These two probably influenced Gaps decision to change it back the most because of the negative responce that they received and the ability this message had to reach such a wide range of people in such a short amount of time. Gap would have been more sucessful in marketing their new brand if like it was in mentioned in the video ideas were run by their customers first. This could have been done using the same tecnology that was used to critize their new logo. Gap could have asked their followers on facebook and twitter opinions on the new logo or presented a few different ideas and seen which one would have received the most positive feedback.

  39. Josh S

    First off I want to say how funny it is that facebook and twitter have now officially made decisions for a multi billion dollar industry that has been around for 20 yrs. I do believe in the validity of comments made from the users on these networking sites though.

    I think that initial responses from buyers and non buyers of this brand help give insight to the honest feelings of all individuals on how this logo is being perceived. I do think that it was amateur of GAP to really have no backbone, but I also think that this wont effect there business’s gains. I just hope that some of the personal at gap think about cutting some staff after that embarrassing logo though hahahhaa.

  40. Stephanie H

    Social media had a power influence on Gap’s decision for coming out with their new logo because the public were so familiarized with the old logo and thats how they classified GAP. It was a well known logo. Gap’s choice in the way they decided to change their logo was all wrong, like what was mentioned in the video they needed to first test out their new logo on a small amount of the public then if that goes well unleash it on the entire public and also they needed to make it look for professional and not like a 16 year old student produced it. Like come on if your going to come out with something new and fresh at least make it look like the quality and professional fun loving business that they are. The form of social media today is more powerful and influential then ever. Yes the social networks were more influential then the rest because of peoples daily routines of looking at their social network for updates and their ability to comment loudly on public issues. GAP should try using the social networks to their advantage when it comes to looking for a new fashion forward logo. They could put up logos and ask people comment on them and use that as their competitive advantage because then the public will have had a say in the new creation of GAP and will create customer retention. Thus over all helping them to market their brand.

  41. Marcel Ter Denge

    Facebook, Twitter, and the Internet in general were enormous factors in the Gap’s decision to revert back to the old logo. I think that if they are going to try and change their logo again in the future that these social media’s would be an excellent place to test if people approve of the change. People do seem to get attached to a certain brand or logo, and will disapprove of change. I don’t think the new logo was any better or worse than the old logo, but being a very recognized company, where many people know your logo, I wouldn’t be too quick to change something that the public is used to anyway.

  42. Paul Quick

    Social Media created such a negative response to GAP’s new logo that they reverted to their old one. The video briefly mentions that Facebook was the most used form of social media. However, all of the social media was linked together, effectively creating an enormous network.

    GAP should use social media as a source of input and information, but not a primary source. As the video mentions, GAP should have researched these issues with people who shop at GAP stores. Once GAP had a logo that the consumers were happy with, the next step would be revealing it to the masses. In order to avoid situations like this in the future, Gap needs to be more aware of the ongoing dialogue and connection between the company and the consumers.

  43. Fiona Jin

    Gap Inc. has the idea to change their old logo to the new version because they want their customers to take notice of Gap and also they think this new logo design looks more contemporay and current, but they got thousands of against voice from the online community such as facebook and twitter users, they wanna the company keep the old logo because they think the new one looks wierd and doesn’t stand for the brand exactly. Well, which idea should gap’s officals take? Before they start to use the new logo to produce millions of new products, they should go internally with their audiences to hear what do they think, like they should go with the few hundreds of people shopping in store usually,and ask them what do they think of chaning to a new logo. Although online community is important today, sometimes internet would be very very mean and very very quick, those ideas can not stands for the royal customers idea who really shop and like Gap’s products.

  44. Dustin Moore

    Bigger powerhouse companies including clothing retailers will find it very difficult to market a new logo without getting negative feedback from it. With the internet continuing to grow users will come across new logos more often. In the past you would have to go to the store to buy there products, with the growth of online shopping users should be more familiar with companies logos. With more people seeing the change they will receive more feedback about it, in this age people do not like to deal with change. Especially when they go from such a basic logo and try to change to a such different colors, it will throw users and shoppers off. Gap did the write thing by understanding users requests and deciding to continue to try and please its customers.

  45. Paige

    When people get attacthed or used to a certain thing, even something such as the gap logo, they dont like change. People like what they know and so the logo change was something that obviously many people didn’t like. Social media has such a strong influence that enough people were able to convince a huge company like gap to change their logo back to the original. If gap still wanted to change their logo or if there was other important decisions to be made that would affect the consumers, social media would be a good place to start and they could get the opinions of the customers and know exactly what they do and don’t like before they go ahead with the change and just hope for the best and assume that people will like it and go along with it.

  46. Brittany

    Facebook and Twitter have very quickly become influential not only in personally but now in the decisions of corporations. Gap made a fatal mistake in not recognizing that the majority of its consumers will be on Twitter and Facebook and will express their opinion if given the opportunity. When a brand such as Gap, that has been around for awhile decides to change its logo, extra consideration about the response of its consumers needs to be taken. This was not considered and as a result, many consumers have many negative comments towards the new logo. In fact, the new logo could mean that rather than attracting new consumers and retaining old ones, they may lose many because of this major, largely disagreed with change.

  47. Lauryn

    The incident that happened with GAP just shows how much power social networking cites actually have. It may have taught GAP a lesson about how they maybe should have released a trial run of a new logo instead of just introducing a new logo because then people may have not hated it so much, or they would have felt that they may have gotten a say in it. It also shows how society resists change, or how they like what they have always known to stay the same. I think that GAP made the right decision by returning back to the old logo because by keeping the new logo it may have hurt their sales.

  48. Kace W

    Social media influenced gaps decision to go back to the original logo, because of the backlash and deep hatred the majority of people had for the new logo. The advantage or disadvantage depending on how you look at it, of the internet, is so many people can voice there opinions on so many different methods, when there is a lot of people bashing the logo, the media gets wind of it and creates an even bigger fus about it, like shankman said the internet can be very mean very quickly. All of the social media was pretty influential because they all relate together,or direct to each other, for example, twitter links it to facebook, most people comment on it on facebook, and the media comes in and takes quotes from facebook. In the future gap should listen to there primary audience first, and see what they think, and keep changes there thinking internally, before they slowly begin to branch it out and show it to more people. Then when they have something to show and that smaller group of people likes it, and more and more people they show like it, then they should mass it out to the public.

  49. Lauren Kingston

    I think that Gap’s new logo wasn’t very attractive. It was far too simple and not that different from their old one. Millions of people know the old Gap logo and are comfortable with it, by Gap creating a new logo that wasn’t an improvement upon their old one it caused a lot of backlash that I believe was due to disappointment. The fact that social media outrage was the main reason for Gap retracting their new logo is actually quite fascinating to me. Everyone I know has facebook and use it pretty much everyday. This is a huge market for potential Gap customers. I think that Gap did the right thing by listening to the people, whether they had shopped at Gap before or not. By Gap reacting to the negativity on facebook and twitter it shows that they are a customer oriented company. This may cause some of the people who expressed their dislike for the new logo who hadn’t been Gap customers before to think about shopping there.

  50. Travis VH

    Social media played a huge role in the decision making process of GAP. Marketing is used greatly over social networks such as facebook and twitter because millions of people around the world use such websites. GAP changing their logo to something that consumers do not like would hurt the company as consumers are less satisfied with the product. GAP learned quickly through the use of social media of their big mistake and what they were getting into. The internet offered quick and cheap information for GAP about their customers feelings and attitudes towards change in the product is represented. Because of social media, GAP was able to learn fast from their mistakes and make necessary changes to keep the consumers happy.

  51. Bryce G

    Consumer pressure wins again! When people say that their opinion doesn’t count, think again! This is a shining example of consumer power over the corporate conglomerates. I would also like to say that not every endeavor that a business goes into will be a shining success. It goes to show you that sometimes no matter how hard they try to market and figure out their clients, nothing beats taking the advice of a front-line consumer. A new logo that consumers find unattractive and undesirable could eventually cause their sales to decrease. When a company is “defined” by their logo it is very hard to try and change the image/brand/logo of that company. Consumer recognition of the brand is of utmost importance and should not be taken lightly, which is why it was a good thing they scrapped the new logo, and kept the old one. In my personal opinion, I could care less if they changed the logo, as long as it didn’t affect the product. If the product was changed, then I would go find my clothing elsewhere!

  52. JP Pohl

    The problem we are getting into with these sorts of chain-reactions is that people display a sense of vitriol and outrage over something so minuscule as a logo change that we are getting away from what the true purpose of the electronic medium is: to improve and enhance our own lives. Do people honestly care about a logo change? With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, it has become incredibly simple for someone to have an opinion on something without having to validate said opinions. Complaining about a the brand logo being altered seems like an incredible amount of misplaced energy when you have literally hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of other things that can be done with the the sheer power of the Internet. People love to complain and criticize, especially when others do it with them too. Now with Facebook and Twitter, there is even more support in numbers for their asinine obsessions.

  53. Dustin Lehmann

    This just goes to show you the ever increasing power of social media. Within a few short days this media crushed a new marketing strategy that probably took GAP alot of time and planning to come up with. Like the consultant said ” that they should have been more careful in selcting a new brand label by using customers that have been loyal to GAP as a test market first and then to slowly bring out the end result.” This was just a mistake made by GAP in thinking that people would’t respond negatively to change. People as we know are mostly scared of change and stuck in their ways. With this in mind GAP should’ve realized that social media is powerful and that popular demand is as important.

  54. Brett S.

    presonally, I dont know why gap would want to “re-design” their logo. One has to think of the real reason as to why they did this, were they loosing sales and needed a boost? was it for publicity? or did they actually just want to change a proven successful logo for over 20 years? sounds kind of dumb to me… pushing that aside, i think its crazy that such a massive ammount of people cared about this logo change. If it werent for these social networking websites, the number of people who cared would be far less.. what happened to the good ‘ol days?

  55. Georgina Pina

    What happened with this case is that GAP developed a new design for their brand logo, and after showing it to the public, a wage of comments on Facebook and Twitter began against this new logo. So after various days of reading these comments and thinking about potential new ideas, GAP finally decided to maintain the old logo, in order to satisfy the wishes of all these users.
    I think GAP’s strategy was good; however they should first listen to the comments of their real clients, because not everybody who comments on a social network is an actual buyer. What GAP did will probably increase the image of the company and bard, which is always good, but it may not necessarily increase sales, and they already invested time and money on this new logo design.
    Marketers are always defending the importance of adjusting to the consumer, to get to know the consumer in order to satisfy their needs. Before this step it is obviously necessary to know what your clients want, and what they need. In these times, it is necessary to utilize technology to form part of the globalised market, so why not use the social media as a means of knowing what the consumers want and like? And especially for brands like GAP, because its target market is based on young people and young people are precisely the ones that are more involved in the social media.

  56. Alisha B

    I completely agree with the statement “internet is mean quick”. The staff at gap should have taken the initiative to “crowd source” that way they might have got a better response on the logo and wouldn’t have wasted time and money on creation of the new logo. Why didn’t gap ask their actual buyers??? It seems strange that they would make such an oblivious choice! To me it seems obvious that this was to attract attention! However, I find it very interesting how news spreads so fast over the internet via facebook and twitter ect. You don’t like something these days my as well write a bad review on google search!

  57. Jake Robinson

    I think this was a publicity stunt on the part of Gap. There is no way that their marketers wouldn’t be aware of the consequences of changing this logo. Especially using the font Helvetica – I don’t believe that someone at Gap didn’t know the general negative public feeling and implications of this font. I think that this was an attempt to get people talking about the Gap again, an attempt that was clearly successful. To create such a stir on the internet, and then to reverse the decision within a couple of days to give the consumer, the most important of all people, what they want, is, in my opinion, the definition of a publicity stunt.

  58. Matthew K

    I am surprised that a company the size and as reputable as Gap made such a mistake when underestimating the power of the internet. Social websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkin truly can spread new knowledge around instantaneously. Before releasing their new logo online, a more logical choice would have been to ask internal employees and frequent buyers of GAP their opinion on the matter. Blindly releasing their new logo out on the net is just asking for rejection because everyone has always been use to the original blue and white logo. This mistake cost GAP not only money on the production of the logo, but a loss of credibility from consumers.

  59. Nianze

    I agree with Paige that when consumers get used to the company logo, they don’t usually like the new changes being made. No doubt, social network media have such an influence in the present in getting feedback from their customers; however logo is an important image of the company should not be changed based on social networking media. In my opinion, that we as a consumer would prefer the original logo which first came in mind. Perhaps, GAP should hire a professional brand consultant in order to change or enhance their image according to the company’s position and best for them, but not surveying in social network media.

  60. Sydney H.

    2. Social networking was a more influential form of social media than others. Gap admits they tried the crowdsourcing technique on the wrong project and at the wrong time. A wide array of people, who may not have even been shoppers at Gap, left nasty comments all over Facebook, which was then carried over to Twitter. Both Facebook and Twitter are a social networking form of social media. Other forms of social media used that were less influential included blogs and shared videos. Facebook and Twitter were the public responses to the new Gap logo and crowdsourcing, while blogs and videos were the media’s reaction to the public disputes. This is not to say that other forms of social media were not influential in informing more people, it just wasn’t as influential as social networking itself. Basically social networking was more influential to Gaps recall because it was based on direct public feedback while the other forms of social media simply reacted to public feedback.

  61. Judy

    Wow, Facebook and twitter are powerful social media networking tools! If done properly, GAP could have successfully used Twitter and Facebook to get good or bad feedback back for their attempted new logo change. It would have been as easy as posting something about the new logo on Facebook or putting a tweet on twitter asking for responses. As said in the video, GAP should have done their research in an alternative manner by asking their true audience, which would be their most valued customers. GAP could have lost many customers because they chose to ignore loyal customers when attempting the logo change.

  62. Amy

    What this logo change showed more than anything is that gap really wan not concerned with being in touch with it’s consumers. They have so many social media sources that could have helped them here and instead they brought them down. It’s good for them to want to change their logo, it signifies that they want to keep moving forward, but what they didn’t realize that a big part of moving forward involves customer relations; how are their consumers going to respond to these changes they want to make. Social media in today’s world is a very powerful tool in marketing a brand, but it is better to have positive things come about than negative, if the gap had used these methods to come up with an idea for a new logo instead of to get criticisms on a logo their consumers had no want or need for, then they may have come up with a new enhanced logo that speaks “gap” to their consumers. Social media marketing is a huge inexpensive tool, use it well!

  63. Jeremy Tamminga

    Companies that have been a market icon for as long as Gap will find making such drastic and sudden changes very hard. People generally don’t like it when things change from what they are used to seeing for so long.
    The biggest problem, I think, is the sudden introduction of the logo with no consumer input. Most major companies would probably experience this same problem if they re-branded without input from their customers.
    In the future I think they should utilize social networking in a way that would allow users to vote amongst a variety of new logo possibilities.

  64. Ling H

    The new GAP logo didn’t look any better than the old logo. Why would a big company want to change their logo? I think GAP may try to use the media’s response on the logo change to market the brand. The company would then listen to the customers and create a connection with them. It was nice and cheap way to market their brand name.

  65. Raj

    I dont see a large successful company with a recognizable logo, changing their logo out of the blue like this. Half of Gap`s brand recognition is the current logo. I honestly thing this was an ingenious marketing ploy, garnering The Gap a ton of free publicity not just on social networking sites, but to almost every news site or evening news, while giving its customers the satisfaction of thinking they have the power to influence decisions such as this.

  66. Kaleigh

    Gap’s decision to drop its new contemporary logo goes to show just how powerful social media has become. Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, have mobilized and spread the word about the logo change. The new logo was criticized and protested against by the online community. They demanded the classic blue and white logo, which the Gap had for over 20 years. Many people argued that the new logo resembled Microsoft clip-art. I personally would have to agree with them, the new logo is very similar to clip-art, and I also think its very simplistic. Gap’s dilemma poses an example of just how powerful and influential social media has become in our society today.

  67. Samuel Yung

    Summarize how social media influenced Gap’s decision?
    Social media influenced Gap’s decision by posting their comments about the new GAP logo that they had just released on October 4th, 2010. The internet usually let people find out the new great updates that a certain company is going to do, however not with GAP. People posted comments like “It totally looks like a powerpoint design!” After thousands and thousands of comments that were posted on facebook and twitter, they posted a comment where they have recognized that their new logo didn’t turnout well and they are looking for suggestions from the fans of GAP to give them ideas for the new logo. However, after that comment was released there were more comments where if they ask fans to help design it would make things worse. After the dilimma that GAP had, they finally discarded the new logo and back with the old one. I believed that if they did things differently this whole internet argument wouldn’t even exist. If they wanted give a new look for GAP, they should have started not by making decisions they should have done some marketing research by surveying or post up discussions.

  68. Greg B

    Social Media has not only been beneficial to companies in order to gain valuable information about its consumers, but also for consumers to share its ideas, comments and complaints with companies. In “a world that never sleeps” (someone somewhere is always awake and working) social media has become invaluable in order for companies to collect information 24h/day from its consumers. The information is made available immediately for marketers, and generates a lot of response from fellow consumers as well. Social media depending on how the company chooses to use it can help market test new strategies, from marketing campaigns to brand evaluation and mapping. For consumer behaviour research, social media ie) Twitter, Facebook, etc. has become and invaluable, quick, and cheap means of collecting data. Even very traditional & conservative organizations are embracing social media as part of a PR Strategy, Consumer Engagement Strategy, etc. and it is always nice as consumers to witness our opinions making a difference and changing company marketing offerings.

  69. Teresa

    Social media has greatly influenced the Gap and their decision making process. But in today’s business world a lot of companies do need to adjust to this type of trend so customers feel that they are being taken into account when it comes decision making. Because the Gap reviewed their decision on changing their logo after the responses they received through social media, certain customers will feel appreciated and in the long term that could mean not losing customers for the Gap. The Gap might not have fully determined the results that changing their logo might have had but because of social media they received the needed feedback from the customers and adjusted accordingly.

  70. Jesse S.

    It is interesting to see how social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the internet can effect companies decisions. It seems today that this has become a societal norm, and that people and companies speak through these types of sites and apparently can even make a difference. Obviously, as most companies are ever changing, that GAP will once again attempt to enter a new logo to represent their Brand. Their are very few companies that do not change their logo, even take Coke or Pepsi for example, with every passing year their designs of bottles and logos change. This is in part to prove that their are still trying to please their customers and perhaps reach a younger base of consumers. Much like these two, GAP is trying to renew its age and shoe that with all of the new clothing companies in the World that its is still trendy, or however they would like to describe it. Nevertheless, with each passing year, many companies try new marketing ploys, whether it be a deal of some sort, a logo change, or implementing a new product.. otherwise their competitors have an advantage over them.

  71. Jobbie C.

    The GAP’s new logo failure is because it didn’t do enough research on their targeted customers’ tastes. Their customers built up loyalty not only to the brand, but also the brand logo. Social media plays an important role on sharing information. Gap should spend more research on the Logo development and customers’ tastes in order to sustain its image in the industry. They may try to enhance customer relationship by the using of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter since they can reach large variety of population all over the world. One form of social media is differs from the others. Choosing the right social media is vital for a company to market its products and communicate with its customers.

  72. Krystle Hurley

    The use of social media gave Gap the information it should have used before making the decision to implement a new logo. Redesigning any logo that is so well known to the public gives the impression that the company is attempting to reposition the brand in the mind of the consumer. In Gap’s case, they attempted to give a “contemporary” edge to the new design, when it is apparent that consumers prefer the traditional Gap logo much better.

    Although the article discusses how the decision was made based off of thousands of Facebook and Twitter user complaints, it seems that Facebook was more influential as it was the predominant focus of the article. The number of “likes” on the post about the decision to drop the logo is now over 2100.

    As previously mentioned, Gap should have used Social Media to aid in preliminary research instead of using it after the logo had already been designed. It was a waste of time, effort and money to implement the new logo and only afterwards use Social Media to gain consumer insight.

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