Google, Twitter help give voice to Egyptians

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Description: CNN’s Josh Levs talks about how technology plays a part in protests around the world Source: Date: Jan 29, 2011 Last week, as demonstrators angry with the policies of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak took to the streets, the government shut down social-media websites, then blacked out all internet access in much of the country. On… Read more »

Exploring the anti-social side of social media

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Description: The Public Isolation Project was born. As she literally X’s off the 30 days she is spending cut off from the world, Norine chronicles her experience through her blog On the other side of the glass, Elliott is filming a documentary on their collaboration. They are not anti-technology, Elliott says, just hoping to inspire… Read more »

Labor board: Facebook vent against supervisor not grounds for firing

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Description: The  National Labor Relations Board has issued a complaint against a Connecticut company for firing an employee after she posted critical, derogatory comments about her supervisor on Facebook. Source: Date: Nov 10, 2010 The labor relations board argues that workers’ criticism of their bosses on social networking sites like Facebook is generally “a… Read more »

Report: Facebook apps sharing user info

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Description: A Facebook representative said in a statement was taking steps to “dramatically limit” exposure of users’ personal information to companies. Source: Tech Date: Oct 18, 2010 Many of Facebook’s most popular apps are sharing personally identifiable information of their users with dozens of advertising and Internet-tracking companies, in violation of the social-networking giant’s… Read more »

The Internet kills Gap’s new logo

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Description: The influence of Social Media in the marketplace Source: Tech Date: 10/12/2010 CNN) — The internet’s logo snobs won this one. Gap Inc. on Monday announced it will drop a new version of its logo after thousands of Facebook and Twitter users called for a return to the classic blue box with tall, white… Read more »