Facebook: We’re Still Experimenting on Users, But Now It’s Less Creepy

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Description: Facebook says it’s making changes after an uproar over its mood manipulation experiment. Source: CNN Money Date: October 2, 2014   The announcement marks Facebook’s fullest public acknowledgment yet of problems with the study, conducted unwittingly on some 690,000 users for one week in early 2012. Some people in this group were shown a higher number of positive posts… Read more »

Why Facebook Is Spending Billions On Companies It Doesn’t Need

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Description: Facebook has become a conglomerate. As the world’s largest social network Facebook doesn’t need any of these companies. As Facebook Inc. they are invaluable. Source: Forbes Date: April 3, 2014 As the dust settles on Facebook’s $2BN purchase of virtual reality headset maker Oculus Rift last week, WHY?! remains the question on everyone’s lips. What’s more it… Read more »

Is Your Profile Being Bought and Sold on Twitter?

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Description: The market for buying and selling fake Twitter accounts is still on the rise, and here we find out why and how it’s done. Source: Globe&Mail Date: August 23, 2013 Technology editor Shane Dingman explains the Twitter underground economy to Hannah Sung, who was recently hacked. How does being hacked relate to the practice of buying… Read more »

Step Your Game Up, Retailers! When It Comes to Shopping, Canadians Want – and Expect – It All

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Description: Canadian consumers are expecting more and more from retailers and in order to keep up, retailers must be completely mobile accessible, and tell their easily relate-able brand story through all media channels. Source: TechVibes Date: February 27, 2014   Canadian consumers have high demands when it comes to the experience of shopping, according to Total Retail:… Read more »

Mobile Contacts Are Now The Real Social Network

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Description: As Facebook acquires Whatsapp, it’s a clear sign that mobile messaging apps are the real form of communication between friends who regularly chat, and that’s where the money is…for now. Source: TechCrunch Date: February 21, 2014  Facebook’s surprising acquisition of WhatsApp signals that it has realized that users’ true social network is the contact list on their smartphones…. Read more »

Facebook Hits a Milestone

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Description: As Facebook celebrates its 10th anniversary, we take a look back at its origins, and take a look forward at the future of the company and what it will look like. Source: CNET Date: February 3, 2014  The social network that turned the word “friend” into a verb and popularized the “like button” is turning… Read more »

CrunchWeek: Instagram Debuts Messaging, Twitter’s Blocking Debacle, Snapchat Banks $50M

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Description: Three Tech Crunch Writers get together and discuss the week’s hot tech topics including stories on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Source: Tech Crunch Date: December , 2013 The launch of Instagram’s first ever messaging feature called Instagram Direct and the impressive new usage figures announced by Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, Twitter changing how its… Read more »

The private information Facebook now makes public

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Description: Facebook’s recent privacy recalculation prevents excluding your profile picture, cover photo, and other formerly hide-able information from search results. Source: CNET Date: November 12, 2013 You may have been one of the many Facebook users contacted by the company last week about the demise of the “Who can look up your Timeline by name” search setting…. Read more »

4 Lessons From MongoHQ Data Breach

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Description: MongoHQ encountered a privacy invasion on October 27th when a hacker accessed passwords of an employee. This resulted in spammy tweets and facebook posts made on behalf of a client’s account. Source: InformationWeek Date: November 15th, 2013   How could MongoHQ have prevented last month’s breach that gave an attacker access to the company’s customer… Read more »

Focusing On Ecommerce, Olapic Gives Retailers Access To Customer Behavior Across Its Platform

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Description: New York based start-up Olapic switches its focus from media companies and takes on online retailers giving them access to consumer trends. This information is based on following hashtags of products on posts from various social media sites. Source: Techcrunch Date: October 17, 2013 With beauty vloggers showing off their cosmetics hauls on YouTube, and… Read more »