Mobile-phone cash register Square open for business

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Description: Square, an application that turns a smartphone into a mobile cash register, is open for business. Source: TechDate: Oct 25, 2010 Created by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Square uses a free download and plastic card reader to let users accept credit card payments. The app charges users 2.75 percent of the transaction cost plus… Read more »

Tech Companies See Dearth of Mobile-Software Developers

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Description: A survey by online job board Dice shows that tech employers and recruiters face a shortage of qualified mobile-software designers Source: Date: Oct 21, 2010 Almost 57 percent of employers and outside recruiters that hired for mobile-related jobs this year plan to boost such hires in the next 12 months, the survey, conducted on behalf… Read more »

Report: Facebook apps sharing user info

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Description: A Facebook representative said in a statement was taking steps to “dramatically limit” exposure of users’ personal information to companies. Source: Tech Date: Oct 18, 2010 Many of Facebook’s most popular apps are sharing personally identifiable information of their users with dozens of advertising and Internet-tracking companies, in violation of the social-networking giant’s… Read more »

Smartphone Apps Go (Truly) Viral

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Description:  Mobile devices are becoming bigger targets for malware creator Source: Date: Oct 14, 2010 In early 2009, Citigroup (C) launched a new mobile banking application for the iPhone. It let customers check their account balances and pay bills while on the go. Thanks to a bit of sloppy code, it also could have… Read more »

The Internet kills Gap’s new logo

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Description: The influence of Social Media in the marketplace Source: Tech Date: 10/12/2010 CNN) — The internet’s logo snobs won this one. Gap Inc. on Monday announced it will drop a new version of its logo after thousands of Facebook and Twitter users called for a return to the classic blue box with tall, white… Read more »