Xbox or PS4? Maybe that’s the wrong question

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Description: With the holidays approaching, many have one of the new game consoles on their list. But which one is right for you? Source: CNET Date: November 21, 2013  With the release of the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it’s natural to pit the rivals against each other and compare features, prices, and games…. Read more »

Intel’s Holiday Pop-Up Store Sounds Like The Opposite Of Christmas

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Description:  Intel will open a series of pop-up shops around New York City this holiday season, starting with one in the city’s Nolita neighbourhood. Source: Fast Company Date: November 14, 2013  Intel is opening a series of pop-up shops around New York in an attempt to woo holiday shoppers. But without a gift-worthy, flagship product, what’s the draw? Anyone who has… Read more »

Ottawa’s Nuvyyo Unveils Tablo, Which Aims to Make Cord-cutting Easier Than Ever

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Description: Canadian company Nuvyyo claims they are changing television watching with their new device which will supposedly make mobile viewing that much easier. Source: TechVibes  Date: November 14th, 2013 A Canadian company aiming to revolutionize the home media experience hopes to help cord-cutters access high-definition television content over the air. Nuvyyo this week unveiled a new product called… Read more »

Virgin America Made an Airplane Safety Video You’ll Actually Want to Watch

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Description: Whenever you take a flight, TSA requirements insist a safety video to be played before every take off. These videos have been notoriously dull and boring. Virgin American has done the impossible – created a video you’ll really want to watch. Source: Fast Company Date: October 30, 2013 Airline safety announcements just got a lot… Read more »

Samsung Keeps its Cash Hoard Close

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Description: While companies like Apple have taken part in a number of acquisitions this year, Samsung has been a bit more frugal with their undertakings. Here’s a look at why they are keeping their cash locked up. Source: Globe and Mail Date: October 31, 2013   Samsung Electronics’ money pile is growing and its cash strategies… Read more »

Microsoft’s New Scroogled Video Says Google Will Read Your Valentine’s

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Description: Microsoft launched another anti-Google video this Valentine’s day as part of its “Scroogled” campaign. It’s not often that tech companies try to smear the competition, so why is Microsoft doing this now? Source: TechCrunch Date: February 10th, 2013 “Don’t want Google snooping on your Valentine?” That’s the question Microsoft is asking today in its… Read more »

Why Everyone Suddenly Loves The Phablet

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Description: Just when the smartphone saturation in the developing world seems to be near, a new device has found its niche. The Phablet (part phone, part tablet) apparently offers solutions to the problems here and in the developing world. Source: Fast Company Date: January 10th, 2013 Big screens equal big bucks. That’s what Samsung realized… Read more »

Blogger Makes $333,000 Online in One Day

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Description: An influential blogger has rallied his loyal fans and made $333,000 from home in about a day. No, you likely can’t replicate this model anytime soon. Source: Mashable Date: January 3rd, 2013 It may sound like the first line of a particularly fiendish piece of spam. But a blogger has now in fact brought in… Read more »