This Drone Could Be Your Paparazzi

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Description: Samuel Burke, CNN Business Correspondent, discusses what could end up being a new type of “paparazzi”. Source: CNN Money Date: January 9, 2015 AirDog is getting closer to delivering the first batch of drones that can follow and film you on their own. Questions for discussion: 1. In what other types of industries might these… Read more »

This Canadian Firm Hopes to Bring Virtual Reality to the Masses

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Description: Virtual reality might not be as much of a pipe dream as you may have thought Source: Globe and Mail Date: November 24, 2014   Cordon Media is attempting to create a virtual reality device, that connects to your smartphone -and straps to your face! It’s called “Pinc” (pronounced “Pinch”) and it also includes two… Read more »

Comedy Club Uses Facial Recognition to Charge by the Laugh

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Description: Introducing a comedy club in Barcelona where you are only charged by what you laugh at. Source: The Verge Date: October 10, 2014   A comedy club in Barcelona is charging patrons per laugh. This is real, according to the BBC. The Teatreneu club, in partnership with ad agency The Cyranos McCann, has installed tablets on the back of each… Read more »

Control Your Computer From Afar With Myo Armband

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Description: Imagine a wireless device capable of sensing your muscle movement and relaying those movements onto your screen. Source: Globe&Mail Date: January 30, 2014  Thalmic Labs has created an alternative to the mouse and keyboard. The new Myo device uses muscle sensors to understand your gestures, letting you use your hands to play video games, swipe through… Read more »

Sci-Fi Device Lets Men And Women Swap Bodies

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Description: Using virtual reality and neuroscience, this machine let’s you see, hear and even feel what it’s like in another person’s body. Source: FastCompany Date: January 24, 2014 Talk about going on a gender bender. A new machine created by a Spanish design collective combines virtual reality with advanced neuroscientific techniques to let men and women swap bodies… Read more »

Xbox or PS4? Maybe that’s the wrong question

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Description: With the holidays approaching, many have one of the new game consoles on their list. But which one is right for you? Source: CNET Date: November 21, 2013  With the release of the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it’s natural to pit the rivals against each other and compare features, prices, and games…. Read more »

Hello Biometrics, Goodbye Passwords?

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Description: Researchers at Purdue University say it’s coming soon: Biometrics – identification by human traits – is leading the way forward, making it possible to log in with a simple scan of your iris or fingerprint. Source: Globe&Mail Date: December 5, 2013  Your personal features are about to become the highest level security method against anything worth… Read more »

More Jobs Predicted for Machines, Not People

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Description: A faltering economy explains much of the job shortage in America, but advancing technology has sharply magnified the effect, more so than is generally understood, according to two researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Source: Date: Oct 23, 2011 Technology has always displaced some work and jobs. Over the years, many experts… Read more »

When Machines Get Ahead Of Us

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Description: Two recent articles in the New York Times highlight two different aspects of a single phenomenon: we build powerful machines, their capabilities lead to unintended consequences, and they ensnare us in some unforeseen way. Source: Date: Sept 20, 2011 The first discusses a new technology, an improvement, really, of a technology that’s been… Read more »

Security needs drive cyberforensics industry

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Description: Cyberforensics, the science of finding and securing digital evidence buried deep within company networks, is fast emerging as a global industry. Source: Date: Nov 23, 2010 Three major players are in the vanguard.PricewaterhouseCoopers has recently hired several former law enforcement agents and prosecutors to supplement its cyberforensic services, which already have 3,000 employees… Read more »