Will self-driving cars be a boon or bane for people with vision impairment?

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Debbie Ryan of St. John’s hasn’t had a driver’s licence in 25 years, since her eyesight deteriorated. Now the new technology of autonomous or self-driving cars is promising Ryan and those like her the chance at being more independent and self-reliant. “I think it’s very exciting, having the ability to get in a vehicle and… Read more »

Supreme Court finds teacher who used camera pen guilty of voyeurism

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The Supreme Court of Canada says a London, Ont., teacher who secretly filmed female students’ chests with a camera pen is guilty of voyeurism — a ruling that could have an impact on future privacy-related cases. At issue in the case was whether the students — youths aged 14 to 18 — had a reasonable expectation of privacy when they were being secretly… Read more »

The speed of technological innovation has seemingly compressed time.

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The speed of technological innovation has seemingly compressed time. Peter Coffee, VP of Strategic Research at Salesforce.com, has the job of predicting what’s next in technology, what forces we should be afraid of, what issues we are wasting our time on, and how we should prepare for all of it. Source: A New Angle Date: February 12th, 2019… Read more »

Cyber-warfare could be entering a new and alarming phase, ex-CIA analyst tells MPs

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Online attacks on Canada’s financial system could become far more destructive as more militaries around the globe get involved in cyber operations, a security expert and former CIA analyst told a House of Commons committee Wednesday. Christopher Porter, the chief intelligence strategist for the cyber security company Fireeye, Inc., testified that as NATO countries share… Read more »

Canada needs to commercialize AI, not just do research, industry leaders say

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In May 2017, Uber announced it had hired a renowned University of Toronto professor to lead a Toronto-based team that develops autonomous car technology. The ride-hailing company also pledged $5 million for the university’s brand new Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence. While the move drew praise from academics, others derided the notion that taxpayers should… Read more »

A story of digital transformation: Accenture assists Carlsberg in cloud transition

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Jakob From, vice president of transformation, operation and CIO, Western Europe, at Carlsberg said: “We had the opportunity to make a major change because the maintenance contracts for our data centre infrastructure were up for renewal. “The goal of the project was to create a foundation for our entire IT infrastructure. Carlsberg has existed for… Read more »